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Helen Flanagan Wicked Hot in Wet Lingerie and Less (I Actually Might Cry, or Pray)

Whoa, baby. This is something to behold with both eyes wide open, hands grasped firmly around your chair (yes, your chair, this is a family show), and your breath as controlled and measured as humanly possible. Do not stroke out at your office with these photos open on your screen. Or do. You might as well be remembered for who you really were.

Helen Flanagan is beyond hot. She’s in the land where retinal cones melt upon contact, most especially when she’s highlighting her faptastic female form in all its grace and dignity and near boobtastic nekkid perfection. Helen Flanagan wet in lingerie or barely covered up with her hand-bra is just almost unfair. So unfair I want to complain. If I could speak. This lingerie pictorial of the soap star in Nuts magazine just makes me want to sing out with thanks to the heavens. Somebody made this fine creature and deserves a bit of kudos. Enjoy.

Rosie Jones Topless, Terrific, and Totally Boobtastic for Ta-Ta Tuesday

Rosie Jones Topless in a Bikini for Nuts Photoshoot January 2014
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I do so love Rosie Jones. She remains high on my list of girls I’d most like to be stranded on a desert island with with nothing but our physical passions to soothe our lost souls. Oh, the coconuts that would fall during our rounds of epic lovemaking. The macaws would screech and the monkeys would holler, but nothing would interrupt our primal mutual lust. Or, if not mutual, you know, Rosie fashioning spears from bamboo stalks and threatening my tallywacker if I even get near her newly fashioned beach hut. Eventually, passion will prevail.

Featured in the latest edition of Nuts magazine, Rosie Jones and her bodacious beautiful boobtastic give evidence as to my desert island rankings. She’s just ever so perfect. My angel is a centerfold. Enjoy.

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Thank God It’s Funbags! Sophie Reade Unleashes Her Beautiful Beasts for Endless Sweet Dreams

Sophie Reade Boobtastic Topless Photoshoot for Nuts 2014
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Whoa, baby. When the gloriously glamorous Sophie Reade decides to swing her udders unencumbered by undergarments, my very world begins to shake and shudder. That actually might be me, not my world, but you get the point. Her fabulously ripe melons are a true thing of beauty in the new Nuts magazine, the two bookends to what I envision as the most delightful ‘me’ sandwich ever constructed.

We’ve collectively made it to the end of the first full week of the new year. That wasn’t so bad was it? While this weekend promises to be filled with football, for for some of us, using our own urine to escape becoming part of the frozen landscape like a wooly mammoth stuck in time,  Today, we are celebrating with some of the finest motorboating dreamliners on the planet. Bless you, Sophie Reade. Thank God It’s Funbags!

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Danica Thrall Topless Sugar Plums for a Christmas Eve Treat

Danica Thrall Topless Screencaps for Nuts VIP
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As we near the end of the calendar year, my thoughts inevitably turn to things I love and give thanks. Friends, family, and sweet delicious boobtastic. Not necessarily in that order. Seeing Danica Thrall topless in caps from this Nuts magazine special video, I realize there aren’t many friends or family I’d put in front of an opportunity to loofa scrub every inch of Danica’s amazing chest. I don’t really even need a loofa, my mutant body would form a sponge like appendage as needed in her presence. If that only sounds mildly disturbing, you’re not really picturing it clearly enough.

As we are but hours away from the grand Yuletide event, I’m so ready to ring the bells and deck the halls with boughs of Danica. She brings out my inner romantic. Enjoy.

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Helen Flanagan Uses Her Barely Covered Boobtastic to Ring in the Christmas Spirit!

Now it really is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Thanks to the wonderfully fine funbags of British soap star Helen Flanagan and our friends at Nuts magazine, things are finally starting to look full and ripe and seasonally heartwarming. Just the sheer number of props Helen uses to barely cover her faptastic udders is testament to the decorative themes of the holidays. Also the fact that you need to be careful what and who you touch at your office Christmas party. I say this as the victim of having maybe sort of felt up the boss’ daughter in the copy room one Christmas. Hey, jobs come and go, muscle memory of precious sweater pups lasts a lifetime.

Helen Flanagan, during this season of giving, we salute you for giving us an almost glimpse of just about the finest rack on the planet. I’m guessing Santa stops for a few minutes longer at your house on Christmas Eve, especially if you’re in one of your naughty nighties. Dash away! Enjoy.

India Reynolds and Danica Thrall Topless Kickoff to Yuletide in Earnest

India Reynolds and Danica Thrall Topless Nuts Xmas Shoot December 2013
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I know retailers begin the Christmas season in about August now, but it’s not officially Christmas for me until the glamour girls in the U.K. start flaunting their bodacious bare tops in holiday themed outfits. That’s when I start to hear the bells on the Polar Express and believe once more in the spirit of St. Nick. Who else to thank for the benevolent first gift of super hotties like India Reynolds and Danica Thrall getting topless teasy for the season of giving amazing bouncy looks.

Well, we could thank our friends at Nuts magazine most certainly, nobody loves Christmas more than those chaps. And, all of you who support the undressing of stupendously hot women around the Xmas time with your eyeballs and hanging tongues. Everybody has a part to play in this great seasonal drama. Fine tuned, like Santa’s workshop. Enjoy.


Holly Peers Is Topless Perfection (VIDEO)

Holly Peers Topless in White Lingerie Nuts Screencaps
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I had a longer titled envisioned, but this just about says it all. Holly Peers is one of the reasons I get up each day, along with my NFL licensed football alarm clock and my emotionally-retarded dog Mr. Fiddles who wets himself in my bed when he’s having a bad morning. But I’d trade in that alarm clock, and even Mr. Fiddles, for a few moments of glorious hanging out time with Holly stripping out of her white lingerie. Just so ridiculously hot, I feel the need to sing or dance or, you know, sing and dance with the door locked and the lights turned way down.

Featured in the new edition of Nuts magazine, Holly Peers exemplifies the need for little staging or artiness or even clothing in revealing the fine female form of one stellar looking lady. Just a smile and those faptastic funbags are more than enough to send me to heaven. Outstanding, Holly. Bless you. Enjoy.

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