Nurse 3D

8 of the Hottest Murdering Chicks

Sometimes the sexiest ladies can also be the deadliest, like Abby from Nurse 3D in select theaters and on demand February 7. She’s a modest nurse by day, murderous siren by night. Anything from demonic possession to innate bloodlust can drive a sexy lady to murder.

Check out our gallery of seven other cinematic temptresses who shatter the hot vs. crazy scale.

(This post is sponsored by Nurse 3D, Opening in Theaters February 7, 2014)

Katrina Bowden Flashes the Luscious Limbs on Set of ‘Nurse 3D’

I must admit being a bit of a late-comer to 30 Rock, which I’m now enjoying on Netflix, formally and briefly known as Qwikster, and, known before that, as a half-way decent company. And, of course, there’s no denying the smile that crosses the entire body when delicious Katrina Bowden makes her skimpy clothed appearances on the show, flashing especially those long, sexy legs, which she does as well in a tight little mini-dress on the set of Nurse 3D.

Now, expecting nudity from Katrina is probably too much dreaming (though, the world is made for dreamers), but some nice butt shots, those sexy legs, maybe some cleavage, and I am in line at the cinema with my drool bucket emptied and ready. Enjoy.