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One Word Movie Reviews: MEN IN BLACK 3


‘Men in Black 3′ Featurette Offers an Inside Look at Building a Better Alien (VIDEO)

MIB 3 Featurette Building a Better Alien
MIB3 is Alien-tastic!

One thing that has always set Men in Black apart from other supernatural sci-fi movies are its unique, otherworldly, and odd-looking aliens. No sirree, you won’t see any of the aliens featured in the MIB movies anywhere else because there’s only one man in this world who can make them as you see them: Rick Baker.

This newly-released Men in Black 3 featurette casts the spotlight on Rick as he gives the audience a virtual tour of his studio and showcases some of the aliens from all three movies in the MIB franchise. Enjoy! Read more… »

Micaela Schaefer Boobtastic-Asstastic Red Carpet Performance Deserves an Award

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Once again, German model and oft-Hollywood nightclub partier Micaela Schaefer completely pwned another movie premiere red carpet, in this case, Men in Black 3 in Germany, with her hot body on almost entirely full display in a dress that can only be described as ‘designed by the imagination of a dude’.

Micaela Schaefer has lots of very fun curves and twists and parts to ogle, and she does not like to block the good views. Not only do we respect her attitude about exhibitionism, we just sent her a check in the mail, because, let’s face it, respect is one thing, money is another. Make it rain, Micaela! Enjoy.

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Check Out the Newest TV Spot for ‘Men in Black 3′ (VIDEO)

Men in Black 3 TV Spot
Watch the New 'Men in Black 3' TV Spot and Go Back in Time

Time sure does fly fast–forward for all us regular folks, and backward for Agent J in Men in Black 3. The official countdown for the movie’s theatrical release is down to fifteen, so what better way to celebrate than with a new TV spot for the action comedy sci-fi flick that’s been over a decade in the making?


Three New Clips from ‘Men in Black 3′ Now Online (VIDEO)

Men in Black 3 New Clip
Tommy and Will and Aliens and Space Guns

It’s been over a decade since a new MIB movie was released, so it’s safe to say that Men in Black 3 has been a long time coming. Fans will be pleased to know that Agent J (Will Smith) and Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) are picking up right where they left off to do what they do best: rid the world of aliens.

Not only are the dynamic partners back–but they’re also gearing to go back in time.


International Poster for ‘Men in Black 3′ Unveiled

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones return once again as Agent J and Agent K in Men in Black 3 to rid the world of  extraterrestrial aliens and other otherworldly creatures.

The movie’s fourth movie spot just hit the web last week (watch it here) and now the film’s crew is looking to amp things up with the release of the movie’s international poster. Hit the jump to view the poster in its entirety!


Fourth TV Spot from ‘Men in Black 3′ Hits (VIDEO)

Men in Black 3 TV Spot
Watch Video

It’s been a decade since the release of Men in Black 2, so the extreme hype and anticipation for Men in Black 3 is to be expected.

A new TV spot has just been released for the third movie in the franchise which features the world’s most well-known agents, Agent J (Will Smith) and Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones), in action.