Muse Magazine

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Artsy Hot for Muse

I feel like I just got done extolling the virtues of very simple photoshoots when along comes Rosie Huntington-Whiteley looking all kinds of stellar Guy Aroch production for Muse magazine in Italy. It’s elaborate, costumed, artsy, and most everything else I find primarily a waste when you have the talents of a very hot woman for the entire day. Yet, it is one very hot woman. And that makes a huge difference.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley took her stab a couple years ago at the whole acting thing, but I think between me, you, and Rosie’s lamppost, we all know that Rosie was made in heaven for one divine purpose — looking ridiculously hot on canvas, or photo paper, or in magazines, or just your imagination as one amazingly good looking Muse. Enjoy.

Candice Swanepoel Wicked Hot Covered Topless For Muse Magazine

While we could stare for hours at the Great White Sharks of South Africa, we could ogle forever the blonde goodness of South Africa’s hottest export, Candice Swanepoel, especially when she’s flashing all sort of celebrity model skin as she does in the summer edition of Muse magazine.

While we will never tire of seeing Candice in her various lingerie and swimsuit pictorials, the chance to see this stunning young woman removing her clothes for more glamorous poses, well, it’s a chance to grow even more fond of Candice, in a way that a man loves his dog, that is, if he really really wanted to have sex with his dog. Enjoy.

Candice Swanepoel Nekkid Pictures Will Help You Find Your Inner Muse, Among Other Destinations

Candice Swanepoel Nekkid Photos for Muse Magazine
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Well, well, well, hello nekkid hot Candice Swanepoel.

The super duper South African model hottie takes to the pages of the upcoming Muse Magazine in a gloriously without clothes Mariano Vivanco photoshoot of her completely nekkid body. Now, perhaps the photos are a bit stylized for our taste, given that our taste is as au natural as possible (okay, maybe a little dripping honey or some whipped cream in places is a classy touch), but, still, we will not look a gift horse in the mouth when that equine is a buck nekkid Candice Swanepoel.

Super hottie, super unclothed. It really is the best. Enjoy.

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Kate Upton Covered Almost Topless Glorious in Muse Magazine

At some point, we’re just going to rename February, Kate Upton Month, because it seems to be the annual phasing of the moon, when Kate Upton puts on her best gravitational pull on the gonadial regions of millions of gentleman oglers. In addition to her big Sports Illustrated cover glory this month, and a bunch of other promotional and pimping type pictorials, the bouncy flouncy hot young blonde strikes a stunning pose in the current edition of Muse magazine, almost presenting us gawkers with a full on view of the Upton supremas.

Close, but no cigar. Which is sad, because I have an idea for that cigar as well. Yep, Kate Upton makes your mind go there. Enjoy.

Izabel Goulart Makes a Strong Case to Be Your Topless Muse

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Somebody once asked me, ‘Hey, dumb-ass, what’s the only thing hotter than a super hot super model?’. Of course, I knew rhe answer, so I told my mom, ‘Duh. A super hot super model super nekkid.’

Izabel Goulart should not be flying below anybody’s sexy celebrity radar; she’s made a big imprint on the sextastic world through both her Victoria’s Secret showcases, and gracing the pages of so many magazines of late, not the least of which is Muse magazine, where the Brazilian hottie flashes her topless naughties for the benefit of all men with the foresight to pick up a woman’s magazine.

Such a killer hot body, it’s almost criminal. Enjoy.