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Coty Alvarez Topless, Flexible, and Bountiful for Maxim and Ta-Ta-Tuesday!

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You know of our lust for all things Big Brother related in Sudamericana, and the appreciation we feel for their super hot contestants who can’t wait to get out of the show house and onto the pages of the local revealing magazines to show you whatever inch of skin wasn’t revealed on the TV show.

We previously showed you delicious and DD-elightful photos of Coty Alvarez from Argentina Maxim, but now some additional photos of tremendous ta-ta-age have appeared with the sextastic Latina in all sorts of bendy, flexy, and downright passion inducing poses that we simply can not ignore, even if we tried. See if you get the same compulsion while ogling. Enjoy.

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Kellie Pickler Salutes the Troops in the Most Generous Way Possible — Sextastic Photos in Maxim

We don’t think or see much of Kellie Pickler. And to be honest, when we think hot blondes, the former American Idol contestant didn’t really ever come to mind.

That is about to all change, thanks to an outstandingly hot set of Kellie Pickler pictures in Maxim magazine’s Salute to the Troops pictorial. An honorable cause and a surprisingly hot and heavy Kellie Pickler, ll combined together in one nice bit of patriotic fireworks of the hotness variety.

We ourselves are quite ready to burst. Enjoy.

Neha Dhupia Sizzles Bollywood Style in Maxim

Somehow there seems to be massive controversy every time a Bollywood starlet poses skin-showing in a magazine. For a country of 900 million people, err, 1 billion, err, updated, 1.27 billion people, which pretty much means nonstop making of the sexy, day and night, rainy season and dry season, they are awfully prudish sounding in public.

Thankfully, nobody stopped beauty queen and actress Neha Dhupia from appearing in Maxim India, because that would have been a tremendous loss for all of us. So wicked and delicious like so many of these Indian actresses. We really do need to investigate further. Make a trek to India and see if we can’t top off that population figure at 1.30 billion by the time we leave town. Enjoy.

Kate Beckinsale + Jessica Biel = Maximium Hottie Sandwich

How could I forget that Total Recall is coming out soon, one month from today, and that now we have the pleasure of seeing the movie’s hottie female co-stars, the inimitable Kate Beckinsale and the luscious be lusty Jessica Biel, both of whom will be featured in some skintight futuristic space get-ups in the film, including the battle scene where we know these two super hotties try to kick the sextastic out of each other.

This month’s Maxim magazine features some stellar promo pics of Kate and Jessica in character for the film, please excuse the Colin Farrell inclusion in some of the pics, he was just woven right the eff in there and we couldn’t get him completely out. Like a protein stain. But do not miss the front side and back side goodness of the MILFtastic Kate Beckinsale and the future MILFtastic Jessica Biel. Enjoy.

Kaley Cuoco Sexy Underthings Drop Some Big Bang Down Under

If you’re a fan of Big Bang Theory, well, that is one matter we need to discuss more fully, but if you’re a super fan of blonde hottie breakout star Kaley Cuoco, no discussion needed.

Let us just leer together in peace at the sextastic minx as she appears in this months Maxim Australia. Granted, these are not brand new photos of Kaley, but they are a fuller set of some recent previous work of the girl we’d all like to school in a little bang theory and highlight her deadly combo of hot body and that ‘come hither’ look that makes you both come and hither without much need for your consent. Just plain old-fashioned hotness. Enjoy.

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Tamara Cassola Topless Sultry Goodness for Even More Big Brother Alumni Cred

Tamara Cassola Exotic Topless Photoshoot in Maxim Argentina
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Tamara Cassola is another one of our Sudamericana Big Brother game show favorites of late, and when we heard she was going to be dropping her drawers, not to mention her top, for her native lands Maxim magazine, well, our own big brother got a little happy tingle.

As we mentioned several times, we would watch the U.S. versions of these same idiotic reality shows if they were filled with boobtastic celebrities who went straight from the exit door of the house down to their nekkid magazine photoshoots. Sadly, they do not. Fortunately, in Argentina, they almost always do. Hence, a whole lot to love about Tamara Cassola! Enjoy.

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Thank God It’s Funbags! Jesica Herenu Drops Some Heavy Duty Heffer Bombs in Maxim


Oh, yeah, it’s late on Friday, but trust you me, it is still most definitely Friday. I know this for two reasons. One, my topless girls dressed as cartoon characters wall calendar tells me so. But, also, the smell of Creme de Menthe from the tech nerd side of the office begins to waft on getaway day. I’m not even sure why the geeks drink that stuff, or if they’re just wearing it, but I can smell it every Friday.

And, on Fridays, kind of like every other day of the week, but with even a bit more gusto, we celebrate all things funbaggery and delicious, this week with the sultry Latina former Big Brother contestant, Jesica Herenuappearing in her native Argentina’s Maxim magazine this month. And, well, looking at Jesica we are now fully-prepared for our weekend. Once we get rid of this Menthe smell. Enjoy.