Maria Fowler

Maria Fowler Yellow Cleavetastic Goodies Defy The British Winter

It’s a well known fact that the bodacious racktastic is a heat warming device like none other, capable of keeping one hale and hearty even in the stiffest of London winter breezes. Hence, Maria Fowler out clubbing in London during the dead of the chill felt nothing but the 500 Kelvin degree bombshells she was visually promoting without even trying.

We do love our TOWIE girls. Since we don’t have to watch their silly reality show and merely get to delve into the visual wonderments they provide at home and on European beach vacations, we truly get the best parts. Maria Fowler has more than a couple best parts, but for today, just follow the yellow boob road. Enjoy.

Maria Fowler Barely Covered Topless Glorious Ginger Hotness in Loaded

We first came to know Maria Fowler through her participation in the craptastic The Only Way Is Essex reality show. But we soon came to lust her through her various low cut dresses, panties peeks, and just exhibition of her faptastic ginger topped body. Well, this is what you might call the coup d’grace. Or I would, because I only know three or four things in French and probably spelled that one wrong as it is.

But this pictorial in Loaded magazine of the deliciously curvy Maria Fowler is simply and ridiculously sextastic. Wow. Almost makes me long for the time I used to feel magazines in my hand, in the dark, in my room, with a flashlight, and a lot of impure thoughts. Those were the days, only they didn’t include Maria, yet. Enjoy.

Maria Fowler Flashes Serious Skin in London In One of Our New Favorite Dresses

Though our knowledge on the world of fashion may be as short as our attention span, we do know what looks good on a woman, more so than any of those women’s magazines or talk shows or even other women who use the word ‘cute’ repeatedly to describe their friend’s appearance. And this little turquoise number looked pretty hot on Maria Fowler last night in London.

Though the temps may be frigid, that’s not going to stop one of our TOWIE favorites from flashing her super hot body to the world when out on the town. Hey, you don’t  build a body like that and then wrap it in a winter parka. No, a cleavetastic body hugging dress is more the trick. With a nice hint of the treats beneath as well. Enjoy.

Maria Fowler and Gemma Massey Smack Liverpool in the Face With Cleavage

I’ve got to give it up to Britain. Though the Empire ain’t what it used to be, they continue to dominate the world in mighty hot chesty glamour girls flashing their wares either for the cameras, for their high profile pro athlete boyfriends, or, just us vagabonds for free on the street, as was the case when our be-lusted Maria Fowler and naughty pin-up girl pal Gemma Massey hit the clubs in Liverpool for a night out, to let their puppies feel the brisk evening air.

I can only imagine the glorious fun the girls had adjusting their fun bags ever so perfectly in their revealing dresses before heading out on the town. Man, how I’d like to be a fly lowering my fly on that wall. Just mounds and mounds of delicious flesh pressed and smooshed ever so delightfully into a public showing of all that is decent. All hail the cleavetastic! Enjoy.

Maria Fowler Upskirt Pictures Present a Lacey Peek in Mayfair

We do so dig the bodacious Maria Fowler, former TOWIE, current buxom hottie and reality star, the kind of boobtastic pumpkinhead we lament here in the U.S, but somehow seem so much more interesting when overseas. But between the rack and the body and the big hair and the big everything goodness elsewhere, we can’t help but follow this girl around with our 30-40 vision and wait for moments such as her upskirt outside of Nobu in Mayfair.

Now, the dinner tab at Nobu costs more than my monthly rent (albeit, a 2am run to Arby’s where I order everything on the right side of the menu can also break my bank), so I’m not getting inside the restaurant any time soon, but I’m glad to take the complementary visual dessert courtesy of Maria Fowler’s panties flashing as she bends to get into her cab. Enjoy.

Maria Fowler Barely Packs Her Rack Behind Expensive Sack

We’d be remiss in our prime directive if we did not visually cover the round globes of goodness of former TOWIE turned celeb reality boobtastic star, Maria Fowler. Wherever she may fly her fleshy flags.

This past week, we caught Maria bringing her melons to market on the way out of ITV studios, where she was creating some type of high-minded content of one form or another. Or, make that two forms. Two glorious orbs of ripe succulence barely contained in a bit of bright blue cloth that we only wish would rip open. Damn you, skilled foreign child seamstresses! Enjoy.

Maria Fowler Big Knocker Sexy Behind the Scenes of Her Calendar Shoot

You know we love our TOWIE party girls, most especially the ginger topped boobtastic ones, including Maria Fowler, who has left the reality show recently for bigger, boobier, pursuits. Like her fairly ridiculously hot 2012 Calendar, which we covered by mid-January in passion sweat and Red Bull, and for which we now get to see the behind the scenes photoshoot for the ‘making of’. What an impressive bit of racktastic business this was.

We can’t really say that Maria Fowler is underrated, I think she’s probably lingering in the minds of millions of gentleman daily, but her amazing body is worthy of frequent shout outs and virtual undressings. Just so very hot. Enjoy.