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Naked News Girls Doing NSFW Yoga (And Offering Naked News for Just $6 Per Month!)


If I've told you once, I've told you now four times, you're going to want to add Naked News to your online viewing bookmarks. Not only does it offer the single best source of daily news with sextastic stripping news anchors, but those very same lovelies of Naked News often go out into the field for some playtime fun time lifestyle investigations. We've seen nude aerobics and nude bowling, now it's time for nude yoga. Yes, even yoga can be finally made interesting with the addition of several naked girls next door.

Check Out the Naked News Naked Yoga Video for Free (It's Quite Memorable)

To celebrate going Downward Facing Dog in the buff, the good folks at Naked News are offering Ego Readers an annual subscription to their service for only $6 a month. A $5 sandwich at Subway costs you more than six bucks. It's true. But this is just six bucks, for hours upon hours of happy visual fun times daily. It's an epic bargain if you happen to lust hot nekkid girls just doing their jobs. I'm quite a fan. Enjoy.

(NSFW) Naked News Yoga Video

Angie Heyward Joins Naked News; You Get To See Her On Naked News for One-Week Free!


I know, I'm awesome. I had a cousin who told me that once. Not so remarkable save for it's the only instance of a blood relative ever complimenting me. And that was only after I sent her twenty bucks via Paypal to purchase medical marijuana for her 20-something cataracts. Anyhow, that's besides that point. I am once again completely awesome as I have convinced the good folks at Naked News to give EgoReaders a one-week free viewing period for Naked News since Angie Heyward is now available in the raw hot news giving flesh. I'm not going to call it a must see, even though, yeah, it is.

Holy Cannolis Angie Heyward in her nekkid entertainment news clips!
Double Holy Cannolis Naked News Free For One Week!

For those that don't know, Naked News is a completely legit news organization with daily programs on Hollywood, music, pop culture, and events of the day with hot anchors who get completely naked. It's Entertainment Tonight, except Mary Hart is butt naked. Sure, you can keep watching boring depressing news on TV, or you can watch sexy naked girls delivering the news and occasionally going nude bowling or nude aerobics. That tough choice is up to you, young Padawan. Enjoy.

Naked News Naked Jamaican Hedonistic Adventure (VIDEO)


When I heard the girls of Naked News were headed down to Hedonism II, the clothing optional resort in Jamaica, I thought to myself, hmm, I really hope they bring lots of cameras. And why of course they did. And they shot everything, I mean, right down to nekkid water sliding and scuba diving. That is so genius I want to give it a Nobel Prize and invite it to sit in the special box at the State of the Union Address.

You know I only pimp the shizz I love here on Egotastic! Quality content for your visual happiness. You really should get your Naked News fix. I highly recommend it if you happen to kind of like beautiful girls taking off their clothes for the love of you seeing them nekkid. Personally, I can't think of a higher ideal. Enjoy.

Check Out the Naked News Hedonism Nekkid Girls Tour Video (Uncensored)

The Nekkid Girls of Naked News Playing Soccer? You Bet Your World Cup Bottom Dollar


I like that the hot nekkid girls from Naked News don't spend too much time in the studio doing their hardcore reporting. Sometimes a good reporter needs to get out in the field, strip off all her clothes, and kick around the soccer ball. It is World Cup month after all. Who isn't feeling the soccer slash futbol thrill of competition?

While you won't see any bicycle kicks ala Pele from these completely nekkid beauties, you will still see girls without clothing playing soccer. That's a big something. And, might I add, an improvement to the sport.

Check out the Naked News Uncensored Nekkd Soccer video (NSFW). It's free and filled with more ta-ta's than you can count. But I do suggest you try. Enjoy.

Mr. Skin and Naked News Father’s Day Gift Spectacular!

You know I only pimp the stuff I love here. Then I try to whittle it down for as little as possible for those of you who dig the same things. You know, hot nekkid girls, topless celebrities, news reporters taking off their clothes, those high minded kinds of things. I just want you to be happy. And on this Father's Day Weekend, I want dad to be happy. Just look at that poor bastard. Yes, he had sex with your mom, but it's time to let bygones be bygones and show your appreciation for the dad who taught you how to be a mediocre Little League player with a joint subscription to Mr. Skin and Naked News for just ten bucks a month.

Mr. Skin and Naked News bundled for just a few shekels per months

I can't do math, so I can't calculate the bargain, but it's big. And dad deserves it. And so do you, if you want to buy it for yourself and pretend it's for dad. Or maybe you are a dad and you're kids are getting you crap again this year. So get this for yourself. I can't guarantee anything other than countless hours of entertainment right up dad's alley, so to speak. Enjoy.

Naked Bowling and a Free 7-Day Membership to Naked News Is a Whole Lot of NSFW Happy (VIDEO)


Let me see if I got this right. Two hot completely nekkid girls have decided to challenge two other completely hot nekkid girls to a 5-pin bowling tournament for the benefit of gentleman oglers, and, naturally, Ernie Schlegel. Well, on the day of elections at least locally here, I wholeheartedly endorse this idea. Okay, the Canadian 5-pin bowling seems odd, but when it comes to naked bowling, the rules are, there are no rules. Well, except for the being nekkid part.

7 Days of Hot Naked News Girls for the Price of, Um, Nothing.

This epic Vs. segment is just one of the many fun and faptastic bits you get from watching the girls of Naked News. It's news worth watching, alone perhaps, with the shades drawn. So, like your local evening news, if the hot anchors were nekkid. And now you can check out Naked News for 7-Days for Free with this special trial offer. You have nothing to lose except that frown on your face. Turn it upside down, with boobs and hot female fun parts having fun. Enjoy.

Kangoo Boots? Oh, Yeah, the Girls of Naked News Are Bouncing Around in Those (MUST SEE VIDEO)


I don't often say there's something you absolutely must see, but if you love life and moms and your nation, you will spend a few minutes watching the Flex Appeal segment on Naked News wherein the girls are all stripped out of their clothes and exercising in new space age bouncy boots, and nothing else.

There aren't many things I can assure you you will remember come forty years from now, but this is one of them. It's a forever kind of memory that I encourage you to continue with your own subscription to Naked News for checking out more of their exercise segments and all their other unclothed fun time activities. If you can't take pleasure in hot bodied women doing things nekkid, you might want to get your ticker checked to make sure it's still beating. Enjoy.