Nipple Slip Posts:

Pamela Anderson Topless Bikini Pictures Cause French Beach Goers to Surrender


Just when you thought you'd never see Pamela Anderson topless again, blammo. There they are. Her world famous Canadian funbags and a body she maintain in quite nice shape for a lady now of 46. I might be stretching that 'lady' part a bit, but Pam is definitely all woman. And, kudos to her for having the gumption to still take her top off in her mature years, not discounting the fact she's in France where the beaches are topless and the sneers are never out of style.

Sure, there will be some of you ready with critiques of Pams's make-up free looks and the effects of time on her side... and front and bottom. But, remember this, how many other 46-year old women on the beach would you be watching and waiting to see take their bikinis off? Well, yes, for me, all of them. But for the normal man, let's put Ms. Anderson in boobtastic perspective. Enjoy.

Joanna Krupa Nip Slip a Miami Wardrobe Malfunction (or Was It?)


Far be it from me to question anything related to some visual wonderments by one super fine female form like Joanna Krupa, but this casual nip slip bending over in Miami, well, if I didn't know any better, I'd say Joanna maybe kind of planned this one out. Which takes away nothing from the majestic sights provided by this Krupa nipple slip. I don't need to question motive when the answer is Joanna's bare boobtastic on display even just a peek.

In summary, nip slip, definitely. Wardrobe malfunction, hmm, the jury is still out. Enjoy.

Tina Fey Nip Slip Means the Emmy Awards Aren’t a Total Bore

Let's be honest, the Emmy Awards are the boring redheaded stepchild to The Oscars. Less glitz, less glamour, and more often than not, less chestal goodness. TV has always been more conservative than the Movies when it comes to baring skin (with both well short of anything to do with pop music these days).

Still, the sight of Tina Fey accepting her award during the show and flashing what certainly appears to be her mama nipple, albeit there might be some type of tape or something or other moving about as well, at least it gives mainstream TV something to  talk about.  Nipples make everything better, they're like hot fudge in that way. Enjoy.

(We'll bring you full red carpet and best of the hotties at The Emmy's soon; as in, when my NFL Sunday inebriation clears up a tad.)

Kate Moss See-Through Nipple Show in Milan


Leave it to Kate Moss to figure out new and designer-expensive ways to show off her boobs.

The supermodel who recently announced she'd be appearing in the 60th anniversary of Playboy doesn't need no bunny magazine to flash her funbags, just a fancy see-through top and no bra will do, as Kate did, in Milan last night at a big store opening that's important to fashion people. So I have no idea what it is, but I do know a little something about celebrity chest puppies, and Kate's, well, forever on display. Enjoy.

Nabilla Benattia Falls Out of Her Dress at NRJ Press Conference

French styled reality star Nabilla Benattia continued to show why she and her body are two of the most interesting people in the world today, flashing a whole heaping load of boobtastic during a French TV news conference today. I'm not saying that dress is inappropriate, but I am saying it is totally awesome and clearly not designed for a woman of Nabilla's curves. Which made it even more perfect when rather expectedly her big ole milkers began to fall out of her dress.

Nabilla was not the least bit phased, not that she planned it, but she certainly seemed to love it. I can relate to the feeling. Nabilla, call me, we''ll talk ditty in fake French. Enjoy.

Ashley Greene Nipple Peeks Out During Her Covered Topless Bikini Scene on Set

Wow, just wow. When I think of how much I heavily belusted Ashley Greene just a couple years ago, only to see her literally drop off the radar in terms of public appearances, let alone naughty sexting photos, well, this is quite a pleasant return to hotness for the gone-underground hottie actress.

Shooting the obvious tour de force cinematic venture known as Staten Island Summer, Ashley was directed to perform a little topless sunbathing scene, covered likely for the sensitive folks at the MPAA, but we did catch a little nipple peeking from our long range steamed up photo lenses. Ah, Ashley Greene nipple, one of the eleventeen hundred parts on Ashley Greene I'd like to dedicate an entire weekend of adoration too. That's be the weekend just prior to the one devoted to the small of her back and subsequent to little piggies in high heels weekend.

Ashley Greene, it is beyond time that we did something very naughty together, for real, not just in my imagination. Call me. Enjoy.

Daria Protsenko Nipple Slip During a Beach Photoshoot In Malibu


I can't say I'm a big Daria Protsenko fan, not before today. I mean, it would literally be impossible to keep track of every single hot Eastern European model. Though, in terms of worthwhile pursuits, I can think of none more noble. Though that all changes today thanks to some uncooperative seaweed providing some fine views of the nipple slipping model hottie during a photoshoot in Malibu.

I'm not exactly sure what product Daria is promoting, but if it's the kelp bra for conservative ladies, I'm going to say it's not a sure thing sales wise. But if it's just drink or eat whatever I tell you and be hot with amazing funbags like I have, then it'll probably be golden. Enjoy.