Coco Goes Curvaceous for ‘Peepshow’ in Sin City

Back when I was a young man, in the 1920′s or so, shows in Vegas used to be topless. I mean, that’s why dudes went to Vegas, to gamble and see topless women parading around on stage, or off-stage if you could afford the private time shows. And while topless stage shows have gone the way of modern concessions to family vacation travel in Sin City, there are still a few odes to the past that are worth noting, as in, the ‘Peepshow’ at Planet Hollywood, pumped up to the hour-glass degree with the guest appearance of our friend Coco, who brought her round-all over form into the tiny costume and on-stage for the revue.

Now, old school Vegas may be dead and buried with the bodies out in the desert, but girls with big bosoms and booties shaking their built-for-partying bodies on stage under the lights? That will never ever go away. Enjoy.

Coco Takes Her Two Puppies Out for a Walk in the Big Apple

No, this is not some immature double entendre, Coco did indeed leash up and walk her two mighty mutts and take them out for a little fresh air in Manhattan, accepting all the stares and gawking that naturally came with the procession of two such fearsome puppies.

Man, how I’d like to put my oomph between those two massive canines. Okay, yeah, no longer talking about the dogs. Enjoy.

Coco Hangs Lips and Cheeks Out of Her Silver Swimsuit

It’s kind of like seeing the Silver Surfer turn into a mass of lady parts and smoosh them all into an undersized lycra swimsuit, then take the entire show and put it out in public in New York City to make sure every eyeball in the borough is glued to what might flash next.

Our friend Coco definitely is one of a kind. For those who love the super curvy ladies, I can’t imagine you doing much else but inspecting each and every one of these photos with a magnifying glass — that is a your magnifying glass, right? It’s like an exhibition of bodily freedom, with that freedom comes one lip slip and cheek protrusion and boob spill over at a time. It’s almost like watching Mother Earth form into an inhabitable planet, but in rapid time. Something very fecund about this whole scene. Enjoy.

Coco Goes British Bonkers With Her Boobtastic in Form Fitting Dress

Here’s the good news, the Brits are well-experienced in dealing with the mighty cleavage of their heavily endowed female celebrities. There’s no panic on the streets of London when a big pair of knockers nearly knock out a dozen or more innocents along the city sidewalks.

Still. Coco provides and impressive pair of ginormous peaches that when combined with her blond locks and overall appearance, well, it’s a beacon of the sensational that is sure to have all the closed-circuit cameras in town straining to get a peek down and up her various body parts. Enjoy.

Coco Brings Her Ass and Pokey Show to the U.K.

If there’s two things British men love, it’s full-figured women and dressing up in full-figured women’s clothing. We’re willing to work with you lads on the former, especially as you embrace the mighty curves of Yank-body-behemoth Coco who nearly knocked down several rows of gaping London onlookers with her mighty magical booty and poking enormous chest mounds making her way into the studios at Radio 1 in the country’s capital city.

Coco can’t just show up in a foreign land. There are commercial visas and logistical considerations to, well, consider, before moving a badonkadonk of those immense proportions. Tsunamis are no small possibility. Enjoy.


You Can’t Stop Coco’s Rump, You Can Only Hope to Contain It

Well, it was only a matter of time before our friend Coco and her extraordinarily designed badonkadonk lost all control and start consuming everything in its relatively diminutive path, starting with her thong.

I think Coco’s derriere may be like the sofa cushions; you dig around in there every couple months or so to find missing socks or loose change or, you know, my girlfriend’s retainer. Somebody needs to put a leash on that twin-cheeked beast before Gotham is completely destroyed (sorry, I’ve got Dark Knight Rises on the brain).

Oh, Coco, if human ass-meat were allowed to be sold in stores, you would live like a queen forever. Enjoy.

Coco Goes Loco With Her Bobos Outside Beverly Hills Restaurant

There’s really no stopping our friend Coco when it comes to protruding body parts. The model and reality TV star is simply one mass of curves that can hardly be contained by clothing. Not that she would if she could.

The crazy full-bodied Mrs. Ice-T performed her latest rounds of flashing her round parts outside a posh Beverly Hills eatery where all the upper-crusty diners turned up their nose-jobs at the sight of Coco’s enhanced twins. You think in the 90210 zip code you’d get a little leniency for silicone exhibitions. It’s tough out there for girls like Coco, well, firm, but supple. Enjoy.