Nipple Pokes Posts:

Courtney Stodden Nipples Poke Through Her Tight Dress (They Had No Chance)

There's just not much room left anymore in the tops of anything Courtney Stodden wears. Nothing comes in her precise size, at least not until Shauna Sand opens up her 'For Girls Like Me' boutique.

Courtney's nipples were poking proudly from her recently pumped up chest puppies behind a sheer dress, her new standard wardrobe for recreational promenades and trips to casting offices where they can't possibly be telling her she's not blonde or busty enough. Courtney's trying, her whole body is trying, including her headlights which are feeling squeezed these days. Hollywood is tough. It will chew you up and spit you out, even if you've made yourself into much bigger than a bite-sized morsel. Enjoy.

Nicole Scherzinger Nipples Poke Through Leather on Chill London Evening

Leather tops seem to be the new hottie rage and I'm all for this fashion statement, especially when it comes along with the poking proud nipples of a sweet sextastic like Nicole Scherzinger. You know it takes a good woman and her proud pointers to poke through cowhide, and Nicole Scherzinger is all good woman. I should know, I've been inspecting her for many years now.

Coming out into the chill London air from a nightclub will certainly get your circulation hopping and apparently the blood in Nicole's body rushed to precisely where I would rush if given half the chance. Bless you, Nicole circulatory system for being a kindred spirit. Enjoy.

Ashley Greene Nipple Pokes Are Fun and Games Even When Losing an Eye

Ashley Greene is another one of those extreme hotties that we follow around endlessly waiting for any signs of sextastic reveal. She's pretty conservative when it comes to public exhibitions so happy are we when her circulatory system betrays her demure interests and her nipples make a poking appearance on the streets beneath her tank top. Power nipples simply can't be denied their destiny to be seen, if not covered in honey and treated like a snake bit wound with vigorously volunteered suction.

Ashley, you can deny us, but you can not deny your destiny. The sextastic, let alone engorged tweaked nipples, simply can not be contained! Enjoy.

Christina Milian Nipples Are Poking With the Stars

Well, somebody certainly seems excited to be on Dancing with the Stars.

You now, we are honor bound by male code to never watch any dance shows on television, specifically those with a high sequin count. But there's no denying several of these shows bring out the good looking ladies as contestants, including the boobtastic Christina Milian who was so amped to get in a good workout at the show studios over the weekend that her nipples nearly swelled through several layers of chest protective apparel.

I haven't seen Christina dance before, but if she has half the strength as her headlights, she's going to take this entire competition. Enjoy.

Christina Milian Has a Nipple Thing Going On

Who needs bras? Not I. I mean, not yet at least. But super sextastic diva Christina Milian and her full sized abalones. Christina was looking more than fine in warm Los Angeles yesterday without aid of any over the shoulder support for her luscious tubes.

I know Christina's funbags were happy in the uncovered position as her pokies were just bursting with delight. In my mind, they actually sing too, but sometimes I do let my imagination get the best of me. Enjoy.

Chrissy Teigen Braless and Jennifer Garner Whale Tail Signal the Coming of a Great Week

At the start of each week I look for some kind of sign that this is going to be a wonderful five-day adventure. This week, the tea leaves pointed me toward a seemingly unrelated concurrence of Chrissy Teigen walking the streets of Manhattan poking proudly and Jennifer Garner flashing most all of her thong to the kids at the local Farmer's Market on the opposite side of the country. Unrelated to the untrained eye perhaps. But Egotastic! sees the duality in the sextastic of ladies' undergarments choices.

Chrissy going without a bra, Jennifer electing to flash her panties with low rise jeans and the constant need to adjust kids in strollers. Each blessed lady with a different approach. Each fitting like a piece into the jigsaw puzzle of what I am certain is going to be a spectacular week ahead. Enjoy.

Natalia Proza See-Through Wet T-Shirt and Bikini Pictures for a Double Dose of Falling in Lust

Natalia Proza is a Russian model who... meh, you don't really care who she is. But I bet you do care about just a supremely hot Eastern body in a wet t-shirt and nothing much else underneath, save for some mighty perfect chest puppies all dripping wet and coming out of the water in Malibu. That's just a guess.

Natalia was at Zuma beach yesterday filming a series of bottled water commercials, that included not only the aforementioned and awesomely spectacular see-through wet t-shirt, but also a quite perfectly lean fine female form in a white bikini pouring water on herself along the rocks.

I'm not sure we've ever had an introduction quite like this on Egotastic! before, but I'm going to make sure it gets stickied to the top of our suggestion list on how to get onto the site. Stickied (see what I did there?). Enjoy.