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Emily Browning Full-Frontal Nekkid In Her Daring New Movie


Emily Browning is not what you'd call a shy actress. The relatively young Australian actress has previously bared her wares in multiple films, and again here in this sneak peek of the recently released indie, Summer in February.

Everybody seems to be in period British costumes and quite overwrought about events in this film, but Emily takes time out of the hectic emoting to stand before a mirror and strip herself completely bare. You won't see this kind of work from many American actresses, which is why we must stand as best we can and applaud Emily's fine thespianic cajones. Not that you can see them in this particular scene, but you can see everything else. Good on you, Emily. Keep up the fine traditions of theater without fear, just fur. Enjoy.

Margot Robbie Topless Epic Hotness in The Wolf of Wall Street


If you don't know who Margot Robbie is yet, besides hearing her name in Will Smith scandal rumors, then you're about to never forget her name. The young Aussie soap star is now making her way into American television and movies, most notably as the sexual conquest of Leo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street, getting press for, if nothing else, being a hard-R rated sex and drugs and F-word romp. Read that as, my kind of film.

Margot appears topless or in lingerie or bathing suits or various showy wardrobe throughout the film. Of course, topless is where we most lust her true faptastic Dow Under talents. We admire any legit actress who takes her clothes off for her art; if she happens to be as ridiculously hot as Margot Robbie, we don't just admire, we carefully cover our midsections and stand in ovation. Margot Robbie, you will not soon (never) be forgotten. Enjoy.

Elizabeth Olsen Topless Sex Scene in Oldboy


I guess Spike Lee's remake of the instant cult foreign classic Oldboy didn't do so well at the box office last month. Maybe a little to obscure or dark or weird or just too much Josh Brolin for the casual moviegoers. However, those that did not partake of the sinisterly odd film completely missed out on the topless delights of Elizabeth Olsen, the hottest of the Olsen offspring.

Elizabeth has shown in the past she's not afraid to get real with her thespianic work, as in really topless, when the part calls for it, naturally. And, naturally and blessedly it did in her making of the sexy scene with Josh Brolin. Some full, nice peeks at Elizabeth's sweet teats right there on the screen. Well, now on your computer or mobile device screen since technology makes everything better, save for the robots coming to destroy us by 2050. Enjoy.

The Mr. Skin Top 10 Nekkid Onscreen Scenes of the Year Are In (VIDEO)


You know I'm not a big fan of end of the year lists. The mere fact that Miley Cyrus is currently leading the Time Person of the Year online voting says enough about why making lists unless your name is Kris Kringle is something of a fool's errand. Nevertheless, when those lists come along with wicked hot nekkid scenes of our favorite sextastic celebrities, well, then, list away I say.

Our friends at Mr. Skin have come out with their annual Top 10 Nekkid Scenes of the Year, and I must say, it's rather impressive. Hollywood will always be alive so long as there are beautiful actresses baring their wares on screen You can quote me on that.

And, by the way, if you haven't yet picked up your Ego Reader discounted membership to Mr. Skin as a Christmas present for a loved one, asked yourself this, why do you hate Christmas so much? It's the gift guaranteed to be received excitedly, not to mention by used excitedly. Enjoy.

Kate Bosworth Topless in Big Sur (Sneak Peek!)


Thanks to EgoReader 'James' for a sneak peek at the bare boobtastic of Kate Bosworth in the film Big Sur, based on the Jack Kerouac novel.

The film is out today in theaters, but you can spy upon the still rather bodacious looking chest puppies of Kate Bosworth, who we worry at times might be getting a bit too skinny of late. I can't precisely give her a Body Mass Index report merely from staring at her sweet funbags, but I can give her a chestal goodness report. I'm going to say A-OK from where I stand semi-catatonic staring at her honkers. Enjoy.

Amanda Seyfried Topless in ‘Lovelace’! Yes Indeedy Do


Remember when you asked me if Amanda Seyfried would be topless in Lovelace, and I said I had heard that she was but I wasn't really sure because I hadn't seen the movie yet even though my friend Jed Tiwilliger had seen the movie and said she was though Jed still owed me $5 from the last time we went to Subway four months ago and he never paid me back so I didn't believe him to be a trustworthy fellow? Maybe you don't remember. Anyhow, turns out, Jed was right. Oh, was he ever.

The sextasitc Nordic princess drops her top for a full topless frontal reveal in multiple scenes in the porn star bio pic. No real XXX type activities like the real Linda Lovelace, but Amanda flashing her bare Seyfrieds for all the world to see. Well, sometimes I cry when I think about the artistic integrity that went into this decision. I mean, I'm crying on the inside masked by intense feelings of happiness and smiles all over. Enjoy.

Gwyneth Paltrow Booty Cheeks A Sign of a Good Week to Come

Okay, so maybe despite all the new age dieting and yoga-sizing and general social benevolence, the Gwyneth Paltrow body is not what it used to be in the days the actress had no problems taking it all off for the cameras. But... it's still all there, as can be seen in these caps from the film Thanks for Sharing, which I think was made a good long time ago. But is finally getting released in the U.S. this fall, meaning, they're promoting this scene with Gwyneth in black lingerie to get you excited to see the film.

The movie itself is a chronicle of three different sex addicts, though I'm pretty sure Gwyneth is not one of them. I'm talking about in the movie. And I suppose real life, but she does have an empire to run. Still, I'm considering the appearance of Gwyneth in lingerie, blemishes and all, to be the harbinger of a very solid week to come. This week's glass is most definitely half full. Enjoy.