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Rosie Jones Topless Dancing Jiggles Make Me Ever So Happy on a Mammarial Monday

Rosie Jones New Topless Nuts Screencaps
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Hey, did you happen to see the most beautiful girl in the world, and if you did, was she crying? I mean, I like to think Rosie Jones and her inimitable funbags cries nightly knowing what she lost when she refused to answer my last 900 (rounded down) letters beseeching her to consider me as a viable suitor. Until such time as Rosie Jones comes to her senses and accepts me as her towel boy slash toe-butler, I will have to settle for the libido unsettling of her glorious female form in guises such as this sweet new looks at Rosie from her Nuts behind the scenes video.

Rosie Jones would qualify as a masterpiece if she sat in any museum, as a priceless keepsake were she judged in auction, and as my main squeeze were she in my stable of incredibly hot women dying to use me as a male object. Rosie Jones stirs so many emotions in my bubbly cauldron. I wish would you come hang out more often. Strip Connect Four is in our future. Enjoy.

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Humpday Huzzah! Sophie Reade, Stacey Poole, Kym Graham and Joey Fisher Topless and Showing Off for Happy Visual Times

Sophie Reade, Stacey Poole, Kym Graham and Joey Fisher Topless for Nuts April 2014
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Oh, how I love it when the girls get together for a little funtime showtime of their faptastic female forms. Busty glamour models Sophie Reade, Stacey Poole, Kym Graham and Joey Fisher all got into the same room at the same time to create an octet of funbags that has me running for the hills then quickly back down again and a couple more times back and forth before I was calm enough to view these photos without hurting my computer screen.

These lovably luscious ladies are lending their unique talents to a brand new and trophy award deserving pictorial in Nuts magazine and generally just making a ton of men feel happy to be, well, men. Okay, you Sapphic leaning ladies and Michelle Rodriguez can certainly ogle as well. This part is for everybody as we celebrate reaching the midpoint of the work week. Boobs on! Huzzah!

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Holly Peers Topless Pert and Perfect for a Ta-Ta Tuesday

Holly Peers New Topless Shoot in Nuts March 2014
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Oh, Holly Peers has added a hint of blonde. Yes, I’m looking at her hair. I’m not one of those guys who just zeros right in on… oh, my, those melons! Holly Peers really has some of the finest funbags in this corner of the Milky Way galaxy.  Her big beautiful boobtastic has been coaxing boys into adulthood for several years now, without ever disappointing. If you know anything about Holly’s work, you know that simple bra is not going to contain her burgeoning goodness.

Featured in the new edition of Nuts magazine, Holly shows entirely how simple is to make a million men super happy. First, start with Holly Peer’s faptastic female form. Second, start removing clothes. It’s not an entirely complicated formula, but it is well-proven to work. Enjoy.

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Lucy Pinder Topless Lingerie Goodness For Feel Good Feelings

Lucy Pinder Topless in Lingerie for Nuts March 2014
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Oh, Lucy Pinder, you continue to be one raven haired temptress in the bedroom. Alas, not quite the bedroom situation I have longed for these past several years, wherein I can actually see you in person and feel the bearskin rug beneath my feet as you tell me all the reasons why I can’t have you for a fourth time this evening.

But viewing is still sweet sextastic, and the sight of you stripping out of your lingerie and revealing your world class funbags in this marvelous pictorial from our friends at Nuts magazine, well, that is a thing as well. Lucy remains one of the single sweetest curves lady on the face of this planet, tempting from all directions and poses. She’s a keeper. Enjoy.

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Humpday Huzzah! Rosie Jones Topless Perfection Is… Perfect

Rosie Jones Topless in Lingerie for Nuts March 2014
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What can you say about Rosie Jones besides the fact she’s one stupendous young lady with one of the finest pairs of funbags on this planet. I do disfavor superlatives, but every time I see the perfectly pert and pouty pair on Rosie Jones, I am reminded all over again why I dedicate my workday, and a good chunk of my off-work time, to the pursuit of sweet lady melons. Rosie is inspiring.

Featured in the current edition of Nuts magazine, Rosie takes the simple act of the lingerie striptease and turns it into yet another Mona Lisa type classic passion inducing reveal. If Mona Lisa had yams like Rosie Jones, I’d actually visit the Louvre instead of just telling people that I have just to sound sophisticated. Rosie, you are my Huzzah!

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Rosie Jones and Holly Peers Topless Apartment Playtime Outtakes Just Keep on Giving the Goodies

Rosie Jones and Holly Peers Topless Nuts Outtakes
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That blessedly hot photoshoot from our friends at Nuts magazine featuring belusted hotties Rosie Jones and Holly Peers getting fun and kitty playtime in their apartment just keeps on giving, with extended outtakes taking us on an even deeper dive into the gloriously hot globes of these two young delectables.

The idea of two half-nekkid sextastic brunettes heading upstairs in their flat to finish off the stripping business would be too much to handle if it weren’t for the fact that that it’s just so amazing to handle. This Sapphic leaning menage-a-ta-ta’s is just what the doctor ordered for a Monday morning. Literally, funbags are the new healthy diet and exercise. Take two and don’t call me in the morning. Enjoy.

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Humpday Huzzah! Holly Peers Gets in the Winter Olympics Spirit with Snowboard and Without Top

Holly Peers Topless Gold Medal Olympics Nuts Shoot 2014
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Let’s be honest, the Winter Olympics are pretty damn boring. Not that I don’t admire the technical achievement of many of the snowy winter sports. They all look really hard and I can’t do any of them, save for the luge where, you know, I did silver in Nagano. Still, time trials and watching sturdy Europeans on skis and skates could be vastly improved with the edition of ridiculously hot women with their tops off. What situation can’t be made better with a little visual love like that?

To celebrate the Sochi games, our friends at Nuts magazine got the ridiculously genetically blessed Holly Peers and her snowboard to step forward and reveal her faptastic funbags, in what certainly would be the best Winter Olympic sport ever — Topless SnowChestPuppyCross. Maybe in four years in Pyeongchang. Yes, I did copy and paste that. Huzzah!
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