Natural Beauty

Irina Shayk Covered Topless and Naturally Beautiful

You can’t really get much more nekkid than Irina Shayk is for the Natural Beauty photo art exhibit by James Houston. Sadly, the wicked hot Russian model manages to curl herself into positions ever so precise as to conceal her true natural delights. Still, we never look a gift horse in the mouth, especially when it’s a mostly nekkid ridiculously sextastic model before our gaze. And, I guess since the photos are an attempt to rescue the people of this planet from greenhouse gassing themselves into oblivion, Irina has good intentions in almost flashing her Easter basket for the cameras.

Irina Shayk is hot. I wish she’d accept my multiple offers to help save this planet through a process of extensive and repeated breeding. Enjoy. 

Emma Watson Scorching Hot as a a Natural Beauty!

Wow, say hello to my favorite new Emma Watson photos ever!

James Houston shot these for the Natural Beauty exhibit going round the country for Earth Day or something similarly environmentally conscious next month. Emma joined a cast of other models shot in these artsy, but red wicked hot and hardly dressed photos of her ridiculously sextastic self to promote peace, love, and recycling. While the intention might be to make the planet more green, right now my twin globes are turning blue (yes, that’s a poorly worded sexual reference).

Anybody who’s yet to have a mad passionate longing for Emma Watson, the grown up girl from Harry Potter, now would be a good time to get started. Enjoy.