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Candace Bailey Flashes a Healthy Dose of Skin for Men’s Fitness

We will take Candace Bailey hot pictures any way we can, including in the December edition of Men’s Fitness magazine.

On a plane on a train on a boat or with a goat. Candace Bailey revs our fanboy motors and the chance to see her looking fit and healthy just makes us want to get off the couch, stretch, run to the fridge for a beer, sit back down on the couch, and ogle Candace Bailey for a few more couch potato hours. It’s a vicious circle we desperately embrace. Enjoy.

Cintia Dicker Super Ginger Hotness for Men’s Health Pictorial

There’s a special place in heaven for ginger hotties. I like to think it’s right next door to the place for ginger hottie lusters, as that would be perfect, and require less walking for the daily bit of peeping.

Cintia Dicker is one of those special redheads in our ginger pantheon of world class hotties. The Brazilian supermodel just has a way of turning innocent goodness into naughty hotness like so many of her genetically-perfected Sudamericana model peers, the ultimate visual device for driving men incredibly super mad (and or into the cold showers). In her latest optical treasure efforts, Cintia Dicker steams red hot on the pages of Men’s Health magazine, in shiny lycra, some leather, and a whole lots of skin to remind each and every male on this planet the precise point in your body where men’s health truly begins. Enjoy.

Holy Hot Blooded! Sarah Shahi Betters Men’s Health By Way of Improved Vascular Circulation

Talk about getting the old blood to a boil, Sarah Shahi delivers a double-pic delivery of libido blowing proportions in the current edition of Men’s Health magazine that I suppose is intended to either inspire men to exercising greatness, or to make them sink into their comfy chair for an hour long REM-sleep dream about sharing a post-workout sauna with the sextastic Sarah Shahi. Either way I suppose is a benevolent outcome. Talk about a ridiculously hot celeb who delivers a solid dose of awesome in every appearance, Sarah Shahi remains vastly underrated. Enjoy.

QUICK HIT: Christina Hendricks Throws Off One Hot Look for Men’s Health

Yeah, it’s airbrushed, but an idealized view of the lust-inducing Christina Hendricks can definitely hit the spot and/or spots. Such a hottie. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Men’s Health

Odette Yustman Plays Sexy Doctor for Men’s Health Magazine

Okay, I know Odette Yustman got married a year ago now, and she’s going by Odette Annable, but this is Hollywood, so marriages should not be taken as official until they hit at least 24 months, then maybe we’ll update our official names records on the site. We’ve been burned too many times in the past, not that we don’t believe in forever love here at Egotastic!, we just believe that forever is anything from six weeks and upwards. Of course, we also believe that forever love should and must include sending nekkid pictures of yourself on your camera phone to your man, but that’s an entirely different subject.

But, here is something we definitely do believe in — celebrity sextastic. And Odette Yustman, married or not, brings a whole heaping spoonful of hotness to this month’s Men’s Health magazine where the semi-Latina, fully sultry Yustman does a little cosplay, a little body flash, and all around just proves why she is very good for every man’s libido health. Wicked hot. Enjoy.

(Don’t forget to check out Odette Yustman in the movie The Double, opening in limited release at the end of October in the U.S.)

Minka Kelly Puts the Mmm in Men’s Health

(Note: a couple photos from this set originally appeared in Esquire about six months ago. Oh, how sexy celebrity photographs do circle the magazine world several times over.)

We haven’t seen Minka Kelly much recently, what with her busy shooting the new Charlie’s Angels TV show reboot, about which I have very mixed feelings, though my feelings for Minka herself are pretty much summed up in the asstastic poses from the pictorial spread in this month’s Men’s Health magazine, where the 30-year old ‘sexiest woman alive’ puts on a nice show of little tops and little shorts meets super hot body. I’m sure Men’s Health has a more detailed regimen for good fitness, but I say working the ocular nerves with these Minka Kelly pictures for a good ten minutes should be the first step in any well-rounded workout. Enjoy.

Olivia Munn Gets Drilled for Men’s Health Photoshoot (VIDEO)

Remember that hot photo of the super nerdtastic sexy Olivia Munn from the cover of Men’s Health magazine Tech Edition? Of course you do. You probably found some fanboys face down from a combination dehydration and carpal tunnel syndrom in your apartment hallway the morning after. Well, here’s the behind the scenes video of the photoshoot, complete with the hottie Olivia Munn providing the standard fare about not thinking she’s hot. Oh, plus, all kinds of cleavage and bathing suit body amazingness and something she’s doing with a drill that is kind of a reverse of a dream I had about her lately. Enjoy.

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