Numero magazine Posts:

Constance Jablonski Super Sextastic and Wearing Only Stucco

I don't exactly get this concept, but I think I like it. Hot model Constance Jablonski covered in a textured paint of some kind, covering up some of her fun bits, but showing off almost all of her amazingly hot body, and, a lizard. I also don't quite understand the lizard. Maybe Constance is supposed to be reptilian? My mind was not made for deep thoughts, just eyeball to brain type synaptic firing. And they are firing aplenty seeing Constance in this Numero magazine pictorial.

I'm a simple guy. I would have gone with Constance completely nekkid on my bed with my iPhone flashlight feature highlighting her fine female form. But I understand artists need to be more creative than that. Or at least justify why they cost more than the twenty bucks I'd charge to do a Constance photoshoot in my bedroom. Actually, I'd pay for that. Enjoy.

Karlie Kloss Topless Modeling For Numero Magazine Brings Out Our Windy City Pride


We so dig Karlie Kloss. One of the few American born, nay, Chicago born, world class supermodels. Okay, there's that, and the fact that she is wicked hot and often without too many clothes on her body, even when she's modeling clothes for a living. That's a feat we do so appreciate.

In Numero magazine, edition #137 out this October, Karlie manages to bring some super sextastic to an obviously high-art for women type post-modern blah blah blah pictorial which would be far too over-wrought for us normally, but with Karlie Kloss bending and preening and topless for the cameras. It's not just acceptable, it's downright mandatory viewing. Enjoy.