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Danica Thrall Shows Off Her Hot Yams for Sweet Thanksgiving Mammaries

Danica Thrall Topless Supreme Hotness in Nuts VIP
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Granted, Thanksgiving is not a British holiday. But today I’m adopting Danica Thrall as a native American, as it were, to help celebrate the most grateful of traditions, the giving thanks for the blessedly hot and boobtastic woman that populate our here planet.

Featured in the new edition of Nuts magazine VIP, Danica reminds us that while food and shelter and family and friends are all things for wish to feel grateful, it’s the ladies with the fine female forms that really make rising from bed each day worth the effort, even since the invention of cartoons on TV. Danica Thrall, you are my tryptophan. I feel so eerily calm. Enjoy.

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Lucy Pinder Topless and Sultry Sextastic Crawling Into Ta-Ta Tuesday

Lucy Pinder Topless Goodies for Nuts Magazine November 2013
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I can’t think of a place I’d rather be than in the deep embrace of the prized melons of Lucy Pinder. While the other bears in the woods are contemplating four months buried alone in an underground hovel, I am imagining surviving the winter chill betwixt the heavenly thermal blankets of Lucy’s funbags. I am smarter than your average bear.

Featured in the new edition of Nuts, Lucy Pinder shows why she deserves mention among the world’s most alluring ladies. Crawling, preening, stretching, standing. It matters not. Lucy has the raw talent to deliver the goodness. She is my queen. Enjoy.

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Holly Eriksson Topless Sweetness Kicks Off Totally Nuts Christmas Tree Lighting Season

Holly Eriksson Topless With Christmas Lights for Nuts 2013
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I still have fond memories of childhood, offering to help the hot divorcee on the block hang her Christmas lights. And it was no simple task either. Tangled jumbled broke-down mess. But it was all worth it for the cup of cocoa and a kiss on the cheek from a woman who insisted I call her Helen. Oh, Helen. Such wonderful memories of seasonal boyish wood well before it was probably healthy.

I can’t help but harken back to my Helen checking out the delicious Nordic hottie Holly Eriksson choosing to string up her Christmas lights on her personal front porch. As if Holly needed to highlight her faptastic funbags and outrageously hot female form. But, she did anyway in this special shoot for Nuts. Because Holly is giving, and this is the season of giving. As such, I’m giving over ten more minutes of blank staring and drooling at Holly’d topless sextastic covered in shining bulbs. Run, run, Rudolph. Enjoy.

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India Reynolds and Beth Humphreys Topless and Fooling Around Just Like In My Dreams


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It’s not humanly possible that I’m going to glance past an image of two ridiculously hot topless girls snapping each other’s lingerie. It’s simply unfathomable. Like a fox not noticing an unprotected game bird around the henhouse or an L.A. parking control officer not noticing my meter expired over two seconds ago. It’s just not going to happen. When you consider it’s outrageously hot glamor models India Reynolds and Beth Humphreys featured in the latest edition of Nuts magazine, I’m not only going to notice, I’m going to begin hand carving a stone shrine to the blessed visual event.

Not that I’ve ever imagined having two luscious brunettes in my super-mini mansion helping each other strip out of their lingerie while whispering out, ‘Bill, it’s all for you.’, but if I did imagine such things, it’s fair to say it would be exactly like that. In this season of thanks, I most definitely see two more additions to my VIP gratitude list. Enjoy.

Helen Flanagan Lingerie Bosomy Blessings from Above

Helen Flanagan truly is an angel descended from the Boobtastic factory in the heavens. She’s just a stunning triumph of blonde bombshell in an otherwise unassuming soap opera thespianic persona. While her lingerie pictorial in Nuts magazine might be a bit on the brushed-up side, there’s no mistaking the warm tingly feelings Helen can produce in viewers who might, on the off-chance, imagine burrowing their mugs deep into her warm and inviting cleavage. As a random for instance.

Helen, please call me. I have an entire closet-full of silk and lacy bits of clothing for you to try on. You can keep what you like. Just ignore the beeping sound of the homing devices I’ve stitched into the bras and panties. Enjoy.

Holly Peers Topless Hotness Will Make You Lose Your Mind

Holly Peers Topless Photoshoot for Nuts October 2013
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But losing your mind will never feel so good. Trust me. Give in. It’s Holly Peers looking crazy hot and topless in the VIP edition of Nuts magazine and flashing her ridiculously hot body. It’s not just a body, it’s a heavenly figure descended from the Awesome Factory designed specifically to make everybody who beholds it feel much better about humanity.

On Thursdays, like, oh, other days of the week, we like to celebrate, honor, and lay down our swords before some of the finest women in the world exhibiting the most stellar bodies in the world. What else would you possibly celebrate as a man (or Sapphic leaning woman)? I can’t think of a thing. Enjoy.

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India Reynolds Beautiful Bodacious Udderly Wonderfuls on Display for Mammarial Monday

India Reynolds Topless Nuts Photoshoot October 2013
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India Reynolds deserves far more attention from the gentleman ogler of the species. If you’re not going to give it to her, I’m prepared to make up for the difference. This Britty hot brunette has the  completely package from smile on down to toes, and so much deliciousness in between.

Featured in Nuts magazine, India shows why a simply sextastic woman in a simple little outfit stripping down to simply gorgeous funbags is such a powerful force. A weapon of mass fapitation. And India is no more afraid to use them than we are afraid to stare blankly at her bosom with a catatonic gaze capable of winning any staring contest ever. Enjoy.

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