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Matilde Bonasera Topless for Sudamericana Scandal Sextastica

Matilde Bonasera Topless in Maxim Argentina
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The only thing better than my favorite telenovelas may be the real life celebrity scandals in the Sudamericana heartlands we cover. Not that we don’t have similar type celebrity bedroom scandals in these parts, they just somehow seem more fun when translated from a foreign language.

Enter Matilde Bonasera. Notoriously naughty Argentinean model and TV personality, who depending on who you believe, and how reasonably mediocre my Spanish language skills, may be shacking up with a famous Chilean musician’s underage son. They’ve been spotted on camera making PDAs in public. And while we generally applaud the young men who can score such voluptuous nymphs as Matilde Bonasera, I guess the cradle robbing still has some serious gossip tail down Sudamericana way. Scandalous! Or not. Either way, you now get to see Matilde Bonasera topless in Maxim Argentina, something to consider while searching your feelings. Enjoy.

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Keeley Hazell Covered Topless Pics Only Make Us Sadder to See Her Go (But They’re Still Wicked Effin’ Hot!)

Not exactly when these photos were shot for Maxim magazine, or if shot for Maxim, but these covered topless pictures of the wonderment that is Keeley Hazell is some form of torture submitted by EgoReader ‘Dave D.’ to visually remind us how much we will miss Keeley now that she has officially and finally announced her exit from the modeling stage.

This is perhaps worse than losing your childhood pet to a speeding yet completely silent electric vehicle or the pangs of loss you feel when the last of your weekender 24-pack of Silver Bullets has been tapped out by early Saturday morning, because you can get another dog, they’re all really effin’ cute, and thank the good Lord there is always more beer to be had, but will there ever be another Keeley Hazell?

Elana Gomez Drops a Seriously Sexy Floor Routine for Maxim

Unless you’re a big time follower of women’s gymnastics (you are, aren’t you?) then you may not remember world-class Spanish gymnast Elana Gomez, and her proficiently perfect floor routines about a decade ago in the Olympics and world competitions. She never quite got to the top, but she was noticeably hotter than most of her competitors, and didn’t take long after retiring from athletic competition to move into the fast-paced world of modeling. And we’re ever so glad she did.

Featured in this month’s Maxim Portugal magazine, Elana Gomez drops a serious amount of half-nekkid sextastic that kind of reminds us of the idea we wrote to the IOC about years ago concerning nekkid women’s gymnastics and TV ratings for the uneven bars routines. Let’s just say, they rejected our genius to their own ratings misfortune. Enjoy.

Francisca Miguel Sizzles on a School Bus for Maxim

I don’t know about you, but my memories of the school bus mostly involve a hodgepodge of scenes resembling prison rape montages from Oz. The wheels on the bus might have gone round and round, but what happened to the kids with glasses in the back of the bus, well, that made the babies go wah, wah, wah.

Now, suddenly, the school bus flips 180 into much more pleasant visual recollections, with the help of super hot Latina model Francisca Miguel posing all kinds of sultry and sexy and barely covered for a spread in Maxim Portugal this month. It’s not quite enough to get me considering going back to school, but it is just enough to get me to imagine Francisca on that bus being a very naughty schoolgirl in need of some firm discipline. Enjoy.

Arianny Celeste Hot Soccer Shots Will Kick You Cleavetastically

Arianny Celeste is super hot, no doubt, but she possesses yet another skill, she photographs extremely well.

Whether in photographers from the Viper Room set we shot back in June, or a newly published set of Arianny with boobs and balls soccer set in Maxim Korea, the UFC Ring Girl knows how to put on a show with her ridiculously hot body and those come hither eyes that will have you coming hither until the pain between your limbs becomes overwhelming. Yep, that powerful.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at these pictures and see if the words ‘must have ice pack’ don’t emit from your lips about 30 minutes hence. Enjoy.

Julieta Ponce Nekkid Pictures Reveal Quite Possibly the Nicest Dancer Body on the Planet

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Whoever said dancing isn’t for men totally forgets the ‘hot girls make everything for dudes’ overriding rule; and Julieta Ponce may just be the finest example of this principle.

The Argentinean model made her celebrity bones on Soñando por Bailar, perhaps the hottest dance show on the planet, and quickly moved on to flashing her full body wares in her home country periodicals, such as this truly magnificent spread in Maxim Argentina this past month. Wow, just wow.

The next time your buddies tell you dancing is not for dudes, you give them the big ole asterisk and mention the name Julieta Ponce. Enjoy.

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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Lingerie Pictures Silky Smooth and Oh So Dangerous

These may not be brand new pictures of the highly lust-inducing Britty model and Transformers actress, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, but they are definitely some of the hottest.

For all the things Rosie gets paid to wear, or not wear for that matter, lingerie seems to be her real strength. In the latest edition of Maxim Portugal, Rosie shows exactly why little silky nothing look so everything as they barely hang on to her lean, hot body. It’s a symphony in black and white playing right there on her sextastic female form. And we effin’ love it. Enjoy.