The Lakers Lack Chemistry, But Steve Nash Makes Sure They Have Biology

Steve Nash with the gross assist to Metta World Peace
That's a Gross Assist!

The Lakers lost again last night, this time to the Houston Rockets. That’s not really newsworthy anymore. But during a timeout, something kind of nasty went down. Steve Nash, who joined the 10,000 career assist club, was wiping himself down before returning to the court. No big deal, Nash just wanted to get that extra sweat off his face, arms and armpits. But when he was done, Nash hands the towel off to Metta World Peace, who proceeds to wipe his face with said armpit sweat-soaked towel.

It seems that MWP saw Nash use the towel but didn’t seem to care where it had just been. I guess when you’re out there getting sweat from other guys on you during a game you get kind of desensitized to it, but yeesh.

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Gerald Green’s Leaping Ability Leads to Highlights on Both Ends of the Court

Gerald Green playing at a different altitude against Miami
Two Highlights For the Price of One

The Indiana Pacers nearly took out the Miami Heat in last year’s NBA Playoffs, and last night they showed that they’re still a tough matchup for LeBron James and company. The Pacers walked off their home court with an 87-77 win behind Paul George’s 29 points. The 77 was a season low for the Heat.

But it was Gerald Green who provided two of the best highlights of the night. Both plays came in the second quarter, first with Green getting his head near the rim on an alley-oop, then providing some serious help defense by jumping just as high to block a shot. Miami better figure out the Pacers because if they meet up again in the Playoffs, they might not get past them.

Looks Like Kevin Durant is the New King of the Killer Crossover

Kevin Durant leaves Trevor Ariza in the dust with a crossover
That's how you finish up a killer crossover

It used to be that the crossover move was reserved for guards and, well, shorter dudes. Tim Hardaway was the master of the killer crossover back in the 90s and it was called the ‘UTEP two-step’ when he was devastating guys with it in college. But with the evolution of the game, bigger guys are doing it more and more. Now it appears that Oklahoma City superstar Kevin Durant, who stands 6’9″, is making the case that he’s the current crossover king.

Durant and the Thunder were in his hometown of Washington D.C. last night where they inexplicably lost to the Wizards. Still, the highlight of the night was this crossover that Durant put on Trevor Ariza, who got so lost he didn’t even try to recover as Durant sliced through the lane for the left handed dunk. Just like the game before, Durant had the home crowd oohing and ahhing over the move, but I’m sure he’d rather have had the win.

Here’s the Photo Proof of that Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard Fight

I guess maybe those reports of Dwight Howard trying to attack Kobe Bryant in the locker room might not have been accurate. Or maybe they were and this is Kobe and Dwight’s way of saying it’s over. Either way, Kobe tweeted the above photo out after the story of the two nearly coming to blows because Kobe supposedly called Dwight ‘soft’ after a New Year’s Day loss in Los Angeles.

Nice of them to include coach Mike D’Antoni in the photo and Howard’s ice pack on his shoulder with the torn labrum. But I think my favorite part of this whole thing is what Kobe, who just joined Twitter last week, wrote along with the photo.

The mamba vs d12 !! It’s on lol

LOL indeed, LOL indeed.

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Things Just Got Worse for the Los Angeles Lakers with Howard and Gasol Out Indefinitely

I swear this isn’t going to be the Los Angeles Lakers news and information site, but this one’s kind of big. Dwight Howard has a torn labrum in his right shoulder and will most likely miss a lot of time. I’m kind of guessing, but since he’s not even going to be re-examined for a week, I think it’s a safe bet. Pau Gasol was on the wrong end of an elbow to the nose last night against Denver and has been diagnosed with a concussion.

Gasol was originally thought to be okay and was expected to be able to play, but now with the concussion diagnosis, he won’t even travel with the team on the Lakers’ Texas two-step through Houston and San Antonio.

With zero chemistry and alleged near-fights happening in the locker room, this probably isn’t a plus for the Lakers. Then again, maybe it is. Kobe Bryant can shoot all he wants without anyone **coughHowardcough** complaining about it, and maybe Kobe will see that he could use a big center to help out after all.

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Dwight Howard Had to be Restrained From Going After Kobe Bryant According to Report

The Los Angeles Lakers dropped another home game last night, losing to the Denver Nuggets 112-105. The Lakers big three seemed to do okay; Kobe Bryant had 29 points, Dwight Howard had 14 points and 26 rebounds and Steve Nash added 13 assists and 10 points. It obviously wasn’t enough, but it’s something that happend on New Year’s day in a loss to Philadelphia that is now making headlines.

According to the New York Daily News, Howard had to be pulled back by teammates from going after Bryant after Bryant reportedly called Howard soft. A few days later, Howard was complaining about the team’s lack of chemistry after getting beat by the Clippers.

“Look at the difference between our team and (the Clippers),” Howard said. “They just play together. They share the ball. Everybody’s excited when something happens.”

Yeah, pretty obvious what he was talking about. Kobe is averaging an NBA high 30.5 points per game, but he’s also leading the league with 726 shot attempts. Oklahoma City’s Russell Westbrook is second with 607. That’s a crapload of shots Bryant is taking, especially with the talent he has around him who were supposed to help lighten the load on Kobe. Still, Bryant is also shooting far higher than his career percentage, .481 this year compared to .454.

The Lakers are 15-18 and sit three spots out of the eighth seed in the Western Conference. That’s not anywhere near where they hoped or were expected to be. There’s still time to get things figured out and make the playoffs, but right now it’s not looking like the Lakers would get out of the first round anyway.

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Kevin Durant Proves That Two Crossovers are Better Than One

Kevin Durant double crosses DeMar DeRozan
Where'd He Go? Where'd Who Go?

It was a rough day for Toronto’s DeMar DeRozan against Oklahoma City. In 33 minutes of play, DeRozan shot just 4-16 and had a couple of turnovers in the Raptors’ 104-92 loss to the Thunder. Making matters worse, DeRozan found himself guarding Kevin Durant on the left wing on a play and that’s when things really got ugly.

Durant goes between the legs and the crosses up DeRozan not just once, but twice for good measure. DeMar is left swinging at air, before trying to catch Durant from behind. You know things are bad when the the home crowd goes ‘OOOOOOH!’ in unison. Durant of course knocked down the scoop shot. At least it wasn’t just a dunk, I guess.