NRJ Music Awards

Paris Hilton Braless and Poking in Cannes at NRJ Awards Red Carpet

Billionaire Barbie knows one of the secrets to success is skipping the undergarments. I don’t care what your mother told you, clean underwear is no way to sell yourself as a dirty girl. Well, a naughty jet-setting heiress at least. Although it is quite possible Paris learned the commando tips from her mom. It’s all in the book she’s writing on how to raise daughters.

Paris was in the South of France accepting an award for being the top DJ in the microcosm of the European disco party scene. So, I think it was her versus the guys from Night at the Roxbury and some guy named Claude. She won and celebrated by showing up to the event without a bra, looking might fine in her red designer gown. I can never fault Billionaire Barbie for not having a good time. She seems to be delighting in her life more than many of her sad sack heiress and rich girl peers. For that, and for showing off her Hilton twin set, I give her credit. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash News / GSI / FameFlyNet

Taylor Swift, Alicia Keys, and Carly Rae Jepsen Highlight the Hotties at Another Crappy European Music Awards Show

We can give Europe credit for many things. First and foremost, their liberal views on female nudity. A big plus column win for them over us Puritanical Yanks. And their food and wine. Outstanding. And even many of the dramatic arts, heck, all these years later we’re all still singing opera in Italian. But even the most ardent of Europhiles has to admit that when it comes to music, well, Europe just plain sucks. Not that U.S. popular music is much to brag to the Gods of Awesome Tunage about, but Euro music, well, it takes it down yet another notch. There was Mozart, and then right straight to Falco, with very little in-between. Jedward in the Eurovision song contest kind of summed it all up perfectly.

But… European music awards shows do know how to put on a proper party, a dress-up affair filled with sextastic celebrities dangling their diamonds and strutting their wares, such as at the NRJ Music Awards in Cannes over the weekend, where Taylor Swift once more showed off her new nicer melons, Alicia Keys looked simply hot, and Carly Rae Jepsen reminded us why we are so eagerly awaiting the inevitable release of her sex tape, she’s a cutie. So, yes, crappy music. But, rewarded with some splendid looks. Almost worth it. Enjoy.