Nip Slip

Bella Hadid Thong Tush, Miley Cyrus Headlight Slip, Stella Maxwell Sideboob Highlight the Sextastic Twitpic Roundup

People often ask me, Bill, what makes you happy? Now, think of those thoughts while we attach these electrodes to your temples and be sure to bite hard on the stick. Kindness is always a setup. But in those shocking moments I often find my grey matter dwelling on the goodness that are social media share selfies and candids. Those favorite sextastic celebrities of ours baring their wares for the simply joy of sharing and being virtually loved. I virtually love each and every one of them. Often, thrice nightly.

This week’s Sextastic Twitpic Roundup includes Stella Maxwell barely covering her sweet peaches, Bella Hadid eighteen and thong asstastic, Miley Cyrus careless about her tank top placement, Kate Upton in a tiny busty bikini, Rumer Willis and Tallulah Willis in bikinis, and much much more. There’s so much self-shared celebrity skin packed into this one gallery, I fear I may need a second Twix bar to munch one while perusing. You may choose your own happy stress instrument of gnawing. Go forth and enjoy.

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Allie Mason Bounces Out Of Her Bikini

The delectable Allie Mason used her considerable assets to sell storied beverage brand and purveyors of pics of half-naked women 138 Water. To say that Allie has an ample bosom would be a gross understatement. She has a truly righteous pair of funbags. Her boobs are so big that handling them might give you carpal tunnel in your wrist but it would totally be worth it. There is sideboob and cleav galore in these pics. As if that wasn’t enough, Allie had herself a good ‘ol fashioned nip slip. Her perky nips peeked out of her top with all the bouncing around she was doing. In addition to all things boobtacular, Allie also had her incredible booty out in a thong bikini bottom. Her booty is truly spectacular. I bet when she sits in the sand she leaves the perfect imprint of a heart.

I love 138 Water. Not because I drink it but because they provide us with sexy pics of scantily clad women almost every day.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

Julianne Hough Wardrobe Malfunction Leaving DWTS After Party

I see London, I see France, I see Julianne Hough nipples. Yes I do. The blonde hottie who along with her brother are staples of the Dancing With the Stars TV franchise revealed her headlights by way of a wardrobe malfunction with her dress and the current vogue in Hollywood to go braless. Even the good girls are doing it, which is why we are blessed to see good girl Julianne’s sweet nubs peeking out from behind her sheer dress. If this were more a routine part of ballroom dancing, I might just watch.

Once more I am forced to eat my words regarding the craptastic uselessness of reality TV and dancing shows specifically. While the fare is completely not intended for purveyors of the traditional male lifestyle, the byproducts by way of sextastic hotties with delicious bodies continue to be unexpected blessings. In short, I can live with them if you can. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

Melissa Reeves Bare Booty and Nip Slip During A Frisky Night Out in England

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As always, with every horrid MTV show there comes the upside of some number of hot female cast members who inevitably get wasted and flash their body parts in public. It is kind of a theme at this point. Ex on the Beach is an MTV UK TV show too inane to actually merit being explained with the written word, but it has produced a bounty of boobtastic alums now infamously famous including Melissa Reeves whose blonde bombshell frame has taking England by storm. And, naturally, Melissa isn’t afraid to show off a bit, or a lot, in public.

London town might not have been completely prepared for Melissa tipsy and flashing her bare asstastic and some righteous slips of her nipples that would be not rightfully called a wardrobe malfunction so much as a blitzed baring of the funbags. Either way, she seems like a fun girl to spend an evening with. My hat is off to you, Melissa. Everything else comes off after a couple more drinks like yourself. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

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Rihanna Topless Wardrobe Malfunction at Met Gala After Party

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I’m not sure who designed the dress Rihanna wore to the after party at the Met Gala, but if they didn’t foresee her sweet teats baring themselves for the cameras, they certainly weren’t imagining what I was the minute I saw Rihanna appear in that flimsy see-through dress. It was her evening’s destiny to flash that brilliant boobtastic. Not that Rihanna minds showing off her stellar body in partially nekkid or nekkid form, still, at a swank Manhattan event, this was a visual blessing.

Rihanna has been one of those celebrities for nearly ten years now that has consistently shown off her fine female form without hesitation or any regrets. Which probably stems from having one outstanding body, but also the knowledge that, oh, well, just made a few million guys smile, things could be worse. Which is ever so true, and one reason Rihanna will always be a favorite of mine. Now then, let me help you with that dress. Enjoy.

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AnnaLynne McCord Nipple Peek Wardrobe Malfunction Dining Out in Hollywood

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We haven’t seen the quite mesmerizing AnnaLynne McCord in some time around here, so what a pleasant surprise for her to make a strong comeback aided by her bare nipple peek inside her braless top. Braless is the new chic style in Hollywood, though the lithesome CW hottie has always eschewed the undergarments since we first started following her. The subject of many a nip slip and lip slip in the past. I can certainly respect a sextastic woman who rolls commando. In fact, I can respect her more than her peers who do not. It’s simply a more efficient manner of dressing.

AnnaLynne wasn’t headed anywhere particularly special, but out to dinner. Why not share some of your blessed hot body and bare boobtastic peeps with those of us who had to dine at Jack in the Box but still wanted a show with our meal. Humdingers. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews

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Mischa Barton Wardrobe Malfunction Has Martin Sheen Peeping (Damn, Marty, You’re So Egotastic!)

We’ve all been there, my friend. Look on the bright side, getting busted peeking into a lovely lady celebrity open top is going to get you some shizz around the political correct haunts of Hollywood, but it also makes you an immediate Silver Member of Egotastic!, wherein you will discover that for all your fame and fortune and outspoken candor, you are merely a manimal like the rest of us. One of us! Isn’t it glorious.

Meanwhile, the entire gentleman ogler community can share a peek at Mischa Barton both going braless and wearing a plunging top to a screening of a documentary. This is not Mischa’s first trip down nip slip boulevard, so I’ll just assume she knew the directions ahead of time. She probably didn’t anticipate the Martin Sheen peep, but you never do. Looking good, Mischa. It’s nice to see you in the spotlight once more. Enjoy.

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