Nipple Slip

Kelly Bensimon Upskirt Panties Peek And Nip Slip In See Through Blouse, Now That’s a Photoshoot!

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If you arrive to your photoshoot flashing your panties, it’s a solid sign that things are about to get even more interesting. As in the case of Real Housewife and model Kelly Bensimon who flashed her lacy white panties before slipping into something more comfortable for her New York photoshoot. Well, something more see-through that combined with a wardrobe malfunction created a quite visible nipple slip from the MILFtastic Kelly.

You know, if you’re going to model the haute couture in public, you ever run the risk of showing off more than you intended. Well, your risk, our reward. Forties and faptastic mom Kelly has dazzled us in her veteran bikini looks, but blessedly now we get to see mom showing just a bit more. This is how boys become men. Well, battle to. But leers suffice more peacefully so. Lovely bit of nipple sunshine. Thank you, Kelly. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash/PacificCoastNews

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SI Swimsuit Rookie of the Year Kelly Rohrbach Nip Slip Tugging on Her Tank Top

They don’t just let any girl off the street be named Swimsuit Rookie of the Year. For one, you need to be a rookie. Second, you need a swimsuit. Also, one ridiculously hot nubile body helps. Kelly Rohrbach had all of those as she accepted her award. And, more importantly, decided to keep on keeping on with the show-womanship as in the case of this James Macari photoshoot.

I don’t know why Kelly Bohrback is tugging on her tank top. Perhaps just a cosmic wind. I’m certainly not going to question her right to exhibit her chest. It’s a natural human right that you can only hope is exercised thoughtfully and regularly by the most sextastic women among us. Enjoy
Photo Credit: James Macari

Karlie Kloss Nip Slip On Versace Runway

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Karlie Kloss, the windy city born hottie model who may or may not be having lesbionic sexy time with Taylor Swift (you didn’t hear it from me, but you did, you did), made a grand entrance at the Versace show at Paris Fashion Week by flashing her nipple through a misplace dress of some indescribable and expensive sort. I guess you pay a little extra for the chance to win hearts and minds and gentlemen oglers with your bare pink headlight saying howdy.

As you know, Fashion Week gives and it takes. Mostly I guess it takes from people who like to spend money on clothes, and it gives back in the form of wardrobe malfunctions and impossibly showy cut-up couture. I’l do that deal any day, especially since graphic tees at Target are still just $12 when out of season. You see how I win. It’s hard to see, but it’s there. Bless you, Karlie Kloss fashion nipple. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: INF/Getty

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Rhea Durham Bikini Nip Slip For Your Marky Mark Leering Moment in Barbados

Rhea Durham Bikini Nip Slip While In Barbados
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Rhea Durham isn’t just the underrated hottie former model current wife of Mark Wahlberg, she’s that alluring mom on the beach whose bikini top fails and reveals her MILFtastic nipples. That makes her my favorite mom of the New Year’s holiday thus far. I’m sure it wasn’t intention. I’m quite sure it was a wonderful peek.

This just goes to show how difficult it is for even the well-to-do ladies to find a bikini that fits properly. For all those perfectly clad lovelies in the V.S. and similar catalogs with suits seemingly painted on their bodies to perfection, the fact remains most bikinis don’t fit most women particularly well. Which is where my service comes into play. Bill’s wardrobe re-adjustment on the spot handyman with complete discretion. For both models and hot actresses and the occasional smoking sextastic pop diva, I will swoop in, get my hands in your bikini top or bottom, stretch, pull, re-align, and leave you the perfect looking bikini. As for me, I’m left with a monster smile. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash

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Bai Ling Flashing a Ta-Ta Little Something Something at 20th Anniversary of The Crow

It’s hard to believe it’s been 20 years since The Crow came out in theaters. Not a bad film, not a great film, but one I always appreciate in a re-showing from time to time. Bai Ling was in the original film and led the cast of creepy looking masked actors being spooky at the 20th anniversary screening of the film over the weekend. Of course, Bai Ling will not attend a public event without showing the world how nicely chested a fit 40-something veteran Asian hottie can look in just a little dominatrix straps. And she does quite a bit.

Bai Ling is one of those marvels of blessed genetics who doesn’t seem to be aging. I’m sure it has something to do with a healthy diet and exercise and all those other things that seem okay for people not myself. I marvel at her taut body and those tender ta-ta’s that still seem to defy gravity and definitely warrant an outfit I wouldn’t recommend for most women her age necessarily in a public setting. Nice work, Bai Ling. 20 years on and still going strong. Enjoy

Solange Knowles’ Boobs Were Falling Out At Her Wedding

Beyonce’s little sister Solange Knowles got married in New Orleans and the theme of the wedding appeared to be nipple slips. The lovely Solange wore a white pant suit kind of thing with a huge slit in the front. I wouldn’t call what you could see of her funbags cleavage. It was more like inner sideboob with just a hint of nipple. Solange is pretty hot. I’ve thought so since I was forced to watch Bring It On: All or Nothing in which she starred as sassy cheerleader. Beyonce was also looking really sexy in a white dress that showed off those legendary ta-tas. No nip slips on her part though. A shame, really. I always thought only the bride was supposed to wear white at a wedding? I guess if you are Beyonce you can do whatever the hell you want.

I’m a little hurt that I wasn’t invited. We’re both from Houston and I used to see her dad all the time downtown. That obviously warrants an invite, right?

Jennifer Lawrence Nipple Slip at Mockingjay After Party in Jolly Old England

Jennifer Lawrence Nip Slip Flash in London
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Hello there, Jennifer Lawrence funbags. We haven’t seen you since, well, since a time a couple months ago that we’re not supposed to talk about in front of polite company. Luckily, we are only mildly polite here at Egotastic! so we can sneak this blessed peek of your braless peaks within an elegantly open white dress.

Jennifer Lawrence, her plunging neckline, and some semblance of her sweet nipples were visible as she cavorted with Lorde in the back of limo in London following the Hunger Games Mockingjay premiere party in London. I can’t imagine how my invitation got lost in the mail, perhaps a ship at sea went down. Nevertheless, I’m glad we get to share in what has to be the highlight of the party. Jennifer Lawrence, ever so sextastic, the bubbly farting dream girl next door. And these are her ta-ta’s. Just outstanding. Enjoy.