Miss Bumbum

Miss Bumbum Finalist Claudia Alende Homages Kim Kardashian Nekkid Shoot

Miss Bumbum Finalist Claudia Alende Recreates Kim Kardashian Nekkid Shoot
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You know you’ve at least partially broken the Internet when you have Brazilian butt contest girls biting your photoshoots. Love it or hate it, the Kim Kardashian Paper Magazine nekkid shoot has made an impression around the globe. Thus we find Claudia Alende of Miss BumBum Brazil contest doing her best to imitate the now infamous set of forward, sideway, and butt-ways views of the lightly to not-dressed at all Kim.

Hmm. I need some time to ponder this one. It’s bizarre, yet mesmerizing. A bit oaky in its aroma. Yes, I think I like it. I’m not suggesting that every Brazilian girl with a large keester try their own version of these shiny bottom poses, but I’m also thinking if that did happen that wouldn’t be such a horrible thing. Is it possible that Kim Kardashian has done something positive for this world? That needs a lot more time to ruminate. Enjoy.


Miss BumBum Competition Uses A and T to Determine a Winner, Hint, It’s You

2014 Miss BumBum Competition Flashes Booty and Boobs in Brazil
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The actual winner was Indianara Carvalho. She’s second from the right in the main image. But I like to think the entire world wins when the round bootied girls of Brazil take to the stage to name the best asstastic in class and throw in some funbag baring exhibition just to add a little spice to the rump roast dish. Oh, sure, some might find a pageant precisely formed to find the finest seat cushioned girl in all twelve villages a bit anachronistic and not up to the dignified levels of the Miss America pageant for example. But then those people haven’t been watching the Miss America pageant recently. Plus, they obviously hate lady butts so I’m not sure we could ever get along.

The Miss BumBum contest is a fine long standing Brazilian tradition. Why not get rid of hula dancers in Hawaii or half-dressed girls on ice during NHL breaks? Perish the thought. Miss BumBum stays, along with the rest of those skin baring elegant traditions. Let us not forsake our roots, or, worse yet, deny hot women the chance to flash their fun bits. A chill just ran up my spine. Enjoy.

Dai Macedo Crowned Asstastic As Your New Miss BumBum Brazil

Why yes, there is a new Miss BumBum Brazil and her name is Dai Macedo. But, more importantly, her bottomside is expansive and glorious. In answer to all the tiny Pilates booties of Tinsel Town, the girls of Sudamericana are once again making the case for junk in the trunk with perhaps the most infamous asstastic contest on the planet, Miss BumBum Brazil.

Dai Macedo is the bum on the right in the photo above. Or the cheeks now fully lasered into your badonkadonk lusting libido. For all gentleman oglers out there who like a little, nay, a whole lot of cushion for the pushing, or just a butt that could knock you into next Tuesday, Ms. Macedo is your gal. When she starts to wagging that beast, you have to decide between fight and flight and the retreat is simply not a manly option. Enjoy.

A Couple Miss BumBum Brazils Gets Topless For Miss Butt Brazil USA Contest in Miami

Miss Butt Brazil Topless in a Bikini on Miami Beach
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You know how fond we are of the Miss BumBum contest down Brazil way, producing a winner of the most asstastic proportions. Well, they decided to export the contest to Miami Beach and declare a Miss BumBum, or Miss Butt Brazil USA. It doesn’t really make much sense, but I guess it’s like just like how we exported Little League to other countries, only this involves major league booty, and a little show and tell topless wonderments from recent Miss BumBum winners Carine Felizardo and Camila Vernaglia.

I’m not sure why the best badonkadonk ladies felt obliged to take off their tops, but, it’s not like I’m going to tell them to control themselves either. You simply can not contain a big-butted Brazilian woman determined to get nekkid. Enjoy.

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Brazilian Miss Bumbum Runner-Up Andressa Urach Strips Topless on Miami Beach

Andressa Urach Bikini Strip Topless in Miami Beach
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You know we can’t get enough of the Brazilian Miss Bumbum awards, certainly including the first runner-up in this year’s competition, Andressa Urach, who became quite well known during this year’s competition not only for her noteworthy badonkadonk, but for strong rumors that she was bumping uglies with the second runner-up in the competition.

While reports of such smoking hot Sapphic butt banging remain unconfirmed (except in our dreams), I can confirm for you today that Andress Urach was most definitely stripping out of her bikini over the weekend in Miami.

Apparently, Miss Urach is not familiar with the social norms of the U.S. and related laws regarding public nudity. And, thank God for that, for Andressa treated us to a full-bodied view of tan-lined curves front and backside that had us demanding a Bumbum recount. Wow, that is all woman. Enjoy.