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Leven Rambin Drops Some Hungry Heat in Maxim

You know how we often lament that U.S. soap actresses and thespianics in general do not get nekkid at all for magazines, while their counterparts overseas seem to drop their tops like they’re actual grown women who aren’t afraid of being semi-exposed? Yeah, well, we’re still kind of complaining, albeit, soothed by hotness in the form of Leven Rambin, long time teen soap star on All My Children, now moving on to big hype time in the upcoming Hunger Games, who looks all kinds of sextastic in this month’s Maxim, you know, despite the clothes.

We shall never cease our campaign for truth, justice, and getting American girls in a topless way, but for the time being, we can take a brief campaign break to ogle Leven. Enjoy.

Milla Jovovich Hot, Almost Nekkid, and Talking Weed in Maxim Australia

Talk about the perfect stoney girlfriend. Exotic looking hottie thespianic Milla Jovovich almost gets bare, and definitely gets sextastic in this month’s Maxim Australia, flashing her au natural body and getting chatty about her extensive cannabis experiences as a youngster. While we can’t encourage the use of mind altering substances, we can most definitely encourage the leering of body altering views of this passion inducing veteran actress.

Blunts and babes, this is a trend we could fully support. Enjoy.

Maria Del Lujan Telpuk Topless Pictures Need an Airport Pat Down From Yours Truly

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Okay, so if you don’t follow Argentinean politics, you’re probably not super familiar with the name Maria Del Lujan Telpuk, the airport security hottie who just a few years ago uncovered about $800K in cold hard cash in the suitcase of a Hugo Chavez agent intent on altering the Argentinean Presidential elections. With her new found news fame from her big airport bust, Maria did what any TSA type agent would do, she took off her clothes and started posing for men’s magazines. Ah, what a wonderful wonderful world.

In her recent pictorial for Maxim Argentina, Maria shows exactly why she deserves to be far more on the receiving end of a full body cavity search than the giver of one, although I would list myself as ‘completely flexible’ in regard to roles in relation to Maria and I and some late night frisking behavior. Unfasten your seat belts, time for take-off. Enjoy.

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Jennifer Love Hewitt Highlights Her Twin Hewitts in Maxim Spread

Oh, me love Jennifer Love Hewitt in her racktastic pictorial for the current edition of Maxim magazine. Yes, granted, the air brushers back in post-op went to town a bit on tightening the middle sections, still, this is 90% of 100% boobtastic hotness that is Jennifer Love (which ain’t bad for your modern day magazine pics really).

Without Jennifer Love Hewitt’s sweet wholesome flesh puppies in our life, the world would be a less bright, birds would sing a duller song, and our male organs would be a little more flaccid. Hey, I’m just being honest. Enjoy.

Leilani Dowding Outtakes Make Me Intake Several Deep Breaths

You know how much we love outtakes. So when friend of Egotastic! (and by friend, I always mean hot female friend, because I’m still not sure what other friends are for) former Miss Universe contestant Leilani Dowding asked us if we’d like to see a few of her outtakes from her pictorial that ran in Maxim Indonesia (a country not necessarily known for its love of all things hot and female and without clothes), well, we mumbled, ‘Yes, please, ma’am.’

And behold, a mini photoset of Leilani hotness, the kind that makes you dream of warm tropical isles, and the lady that lay in a heap of  post-coital sweat in the bed of your bungalow. I know you’ve had this dream before too, the girls change, but have you noticed the bungalow always looks the same? Damn rattan coffee table. Enjoy.

Yvonne Strahovski Makes You Want to Want Her Again in Maxim

Whoa and most definitely nelly. Yvonne Strahovski is one of those sextastic celebrities that you can somehow forget at times on top hotness lists, until you see her once more in the likes of these smoking body shots in this month’s Maxim Australia, where the Polish-Aussie actress looks into the camera and speaks without words, ‘Oh yeah, you know you want this pretty damn bad’. At least, that’s what I’m hearing as I linger and leer upon her toned physique and classically hot looks.

It may just be time to turn the ‘C’ knob on the shower. Enjoy.

Ally Pinnock Hotness WIll Melt Your Balls of Steel

Another reason to dig overseas television shows is simply some of the names. For instance, Australia’s Balls of Streel practical joke show, which as funny as the name sounds, includes a very serious amount of sextastic courtesy of blonde funny girl Ally Pinnock, who is also featured in this month’s Maxim Australia showing off her noteworthy body. 

We love a girl with a sense of humor here at Egotastic!, and even if we miss most of her jokes because we’re busy ogling her fine body, it’s still nice to know it’s there. Like insurance, or the Valu-U-Pak of beef jerky in the glove compartment. Enjoy.