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Naked News Covers The Avengers and Star Wars, Why Not? (VIDEO)

Naked News Just Got... Um, Naked

If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you six times now, the nekkid girls of Naked News cover everything worth covering in the news. And they do it naked. Hence, the name you know. This is the big time of year just prior to big summer blockbuster movie season. As you know, I purchased my Age of Ultron tickets back in 1974 so I’m good for that. Star Wars is coming out in December and many more big pictures in between.

See Naked News Anchor Madsion Running Down the Big Blockbuster Movies of 2015 (NSFW Caution)

You could read about them on boring sites like IMDB or RottenTomatoes, but why not get them from Madison, who’s a cute brunette who removes her clothes with the best of the newscasters, actually, the best. When the hot anchors on Fox and weather girls at local stations start taking their clothes off, please let me know that too. You really must join this party. The funbags are hopping. Enjoy.

All The News That’s Fit to Print Nekkid, Isabella Rossini Has the Naked News (VIDEO)


This Naked News thing really is quite the thrilling visual venture. Get a half dozen or so hot TV hostesses who understand that everything’s better when nekkid, at least when they are, then have them report the entertainment, media, and lifestyle news. So simple, yet, so much damn fun.

See More of Isabella and the Naked Girls of Naked News

In this week’s video you can see brunette sextastic Isabella Rossini stripping down to, well, nothing but her birthday suit, as she takes a tour of some wicked fun vacation rentals around the world. What do alluring nekkid chicks have to do with exclusive mountain top lodgings? Well, only everything. Enjoy.

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Eila Adams Unveils Hot Celebrity Properties for Naked News (VIDEO)



I’m a serious journalist with various degrees in things we need not delve into, but suffice it to say, I’m not supposed to play favorites in any regard. However, Eila Adams is my favorite unclothed reporter on Naked News. So, there, now, take away my Pulitzer. The cute as as bunny naked hostess for Naked News this weeks brings in the million and billion dollar celebrity real estate homes, so you can be jealous of both her body and how much J-Lo is selling her home for. Trust me, it works.

Check out Eila Adams’ quite naked in NSFW video form HERE.

Naked News continues their 7-Day Free Trial Membership because like me, they are just certain you will love their online offering of fully nekkid talented ladies delivering the days news and sports and entertainment goings-on. It really is the single best way to keep in touch with your world. And some other delicate matters. Check them out. Have fun. Live a little. Go on. Enjoy.

Naked News Is Full Frontal at the Movies With a Free 7-Day Trial!



The only thing better than free is nekkid women. Let’s face it. The odds of those two both happening at the same time, well… today, one-hundred percent. To celebrate the vernal equinox, whatever that is, our friends at Naked News are offering a 7-Day Free Trial to Naked News to try out their super fine content service, second only perhaps to NFL football, if it were played by hot nekkid girls as well.

Watch the Naked News Movie Report for Free (Warning, NSFW, So, Yeah, Hot)

What will you see on Naked News. Well, lovely lasses such as Madison full frontal unclad and delivering the day’s latest entertainment news and movie reports for one. I don’t know where you get your movie news from, but if it’s not a wicked hot nekkid young woman, you need to ask yourself an important question, why the heck not?

All the news that’s fit to fap. You really must check out Naked News. It’s Free for One Week, don’t you know. Enjoy.

Eila Adams Strips To Full Frontal Goodness for the Naked News Entertainment Report (And a $4 Offer from Naked News!)



Click to See the Free NSFW Entertainment Report from Eila Adams

It’s time. For the Naked News Entertainment report. Wherein blonde hottie Eila Adams brings you all the latest breaking news in the world of entertainment and does so while stripping out of her own clothes right down to nothing. It’s like Inside Edition meets Entertainment Tonight finally meets something finally worth watching. You can get your entertainment news from any number of course, why not choose the sexy naked woman?

As a special to the world, the wicked girls at Naked News are offering a membership to their daily unclothed content offering for just $4 a month. That’s insanely low and something I’ve pushed for them to do once I was dressed myself and able to talk on the phone. I’m weird about that. You should feel weird too if you’re not plunking down a measly four bucks a month to see Eila and all her sweet curvy cohorts taking off their clothes everyday to bring you the news. It is the best thing money can buy for four bucks a month. I only pimp the things I love. Enjoy.

$4 a month, biyatches. It will never be less. Not until Brian Williams reads the Naked News. You don’t need that.

Whitney St. John With Your Naked News Entertainment Report and a Christmas Offer (VIDEO)



Have you ever thought to yourself, boy, I wonder what life would be like if I could get all my news and entertainment reporting from the likes of hot blondes like Whitney St. John removing their clothes while they tell me all the latest celebrity gossip? I used to think about that a lot. Now I just live it with my own Naked News subscription, one you need to get this Christmas for yourself and anybody you call ‘dude’ for the incredibly low price of FREE for 7 Days. Why, yes, that is an affordable price. It’s not much more after the trial period, worth every prurient penny.

In this week’s Entertainment report, Whitney shares with us news including, and most importantly, the existence of a lesbionic Kendra Wilkinson sex tape. Could it be true? Let us wish upon a star and or ogle Whitney’s bare nekkid body while reporting the story. It’s time the news got sexy. Enjoy.

Did I mention Naked News free for 7 Days? You really owe it to yourself and that thing dangling between your legs, no, that other thing, to take a tour.

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Naked News $4 Cyber Week Special! This Is Christmas Gone Nekkid Wild



You know I’m a big fan of getting my news from the hot stripping girls of Naked News. I can quite assure you if you step away from the depressing TV news and switch to girls like hot ginger Angie Heyward delivering the days entertainment, sports, and current affairs while baring her stellar body, you will smile approximately ten times harder than before.

For CyberWeek before Christmas, the good folks at Naked News have a once in a I’ve never heard before special offer:

Only $4/month for an annual pass to Naked News!

Don’t just buy it for every single person you know for Christmas this year, buy it for yourself. Make the whole world brighter.

Birds will chirp, that taco you shouldn’t have eaten last night at 3am won’t burn so bad, and life will generally be more pleasant. Also, your boners will be 29% more potent, though the FDA precludes me from calling that a fact. Do this now. You can thank me later at the after-party. Enjoy.