Nipple Pokes Posts:

Rihanna Nipple Pokes Poking Proudly in West Hollywood

Rihanna does not like bras. Her nipples like the Los Angeles sun. The confluence of these elements often brings Rihanna's nipples to full headlight and remarkably visible status when she struts about in the City of Angels, as she did yesterday in a tank top in West Hollywood.

Say whay you will about Rihanna, she knows how to get attention. And while we don't generally condone the concept of attention seeking, when a woman with a hot body uses her fine female form to get attention, who are we to complain? Keep on poking on, Rihanna. Enjoy.

Laura Whitmore Was Damn Excited To Be Working the Yahoo Wireless Fest

The Yahoo Wireless Fest in Jolly Old England is a pretty big musical to-do. One of the big four or five concerts of the summer season in the land where outdoor musical events are limited to a rather short calendar window. Nobody seemed more excited to be at the Wireless Fest than British Irish MTV presenter Laura Whitmore, whose pride and pokies showed through with rather remarkable force.

Now, I'm quite familiar with the first ladies of pokey-tude here in the U.S., but my list for the Brits of gals with the proud and strong headlights is still in the formulating stage. But, make no mistake, Laura Whitmore and her sun-reaching twosome are definitely on the list. Good show, Laura, welcome to Egotastic!. Enjoy.


Sharon Stone Braless and Poking In Paris

I'll say this for Sharon Stone, when she got her last new pair of hooters, she decided to get her money's worth. She's been showing those relatively young and excitable pair of ta-ta's off like a flirty high school cheerleader.

Sharon's latest braless poke and go routine took place in Paris, where Fashion Week is in full swing and the world's denizen of clothing fanatics have descended to share in the world of $100 t-shirts. And Sharon would simply not go unnoticed. Not with those headlights on high beam in the City of Light. You go, Sharon. Be an ambassador of silicon and veteran hotness. Enjoy.

Meagan Good Cleavetastic and Nipple Poking at BET Awards

For some reason, I was expecting much more of a sweet show at the BET Awards over the weekend, but it was a pretty low key affair. Not even worth calling an affair. Maybe just an afternoon meet-up for coffee. Everything was quite presentable and respectable, which made the arrival of Meagan Good in a deeply split and quite sheer dress top something of an attention grabber. At least, I found myself grabbing my attentions as Meagan appeared on camera.

I really and truly dug Meagan as the horny young R&B singer in Californication. She never really bared fully, but, oh, the happy fun time dreams I had as a result of her hot body in bra and panties. Ultimately, those precious puppies poking out of her top at the BET Awards demand to be fully exposed. I mean, I am demanding right now. And if my karma points are there, we should be seeing this at some point soon. I am willing to spend. Enjoy.

Jessica Szohr Is Braless and Damn Glad to Meet You

I guess she was feeling the heat of the boobtastic competition from the likes of chesty Sofia Vergara, but 90210 actress Jessica Szohr decided to hit the same celebrity gala last night without aid of any upper undergarment. The result was truly an inspiring set of nipple pokes and the clear outline of her fabulous ta-ta's beneath her form fitting top.

I'm not in a position to give out fashion awards, but I am in a position to say Jessica Szohr was clearly the best dressed at her party. I can only hope this fashion trend catches on. Enjoy.

Kara Young Nipple Pokes For a Much Belated Egotastic! Entry

You may recall Kara Young as the former S.I. Swimsuit girl and all-around supermodel babe from the late 80's, who later on dated Donald Trump, but then went on to marry another billionaire a few years back who took her away from all of her modeling ways. Sad really. But Kara went dark before the birth of Egotastic!, hence why her sweet sextastic form never has graced these pages before until now. And she seems quite excited to be here.

The former model now into her 40's we'd have to guess had her headlights on high beam for a stroll in New York's late spring weather, looking rather happy to still be looking so hot. And we are happy for her and her and her nipples long overdue introduction. Enjoy.

Jessica Hart Hates Bras! (And So Do We)

Score another victory for the Aussies and their liberal views on the use of underwear.

Sextastic model Jessica Hart hit the streets of N.Y.C. without so much as a bra on to protect her nipple pokes and related round and sextastic fineries beneath a sheer top. Now, we could chastise Jessica for her rather public display of female body exhibitionism, or, we could erect a statue in her honor and bow down to her as our new gap-toothed goddess.

Not to say which way I'm leaning, but I am looking for my hammer and chisel as we speak. Enjoy.