Max Magazine

Bar Paly Swimsuit Pictures Give Us Pain in Our General Gain Regions

Okay, I stretched a bit on that title, but Israeli hottie model Bar Paly now on the silver screen in Pain & Gain, really deserves some more eyeball attention from the gentleman ogling crowd. She is one hot muffin, to use breakfast terms we can all identify.

Featured in this month’s Max magazine in Italy, the world-class model puts on a swimsuit show of heavenly proportions. At least, my definition of heaven. Hot Israeli blondes is a strong start. Enjoy.

Xenia Deli Smoking Hot Photoshoot Takes Hotness to the Max

Moldovan hottie Xenia Deli kicks up the hotness by about four thousand degrees Kelvin in her latest photoshoot for Max magazine, wherein the alluring brunette takes off some clothes, throws out some teasy poses, mixes in a little skin, and produces one stellar set of visuals.

As you know, we’ve previously dubbed Xenia Deli the hottest girl from Moldova (and we are still awaiting all challengers to that title). After leering longingly and special eyeballing this latest photoset, we feel quite confident in our assertion. Enjoy.

Charlize Theron Nipple Pokes Are Quite Extraordinary

We’ve always had a major crush on Charlize Theron, who hasn’t? But now it seems that Charlize has a major crush on somebody herself, because whoever she’s thinking about in her photos in Max magazine has got her headlights straining something fierce.

As members in good standing of Nipple Lovers Anonymous (NLA), we’re already prone to play happy peek-a-boo with the pointy ends of our favorite celebrity funbags, but when they get to be all swollen and strained, well, heck, all the NLA members end up hosting their own private meetings in the bathroom. That’s just how we roll. Full beams away. Thank you, Charlize. Enjoy.

Elisabetta Canalis Flashes Her Boot (And Other Fine Bits) for Italy’s Max Magazine

Former Clooney model girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis has hardly shrunk into the woods since her split from the noted cocksman, in fact, she’s kind of been everywhere, flashing her model body and Latin good looks. We applaud such rebounding technique, though it is time for some fully nekkid raunchy pics, if I’m giving relationship advice.

In the latest edition of Max magazine from her home country, Elisabetta gets all kinds of artsy racy for the photogs, producing some high-brow, but ultimately low and tingle inducing photos of her wicked hot body. We could do without some of the production value, but if you get past all the girlie stuff, just pure hotness. Enjoy.