Jack Taylor of Grinnell College Goes for 138 Points in Rout

Some highlights of Jack Taylor's 138 point performance
Jack Was Jacking Up The Shots

People are kind of freaking out today (and last night) over Jack Taylor of Iowa’s Grinnell College after the guy went for an all NCAA record 138 points. Taylor hit 52 0f 108 shots from the field, including 27 of 71 from the three point line. Grinnell, a D-III school has been running an offense under David Arseneault for around 20 years where the goal is get off 94 shots a game. Obviously they got that and then some. Also obvious, this was a stunt.

Scoring that many points is insane no matter what the circumstances, but Grinnell won the game 179-104 over Faith Baptist Bible. Word got around quick about Taylor’s night, and Kobe Bryant called it ‘impressive’ and Kevin Durant was tweeting about it, saying Jack deserves a shot of Jack Daniels. But Carmelo Anthony had the best response when he simply said, ‘how can you shoot 100 times, though?’ Put up a shot every 20 seconds in a 40 minute game. In fact, the rest of the team took 28 shots combined.

Faith Baptist’s David Larson scored 70 in the loss, hitting 34-44. The most shots anyone else took on that team was 11. Apparently defense isn’t part of D-III basketball in Iowa.

Heisman Winner Going to be a First of its Kind

The BCS title race has found itself turned upside down on more than one occasion the last few weeks. With current No. 1 Notre Dame playing a tough USC team this weekend (even without quarterback Matt Barkley) there is  every reason to believe that the upheaval is not done yet.

When the top teams are getting shuffled around each week the top players in the land  end up going through the same thing. At one time we’ve seen Matt Barkley in the driver’s seat. Geno Smith appeared to be a sure thing. The West Virginia meltdown opened the door for Colin Klein.


Notre Dame-USC Headline Rivalry Week in College Football

This is a week where we get to eat like an absolute pig and then lie around and watch a lot of great college (and NFL) action. Talk about something worth giving thanks for!

Rivalry games always rock, but many of them this season hold some pretty special significance in the national title chase. USC will still be tough for Notre Dame to beat even without Matt Barkley behind center. Oregon will have to win the Civil War to have a shot at getting back into the chase; something that the Oregon State Beavers will not make easy.

Alabama should have a pretty easy time hanging onto the No. 2 spot with a relatively easy match up in the Iron Bowl. Georgia could be in for a tough one should Georgia Tech get its running game on track.

Those are just a few of the many rivalry games being played this week. With at least 20 of them to look forward to starting with Texas-TCU on Thanksgiving it should be a great weekend of action!

Bart Scott’s Failed Mutiny in New York, Coaches and Commentators Gone Wild, and the Coolest 9-Year Old in Football Highlight a Crazy Week on the Gridiron

Another day, another dollar; another week on the gridiron, another week of wild craziness. I don’t know what it is, but it seems that the great game of football tends to attract some of the best and brightest along with some of the wackiest and craziest!

The past week in the game is proof positive of that. The New York Jets continued to put the Real Housewives of  [insert city name here] to shame with their entertaining yet dysfunctional antics. With the season winding down in college and NFL coaches feeling the heat, many of our fearless leaders are starting to crack under the pressure. Among all the silliness, craziness, and down right hilarious goings on in the game we still had a shining light that reminds us of all that is good in the game in the form of a 9-year old girl.


Kansas State and Oregon Go Down! (and the Rest of the Best in a Great Weekend of College Football Action)

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the proverbial water! What a weekend of great college football action!

Personally, I wasn’t expecting much to happen this past weekend since so many teams were playing soft opponents (i.e. Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Florida, Texas A&M, etc.). As luck would have it the few teams that were playing competitive games more than made up for it! In fact, in the future I am all for the weekend’s slate to be just like this past weekend. Normally it is kind of tough to choose what to watch and what to DVR. Since there were only a handful of games worth watching the choice was easy.

The good thing is that the drama can only get better from here. Thanks to Baylor decimating K-State and Oregon dropping to Stanford, the national title picture is going to dramatically change again. Notre Dame is the new No. 1, with Alabama, Georgia and Florida at 2, 3, and 4 respectively.

An even harder question to answer will be how Colin Klein’s poor game is going to affect the Heisman race. Johnny Manziel looked awful impressive yet again…

Wisconsin-Florida Headline a Great Week of College Basketball Action

You have to love it when the season starts and we see some upsets in the first week of action. Duke made it clear that the latest version of the Kentucky Wildcats will have some work to do. Michigan State got a rude awakening to start the season. UConn wasn’t supposed to be worth the paper that programs get printed on, but after two games that appears to be far from the truth.

Much like college football, college basketball starts off with an overall weak schedule, but that just means that the upsets are going to be even bigger when they happen–and they will happen!

Wisconsin-Florida are the only two ranked teams facing off over the next week; that should be one amazing game. A number of top teams will be looking to get into the win column and erase the specter of a bad game from their minds. Some of these match-ups were chosen simply as a reason to watch some of the new stars of the day work their magic.

Between the basketball action and football games coming up sports fans may find themselves not leaving the house this weekend!

Oregon Faces a Tough Test in Stanford and Nine Other Awesome College Football Games This Weekend

We finally got a major shake up in the BCS after last weekend (way to go Texas A&M). Looking at the slate of games on tap for this weekend it would not be shocking if we were to see some more upheaval after this coming weekend.

Now a lot of teams are essentially taking the weekend off which means they are playing a really, really soft opponent (I’m talking about you Alabama, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and Texas A&M). Lucky for us there are still some teams left playing some stiff competition; some with possible title implications should the underdog win. Read more… »