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Whitney St. John of Naked News Discusses Nekkid Celebrity Photo Hacks, That’s Synergy!


I've never been able to fully encapsulate the reason why Al Gore invented the Internet, maybe until now. Seeing blonde hottie Whitney St. John of Naked News get nekkid while discussing the entertainment news of Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton nekkid photo hacks, well, I just found the kernel. This is surely why we started inter-networking servers around the world. This beautiful flesh filled synergy of entertainment hotness.

Check out Whitney St. John in Her Uncensored Naked News Entertainment Report

While we're at it, I have beseeched my skin-loving buddies at Naked News to give you blessed Egotastic! readers a one week FREE trial subscription to Naked News. I'm not suggesting that every single one of you get an amazingly rewarding membership to Naked News, just the ones who are intelligent and like to be kept informed daily on the news of the world by nekkid women of the world. The rest of you can stick with your Muscle magazines. I was going to say Sport Fishing magazine, but I have that and love it.

Angie Heyward Is Naked at the Movies (And Naked News Has a 7-Day Free Trial!)


Can I pimp the lovely girls of Naked News enough? Nay, I can not. Everything these girls do simply fills me with wonder. It might have something to do with their award winning personalities. Or the fact they take off all their clothes. You know when Angie Heyward my little ginger cup of tea strips down, I'm going to be watching her talking about the movies.

Check out Angie Heyward Naked at the Movies and see if you don't feel that same certain happy informed tingle:

And, you must, I mean, you must if you love [Insert Name of Your Beloved Country], love your [Insert Name of Relative You Hold Dear], and love hot nekkid women, GET YOUR FREE 7-DAY TRIAL TO NAKED NEWS. Try it for a week. It will bite, but in a happy way. Enjoy.

Naked News Is Free For a Week! That’s the Naked Truth


If by any chance you wanted to try a 7-Day Free Trial of Naked News, the best news channel on any media any where including but not limited to every single major network and cable news outlet. Well, then, this weekend is the time for you. Heck, even I can afford free.

Our friends at Naked News are celebrating another racktastic Versus episode with the girls from Naked News playing billiards without any clothes on. There's more than cues that need chalking, if you know what I mean. I don't, but maybe you do. I happen to love these girls from NN, I'm pretty sure you will too.

Check out the hot nekkid news anchors of Naked News playing pool, check out all that Naked News has to offer for free. And, you know, smile life just a little bit wider. Enjoy.

Eila Adams Nekkid SkyDiving for the Naked News (VIDEO)


There's almost nothing the girls of Naked News won't do to cover a story. I should add, nothing they won't do to cover a story while in the complete buff. Naked News anchor Eila Adams takes on the task of skydiving while completely naked, which I'm quite certain is one of the few possible things that could get me to jump out of a perfectly good airplane. Chasing after a naked woman plummeting before me.

Check out the Eila Adams Naked Skydiving Video (NSFW) for your action sports fill of the day. And be sure to get an Ego discounted Naked News $6 monthly membership because it's one of the very best things out there on the web. I mean, if you like to see girls report the news in the nude, and also skydive, bowl, Pilates, fish, swim, play soccer, and other fun things in the raw. Enjoy.

Whitney St. John Strips Naked to Report the Naked Entertainment News


If I've said it once, I've said it seven times now, you really can't find a better way to spend six bucks a month to get your news naked from hotties than by becoming a member of Naked News. Sure, you can watch Katie Couric with all her clothes on, if that's your thing. Or you can watch the likes of Whitney St. John delivering her entertainment reports whilst stripping out of her confining wardrobe. Everything is better with nekkid hot women involved. I dare you to name something that isn't.

Check out Whitney's Naked News report video and get all your entertainment and celebrity news needs while staring at the hostess' lady nest. It's win win. I'm sure there's a third win in there too if you watch in slow motion. Enjoy.

Naked News Auditions, Yep, They Have Those, Kate Is First Up (VIDEO)


Every job has an interview process. And when the job you're applying for is host on Naked News, well, you're not going to be allowed to wear clothes during your audition. I can't think of many jobs where you legitimately and legally need to see applicants in the full frontal buff. I just know I'd like to be an active part of the hiring process.

Naked News has been kind enough to share their video screen tests for applicant Kate with us to peek into a future potential Naked News anchor. In the future, they have hinted at letting our readers play a role in picking the next TV Naked News anchor. Um, yeah. That would only be an incredible way to waste time at work. Coming soon. For now, check out Kate and see if she has the right Naked stuff. Enjoy.

If you want to use my special backdoor link, no offense backdoor porn stars, you can still get 7 Days of Hot Naked News Girls for the Price of, Um, Nothing.

Naked News Talks Sports Cars, Nekkidly Naturally


Naked News, your one stop shop for news the way guys like to consume news, through the lips of nekkid hot girls, has now branched out into car coverage, sports cars in particular. If you happen to like high performance vehicles and high performance naked news girls like Isabell Rossini, then you really must check out the new edition of Wheelz from Naked News.

If you become a member of Naked News, you will come to see exactly why it's the very best daily source for news on the web for guys and Sapphic leaning women. Also, my mom likes it a lot. She's neither of those two, I don't think. Enjoy.