New York Magazine

Elisabeth Moss Sideboob Showoff in New York Magazine

You don’t perhaps think of Elisabeth Moss as your classic Hollywood tease, more of a deep indie thespianic. But tease she is, to the full extent of her sideboob in the latest edition of New York Magazine. There she blows.

I’m sure the article is all about a being an actress and style and relationships and TV work and things that are not necessarily as inspiring as the sight of her sideboobs and some cheeky other visual moments. Elisabeth has of course removed it all before for the cameras, a daring and applause worthy mistress of the true craft of the skintastic. Bravo, Elisabeth, keep moving us with your work. Enjoy.

Lake Bell Painted Nekkid Covered Bits in New York Magazine

Lake Bell truly has one of the best bodies in Tinsel Town. When she started showing it off bare a few years ago, it went from wondrous to stupendously memorable in the blink, or non blinking at all, of an eye.

As it turns out, we like to see Lake Bell without her clothes on, which makes her new pictorial in New York magazine rather perfect. Well, nearly perfect as the magazine has carefully crafted  a cover of Lake’s prettiest bits to avoid having to be sold in a brown paper bag at newsstands. Oh, man, those are always the best magazines. Enjoy.