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Adrianne Palicki Red Hot and Blue Bikini Pictures for Maxim Magazine Pictorial

Well, we saw a whole lotta Minka Kelly cleave today, so why not her Friday Night Lights bitchy blonde high school rival, Adrianne Palicki, the short time Wonder Woman, but always wonderfully hot looking statuesque actress who gets all steamy and sextastic in a bikini for this month's Maxim magazine.

I never quite understood the concept of a 'body that doesn't quit' until I started seeing more bodies and booties and front side buxom madness from the likes of Adrianne Palicki, then I realized it's not the body that doesn't quit, it's us oglers who can't quit looking at the body. Like Sir Edmund Hillary staring at Everest and knowing he just had to climb and make it his bitch. Oh, how I'd love a team of sherpas to guide me up Adrianne Palicki's long lean hot body, at which point, I would make the sherpas leave the room. Egotastic! works his magic in private. Enjoy.

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Erin McNaught Lingerie Pictures in Maxim Australia Are Quite McNaughty

Here's the thing about Australia. Somehow, every super hot girl Down Under seems to be a former Miss Australia, which doesn't seem mathematically possible, yet, who are we to investigate the titles of the sextastic? We don't do resume checks, we do body checks, and Erin McNaught, former Miss Australia and current TV hottie personality, she checks out quite well.

In her new pictorial for Maxim Australia, Erin takes you deep deep into her ridiculously sexy and quite personal outback, displaying a body deserving of some kind of memorialization in marble or silly putty in the least (and, oh, how we'd love to putty her all over). Just delicious. Enjoy.

Coty Alvarez Turns ‘Gran Hermano’ Fame Into En Fuego Topless Pictorial for Maxim


I don't need to get into the background of why Big Brother is so so much better overseas, or why dudes actually watch the show, glued to the tube, to see their nation's hotties barely dressed, or sometimes undressed, trying to win however it is you actually win Big Brother, then awaiting the ultimate prize of seeing those same sextastic reality stars take it all off in the local gentleman's magazines. It's a cultural phenomenon that must be acknowledged as awesome.

And always deserving acknowledgement, the latest and greatest Gran Hermano graduate from the Argentinean edition of the show, Coty Alvarez, who was the super bikini hottie during the season of the show, and has no gracious taken off that bikini, thrown on some sudsy water, and opened herself up to wide-eyed viewing in Maxim Argentina. And she's a keeper. A wet hot booty-full bandonkadonk keeper.

Just imagine a world where reality show stars take their clothes off for the cameras and you have a world where reality shows suddenly become watchable. Enjoy.

Leonela Ahumada Topless in Maxim Argentina (Para Nuestros Amigos En Sudamericana)


Argentina gives us so much pleasure here at Egotastic!, who are we to turn down the simple email request of a few gaucho men camped by the Rio de la Plata, and madly in lust with Argentinean model and grown-up personality Leonela Ahumada, who appears topless, well, everywhere, but most recently in the past month's edition of Maxim Argentina, flashing some 90210-enhanced canisters of pure lust on the pages of the nation's gentleman's magazine.

Now, just so you know, we can't honor all requests made by good-hearted men using their loins for brains, but we can certainly at least empathize. Disfruta.

Malin Akerman Ape-Covered Topless In Maxim Pictorial

We do so dig funny hottie girl Malin Akerman. Something about that deadly combo of a girl who can make you laugh in between non-stop rounds of imagining her nekkid in your bunkbed giggling as you try desperately to find her happy spots.

Okay, so it's mostly my personal dream, but I'm sticking with it so long as Malin Akerman keeps producing new rounds of visual delights, as in her covered topless pictorial for the upcoming edition of Maxim magazine.

Razzle-dazzle and she-damn, Malin is looking super extra fine these days. Enjoy.

Leven Rambin Drops Some Hungry Heat in Maxim

You know how we often lament that U.S. soap actresses and thespianics in general do not get nekkid at all for magazines, while their counterparts overseas seem to drop their tops like they're actual grown women who aren't afraid of being semi-exposed? Yeah, well, we're still kind of complaining, albeit, soothed by hotness in the form of Leven Rambin, long time teen soap star on All My Children, now moving on to big hype time in the upcoming Hunger Games, who looks all kinds of sextastic in this month's Maxim, you know, despite the clothes.

We shall never cease our campaign for truth, justice, and getting American girls in a topless way, but for the time being, we can take a brief campaign break to ogle Leven. Enjoy.

Milla Jovovich Hot, Almost Nekkid, and Talking Weed in Maxim Australia

Talk about the perfect stoney girlfriend. Exotic looking hottie thespianic Milla Jovovich almost gets bare, and definitely gets sextastic in this month's Maxim Australia, flashing her au natural body and getting chatty about her extensive cannabis experiences as a youngster. While we can't encourage the use of mind altering substances, we can most definitely encourage the leering of body altering views of this passion inducing veteran actress.

Blunts and babes, this is a trend we could fully support. Enjoy.