Hot Milf Kate Hudson Wears A Tank Top And Daisy Dukes

Kate Hudson was spotted going around town in a tank top and a pair of cut-off shorts and boy oh boy is it satisfying. Kate Hudson is so hot I haven’t minded watching the dumb chick flicks she does because at least I get to look at her. Kate is in ridiculously good shape as you can tell by her long toned legs in those tiny shorts. But what I really enjoy is the way her boobage is looking in that tank top. It’s so much cleav that I can’t imagine how it could be cleavier. Kate has got a nice rack and she know it too. I’ve never seen her on the red carpet where she isn’t wearing a low cut top open to her navel. And why shouldn’t she be proud? She should set those puppies free for all the world to enjoy.

That would be the kind thing to do for those poor folks that are boobage deprived at home.


Jennifer Nicole Lee Bikini Asstastic Makes Me Want to Draw a Painting or Write a Poem or Something

It’s really just getting completely out of control. Jennifer Nicole Lee, the BBW turned fitness guru who has consistently worked one particular muscle in our body, continues her reign of motherly bikini  excellence with a public display of asstastic of wet and epic proportions.

Sometimes, I look at Jennifer Nicole Lee’s suntanned moist perfect mom-bottom and I feel millions and millions of years of male evolution rushing toward me like an out of control freight train destined for Hot Ass Town. It’s really just like that.

Hot mom? Check. Tight body? Check. Thong? Check. Sun and water? Check. We are good to go for takeoff. Enjoy.

Did You Thank Your Mom For Christmas? We Thank a Bunch of Hot Celebrity Moms Just in Case

Let’s be real. Moms make the holidays. The food, the presents, the decorations, paddleboarding Uncle Stu who goes off his low-carb diet at the Yuletide. Moms got it going on at Christmas.

And you know our fondness for all things hot mama, MILFtastic, and otherwise passion-inducing ladies who have experienced the miracle of childbirth, and whose gynecological exams we’d like to undertake without aid of medical instrument, or lights for that matter. Well, we figured Christmas time made perfect sense to celebrate sextastic mommies like Heidi Klum, Brooke Burke, Miranda Kerr, and so many other child-bearing hotties who give us the maternal chills all year long.

Check out our list and see if your Ay, Mami! favorite made the mommy cut.