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Egotastic! Q&A With Houston Texans Cheerleader Morgan ‘Moe’

A couple weeks ago, I posted this gallery about Houston Texans cheerleader  Morgan ‘Moe,’ who seemed to be one of the most photographed cheerleaders in the NFL, based on my own research of course. That post quickly became the most popular in the modest history of Egotastic! Sports, so naturally I had to reach out to Morgan for an interview.

It was no surprise to find out the Texas born and raised Morgan has always been a football fan and has always had a love for dancing and performing. But she’s more than just a hot cheerleader, you might be surprised to find out she also does solid on-camera analyst work after all the Texans’ home games.

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This Houston Texans Cheerleader Might be the Most Photographed Woman in the NFL

I have the arduous task of looking at hundreds of NFL cheerleader photos each week (rough, I know) because you can’t really talk about the NFL without pictures of cheerleaders. During the seven weeks so far, and during the preseason, every time I’ve looked through the Houston Texans pics, one woman has always seemed to be featured the most. Now this is far from scientific, but after going through them again, I’m almost positive she’s the most photographed one of the bunch.

Thanks to the Houston Texans website’s cheerleader section, I was able to find out that this hottie’s name is Morgan, and she also goes by Moe. Moe is 25 and her hometown is Austin. The website’s not big on details, which is pretty understandable if you really think about it.