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Eila Adams Nekkid SkyDiving for the Naked News (VIDEO)


There's almost nothing the girls of Naked News won't do to cover a story. I should add, nothing they won't do to cover a story while in the complete buff. Naked News anchor Eila Adams takes on the task of skydiving while completely naked, which I'm quite certain is one of the few possible things that could get me to jump out of a perfectly good airplane. Chasing after a naked woman plummeting before me.

Check out the Eila Adams Naked Skydiving Video (NSFW) for your action sports fill of the day. And be sure to get an Ego discounted Naked News $6 monthly membership because it's one of the very best things out there on the web. I mean, if you like to see girls report the news in the nude, and also skydive, bowl, Pilates, fish, swim, play soccer, and other fun things in the raw. Enjoy.

Whitney St. John Strips Naked to Report the Naked Entertainment News


If I've said it once, I've said it seven times now, you really can't find a better way to spend six bucks a month to get your news naked from hotties than by becoming a member of Naked News. Sure, you can watch Katie Couric with all her clothes on, if that's your thing. Or you can watch the likes of Whitney St. John delivering her entertainment reports whilst stripping out of her confining wardrobe. Everything is better with nekkid hot women involved. I dare you to name something that isn't.

Check out Whitney's Naked News report video and get all your entertainment and celebrity news needs while staring at the hostess' lady nest. It's win win. I'm sure there's a third win in there too if you watch in slow motion. Enjoy.

Naked News Auditions, Yep, They Have Those, Kate Is First Up (VIDEO)


Every job has an interview process. And when the job you're applying for is host on Naked News, well, you're not going to be allowed to wear clothes during your audition. I can't think of many jobs where you legitimately and legally need to see applicants in the full frontal buff. I just know I'd like to be an active part of the hiring process.

Naked News has been kind enough to share their video screen tests for applicant Kate with us to peek into a future potential Naked News anchor. In the future, they have hinted at letting our readers play a role in picking the next TV Naked News anchor. Um, yeah. That would only be an incredible way to waste time at work. Coming soon. For now, check out Kate and see if she has the right Naked stuff. Enjoy.

If you want to use my special backdoor link, no offense backdoor porn stars, you can still get 7 Days of Hot Naked News Girls for the Price of, Um, Nothing.

Naked News Talks Sports Cars, Nekkidly Naturally


Naked News, your one stop shop for news the way guys like to consume news, through the lips of nekkid hot girls, has now branched out into car coverage, sports cars in particular. If you happen to like high performance vehicles and high performance naked news girls like Isabell Rossini, then you really must check out the new edition of Wheelz from Naked News.

If you become a member of Naked News, you will come to see exactly why it's the very best daily source for news on the web for guys and Sapphic leaning women. Also, my mom likes it a lot. She's neither of those two, I don't think. Enjoy.

Naked News Nekkid Take on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (VIDEO)


I was just about to rant about how Internet memes have just about hit the wall when local TV news people start imitating them on set, when along comes the babe-a-licious nekkid betties of Naked News stepping up to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. We already know it's for a wonderful cause. I damn near cried when I saw how much money ALS research had raised through this rather genius video challenge. So consider the Ice Bucket Challenge re-imagined without any clothes on.

See the NSFW version of the Ice Bucket Challenge from Naked News. Oh, go oh, it's for a good cause and you get to see one hot nekkid wet girl. You may alleviate your guilt with a profoundly helpful check. Enjoy.

Naked News Girls Doing NSFW Yoga (And Offering Naked News for Just $6 Per Month!)


If I've told you once, I've told you now four times, you're going to want to add Naked News to your online viewing bookmarks. Not only does it offer the single best source of daily news with sextastic stripping news anchors, but those very same lovelies of Naked News often go out into the field for some playtime fun time lifestyle investigations. We've seen nude aerobics and nude bowling, now it's time for nude yoga. Yes, even yoga can be finally made interesting with the addition of several naked girls next door.

Check Out the Naked News Naked Yoga Video for Free (It's Quite Memorable)

To celebrate going Downward Facing Dog in the buff, the good folks at Naked News are offering Ego Readers an annual subscription to their service for only $6 a month. A $5 sandwich at Subway costs you more than six bucks. It's true. But this is just six bucks, for hours upon hours of happy visual fun times daily. It's an epic bargain if you happen to lust hot nekkid girls just doing their jobs. I'm quite a fan. Enjoy.

(NSFW) Naked News Yoga Video

Angie Heyward Joins Naked News; You Get To See Her On Naked News for One-Week Free!


I know, I'm awesome. I had a cousin who told me that once. Not so remarkable save for it's the only instance of a blood relative ever complimenting me. And that was only after I sent her twenty bucks via Paypal to purchase medical marijuana for her 20-something cataracts. Anyhow, that's besides that point. I am once again completely awesome as I have convinced the good folks at Naked News to give EgoReaders a one-week free viewing period for Naked News since Angie Heyward is now available in the raw hot news giving flesh. I'm not going to call it a must see, even though, yeah, it is.

Holy Cannolis Angie Heyward in her nekkid entertainment news clips!
Double Holy Cannolis Naked News Free For One Week!

For those that don't know, Naked News is a completely legit news organization with daily programs on Hollywood, music, pop culture, and events of the day with hot anchors who get completely naked. It's Entertainment Tonight, except Mary Hart is butt naked. Sure, you can keep watching boring depressing news on TV, or you can watch sexy naked girls delivering the news and occasionally going nude bowling or nude aerobics. That tough choice is up to you, young Padawan. Enjoy.