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California 90420: Exclusive Sneak Peek at a Naughty Film Moment (VIDEO)

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I’m going to be pimping the shizz out of the new feature documentary, California 90420, this week leading up to its theatrical release in about sixty theaters this coming Friday 4/20, natch. It’s really kind of super stoney cool and funny and a bit sad and has music I dig and best captures this entire mega-weed thing going on in California and leaking out to the rest of the country. In fact, Oaksterdam University, the weed school featured in the film just got raided by the Feds. Down with the man!

We got an exclusive clip of one of the naughtier bits from the film, but check out the trailer and such and if it’s playing in your area this 4/20 holiday, fade, blaze, toke, smoke, or just drink some herbal tea and go and see this movie. Depending on how it does 4/20 weekend, it will likely go wider to a theater near you, and you, and you.

California 90420 theater listing and showtimes.

MSM Weekly Skinema Roundup Includes Carice Van Houten, Gina Verela, and the Inimitable Ms. Sasha Grey (VIDEO)


The first weekend in March is a notoriously slow new movie weekend, what with the Oscars just concluded and the Spring Break films not yet upon us. Hence the perfect time to dig deep into the DVD and Blu-Ray listings with some of best and most boobtastic new releases provided by our friends at Mr. Skin.

This week’s flesh on flashy digital format forecast includes Carice van Houten topless in Black Butterflies, Gina Verela satanically unclad in The Devil’s Rock, and Sasha Grey flashing what for her is pretty timid amounts of bare chestedness in I Melt With You. Enjoy.

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Miley Cyrus Strips Down to Her Bra In the Likely Only 2-Seconds Watchable of ‘LOL’

Her name is Lol, short for Lola, get it? And if you buy into that gimmick, you might just have a chance at not wanting to gouge your eyes out with a number two lead pencil during viewing of the upcoming Miley Cyrus and Demi Moore coming of age movie, LOL.

However, if you’re lucky, you’ll save the Oedipal optical treatment until after the super brief moment in the locker room where Miley removes her shirt to show off her black bra. Granted, it’s not much, but you know we’re going to share with you, because, we are The Giving Tree of Celebrity Sextastic. Enjoy.

Sara Rue Topless Skinema Wonderment Moments for a Loyal Egotastic! Reader



Somebody in our Egotastic! community has got a serious lust crush on veteran sitcom actress and former Jenny Craig spokes-plumper, Sara Rue, and he wasn’t shy about letting us know his feelings for the curvy ginger actress (we won’t bore you with the details, but there were lots of ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ and other onomatopoeia that would indicate the distinct presence of tingly feelings below).

So, we are obliging said virtual and unnamed stalker with one of the underrated performances by Sara Rue in the under-seen direct-to-vid flick For Christ’s Sake last year where the Rules of Engagement bubbly thespianic shows off her perky pair for a priest. And quite a pair indeed. Enough to turn a man from the cloth to the unclothed, because while we are not full on head-over-loins quite yet for Sara Rue, we are certainly starting to get there. Enjoy.

(Thanks much to ‘James25′ for this original find.)

Elizabeth Olsen Topless Scenes in ‘Martha Marcy May Marlene’ Makes Us Thankful for the Blessed Less Famous Sister (VIDEO)



From darkness into light.

We finalize our giving of thanks on the positive flipside, the undiscovered sextastic talent now discovered, the forgotten sister to the eating-disordered Olsen Twin waifish empire. Elizabeth Olsen, a hottie we’ve been tracking for the past year like NORAD tracks an unmarked blip in threatening airspace. Elizabeth Olsen is not only the more interesting Olsen sister, with her topless and delightful appearance in the indie flick, Martha Marcy May Marlene, she is now the only Olsen sister worth discussing.

Secret treasures. Hidden gems. And lumpless gravy. It’s all part of the magic of Thanksgiving. Enjoy.

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MSM Weekly Theatrical Flesh Roundup Includes Amber Hard, Auretta Gay, Dawn Clark, and Kim Hopkins (VIDEO)


You feel that? That’s the chill of winter coming (except for our good friends who live where the toilet bowls spin counterclockwise) and that means it’s time to put away the toys of summer (like my multi-beer party hat) and pickup the cold weather entertainment options (like my multi-beer party hat and some good movies) with a view into what’s nekkid onscreen this week courtesy of our friends at Mr. Skin and the Mr. Skin Minute.

This week’s almost precisely one-minute of skin-and-sin on film includes Amber Heard in The Rum Diary, Auretta Gay sans top in the classic, Zombie,  and Dawn Clark and Kim Hopkins topless in The Hollywood Knights, out on Blu-Ray. Enjoy.

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EXPLICIT CONTENT WARNING: Emily Browning Sexy Kinky Nekkid in Sleeping Beauty (VIDEO)



Talk about your full kinky monty. One of the most talked about fetishy films in sometime, Sleeping Beauty, has yet to be released, but they’ve either been unable to contain, or are running some major underground promotions (quite common), on some wicked kinky naughty pictures of the petite and sexy Emily Browning in her full birthday suit regalia. The stocked-full-of-nekkid film has Browning starring as some kind of professional girl in the guise of a passed-out sleeping ingenue fulfilling the most naughty delights of perverted older men (hmm, a film I can relate to, finally). I have no idea if this movie will be awesome, or just an awesome letdown, but this hype is most definitely along the libidinal lines that leave me standing at the box office on opening day. Enjoy.

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