This Santa Claus had His NBA Christmas Ruined by a Rim

A stunt dunk by a dude in a Santa suit goes awry
Ho Ho Horrible!

Guys jumping off trampolines to throw down monster dunks during halftime of NBA games is nothing new. Groups of guys doing synchronized routines isn’t that new either, but it’s still pretty entertaining. Dudes are just flying around and there’s always an element of danger that makes it that much more exciting. Yesterday in Chicago, one of these groups were entertaining the fans when fun and games turned into probably dental surgery.

Watch this guy do a 360, misjudge where he is, and get a mouthful of the rim for his mistake. It looks pretty bad and the guy just falls to the pads below like he’s already out cold. Hopefully he turned out okay, but I’m betting that rim gets a lump of coal in its net next year. Or a bag of shattered teeth.

Matt Barnes Takes a Break During the Clippers’ Win Streak to Talk Blake Griffin and Kobe Bryant (VIDEO)

Photo by Harry How/Getty Images
The NBA conversation you rarely get to hear

The days of burly prototype NBA enforcers like Charles Oakley and Xavier McDaniel ended somewhere around the turn of the century when the NBA was desperate to find its post-Michael Jordan era footing. Rather than throwing elbows and showcasing mild, controlled violence to prove who was ‘The Man,’ keeping star players upright and healthy was the focus as everybody was anxious to anoint a new basketball hero.

Los Angeles Clippers forward Matt Barnes is a throwback type player who operates in the spirit of Oakley and McDaniel even if he can’t match their raw power. In a sprawling discussion about the Clippers’ success in the 2012-13 NBA season and what goes on behind the scenes of the NBA logo, Barnes offered one of the clearest pictures of the relationship between NBA players and how his toughness got him where he is today.

Watch the video above and know that my favorite quote, that sums up the entire discussion, is “If you’re crazy enough to mess with me, you’re crazy enough to play with me”

Having NBA Players Sing a Rewrite of Jingle Bells Was Not a Great Idea

Jason Kidd and NBA stars sing Christmas songs
Listen at Your Own Risk

Someone at the NBA’s marketing department thought to themselves, ‘hey, what if we got James Harden, Jason Kidd, Blake Griffin and Chris Paul to sing a version of Jingle Bells that’s all about playing basketball on Christmas Day?’ Apparently they then shared that idea and someone higher up thought, ‘that’s great! Do that!’ And do that they did.

So to get you pumped for some NBA action on Christmas day, those four guys are here to make your ears bleed a little bit. Kind of like the giant cut on Kidd’s eye. It’s really something to see that closeup and in HD. I know that Kidd could use some positive publicity, but man, did they purposely try to get the guy with the worst voice? So go ahead and watch this if you dare, I sat through the whole 48 seconds of it, I shouldn’t have to be the only one to suffer.

Kevin Durant Dominated Josh Smith on Both Ends of the Court in One Sequence

Kevin Durant dominates Josh Smith on both ends of the court
This is How You Dominate Someone

Kevin Durant completely obliterated Atlanta’s Josh Smith last night in the span of about eight seconds. First Smith tries to back Durant down on the post, only to have KD strip the ball and then when Smith recovers and tries to shoot over him, Durant blocks the shot. After the ball gets stripped again, Oklahoma City gets out on the break with Russell Westbrook screaming towards the basket with Durant trailing.

Westbrook makes the nice dish to Durant, who takes off for the dunk and not only makes it, but gets fouled by a hustling Smith. After the whistle, Durant yells that this is ‘my mother f*cking house’ and the look on Smith’s face makes it hard to argue. And yes, the game was in Atlanta, so now Durant owns Philips Arena. Durant went for 41 in OKC’s 12th straight win.

Gerald Green Reminds Everyone Why He was in the Dunk Contest

Indiana's Gerald Green takes off for an explosive dunk
Explosive jumping ability

Indiana Pacer Gerald Green showed off his ridiculous leaping ability in a 20 point win over Utah last night, throwing it down for two of his 21 points. Green blows right past the defense and takes off, cocks the ball over his shoulder and powers it through the rim. Green needed just 23 minutes to score his points, and this dunk was easily the highlight of the game.

What is it with dudes named Gerald this week?

Kenneth Faried Creates Space on the Bench by Throwing Up

Kenneth Faried of Denver vomits during a timeout
He's Gonna Blow!

Basketball analysts often talk about players who have the ability to create space on the court. Kenneth Faried of the Denver Nuggets proved that he knows how to do it during timeouts as well. His secret? Play while sick and then throw up into a towel. Watch how quickly Ty Lawson and Kosta Koufos get the hell away from Faried once he starts blowing chunks.

Despite being sick as a dog, Faried put up 19 points and 11 boards in the Nuggets’ win over the San Antonio Spurs.

h/t The Big Lead

Gerald Henderson Goes Up and Over Dwight Howard

Gerald Henderson shows off crazy vertical
If You Want to See Crazy Hops, You're in the Right Place

Charlotte Bobcat Gerald Henderson showed everyone what pure vertical looks like in a narrow loss to the Los Angeles Lakers and sparked a little debate over whether or not what he did was actually a dunk. In the fourth quarter, Henderson catches a pass in the key and goes straight up in the air with Dwight Howard giving him a little shove to the stomach.

The shove didn’t matter, Henderson just keeps rising, and he throws it down. Because of Howard’s arm, Henderson can’t get quite to the rim, but he’s so far above it, he’s still able to score with some power and draw the foul. The dunk purists would argue that since Henderson never actually touches the rim, it’s not a dunk. I disagree. I think it’s absolutely a dunk and almost more impressive because of how high he got in the air. And when you bring opposing players to their feet, like whoever that is on the Lakers bench that jumped up, you’re doing it right.

The Lakers ended up winning by one, after leading by ten in the first half, and then falling behind by 18 in the third quarter.