Mariano Vivanco

Stella Maxwell Nekkid Topless Beach Preening for Stylish Film Short (VIDEO)

Stella Maxwell Topless in Mariano Vivanco Short Film 'La Playita'
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Maybe it’s just me, but I dig hot young blonde trending models when they start prancing around the beach nekkid in some stylized mini-movie. They really need to make more of these kinds of short films by celebrity photographer Mariano Vivanco who captures the pure beauty of Irish-Belgian model Stella Maxwell in her various stages of dressed and undressed ingenue status. Monochromatic makes everything artistic; hot blessed funbags on a world caliber model makes everything that much better.

Stella Maxwell has a very bright future indeed. Her willingness, nay, excitement, to participate in flesh-filled dreamscapes of the digital kind make my mouth water with anticipation. Maybe that’s not my mouth. Somebody lay down the plastic sheets, the boiler is about to go. Oh, Stella. Stella! Just so damn alluring. Enjoy.

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Anne Vyalitsyna Topless Unclothed Goodness in Mariano Vivanco Shoot (VIDEO)

Anne Vyalitsyna Topless in Mariano Vivanco Short Film
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I’m not sure how I missed this personal project photoshoot the first time around, but it looks to be about a year ago that famed celebrity skin photographer Mariano Vivanco got Anne Vyalitsyna to take off all her clothes and hit the beach to pose-off for his cameras. Yes, he threw in a couple dudes for no good reason (so please, watch the video with some man-sight caution), but he managed to capture the natural beauty of this newly single (I might add) supermodel just posing and preening in her bare nekkid body at the beach.

Anne V. has serious innate talent. Talents. I can’t stop looking at them. What a fortunate day indeed. Enjoy.

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Sara Sampaio Topless Beach Pictorial Is Brief But Stunning Hot

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You know I believe that Sara Sampaio is the hottest thing to come out of Portugal since, well, since forever. At least since the Armada days when the Portuguese rules the high seas. Probably longer. This sextastic devil in no dress has captured my affections, if not base lusting desire, like no other, and I’m quite certain these topless photos of her nekkid at the beach are not going to assuage my longings.

As much as a I pray and light candles to see my favorite hotties without their clothes on, when I do, I also feel the nerves of a quarterback before kickoff, wondering how I’ll handle the pressure. Then I realize I’m not really a quarterback, just a man in lust with Sara Sampaio blessed to see her wicked hot body this very day. It’s a much simpler task. And far more fun. Enjoy.