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Man of Steel: I’ve Got Questions (Have You Got Answers?)

So you well know I disagreed with our generally positive reader reviews for Man of Steel. I had issues with the plot and thematic elements of the film (yeah, I get it already, he’s Jesus). I did like The Avengers, Dark Knight, Iron Man, and a bunch of other DC and Marvel based comics into films. I’m no hater. The thing about Man of Steel that really irked me was when a bunch of stuff happened that made little to no sense. All I really need in sci-fi is somebody to say, ‘Hey, that crazy ass thing that just happened makes sense because…’ and I’m in. But if nonsensical stuff happens without any explanation in movies, then I just feel like everybody involved didn’t give a crap or figured it wasn’t a big deal and everybody would be watching the CGI anyhow. Meh.

I took a few shorthand notes after I left the theater of stuff that happened in the film that left me a bit bewildered. Yeah, some are nitpicky, most probably, but there seemed to be an inordinate number. You should see my list for Prometheus; it was even longer.

If you’ve got answers to these questions, please, let me know…

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Jesinta Campbell Open Top Cleavage Makes Man of Steel Premiere a Sydney Must-See

By now you know I was not a huge fan of the Superman film series reboot. I will not apologize. I mean, if you’re much bigger than me and angry and in my face I will, but in general, I stand by my assessment. However, this does not mean I shall shirk on my responsibility to bring you all the hotties from the premiere catwalks for the film around the globe. Including Former Miss Australia, Jesinta Campbell, who attended the Sydney opening of Man of Steel in a rather revealing top, revealing ample amounts of her blessed pageant winners.

Now, bringing out exhibitionist hotties to your film premieres won’t change my opinion of your underlying movie, but it will certainly make me respect you as a showman, err, show-woman, err, show-person. In this manner, everybody wins. Enjoy.

‘Man of Steel’ Hurt General Zod Feelings

why you no like old zod no more?

Did you ever wonder what it feels like for an actor when studio bigwigs decide to do a reboot that involves re-imagining their iconic roles?

Yeah, I bet it stings. Actually, I know for a fact it stings, because the actors themselves have said so. When Christopher Nolan remade the Joker, Jack Nicholson let it be known that he was annoyed that they didn’t ask his advice. And now Terrance Stamp, the original General Zod in the Superman of Richard Donner, has voiced his unhappiness with that character’s reboot in Man of Steel.

Oh, he wasn’t really mad about the whole thing per se. He was just sad that his own work wasn’t considered timeless and untouchable.

Here’s what he had to say to Entertainment Weekly Radio:

When I heard they were remaking it…I was kind of sad in a way, because it was the benchmark for all of these comic book movies. There’s never been anything quite as good as those Dick Donner movies. And since then, big movies have become computer generated. They’ve become unemotional, and so I was sad. I thought it would be diluted, in other words. And that it would be a personal dilution because it was such an incredible moment for me…to come back and play my first comic book villain.

Awe, Terry, I feel for you, buddy. But don’t take it personally. Hollywood studio execs would (and probably do) sell out their own families to make a buck. It doesn’t reflect poorly on you.

‘Man of Steel’ Made Over Ten Cajillion Dollars at the Box Office this Weekend

how much money did you make this weekend?

Well, Man of Steel may have disappointed some critics, but it certainly didn’t disappoint the execs over at Warner Brothers this weekend. The film raked in a whopping $116.6 million in the U.S. from Friday to Sunday, plus another $12 million from those Thursday night Walmart screenings and another $71.6 million internationally, bringing the total international figure up to a cool $200 million. Which is a lot.

But lets forget about the poor foreigners who were too busy doing poor foreign people stuff to see this movie for a minute and just look at the domestic numbers. Just how huge was that $116.6 million weekend opening? Well, it was the best June opening of all time. And if you combined the box office proceeds from every other movie in the top 40 this weekend—from #2 This is the End to #40 We Steal Secrets—that comes out to just over $83 million. So Man of Steel made 39% more money at the box office than every other movie combined.

Kind of makes you think these studio fat cats might be on to something with this whole “superhero” craze, doesn’t it?

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Man of Steel’s Maniliest and Steeliest Moments

In case you’ve been living in the Phantom Zone, there’s a new Superman movie out today. Man of Steel? You guys have heard of that one, right?

Because we’re Superman superfans, we’ve been thinking long and hard about ways to honor the last son of Krypton and we came up with the perfect solution that no one else anywhere will think of — with a photo gallery, of course.

Supes can be somewhat of  a polarizing figure. For all the people who love him, there are just as many nerds who tend to brush him off as boring and banal. At least in film, we find this to be totally basesless, he’s got some pretty cool and pretty steely moments. Here are ten.

Amy Adams Delivers Cleavetastic Performance at ‘Man of Steel’ Premiere

Going to see Man of Steel today? I can not wait. I’m geeked. For among other reasons, another chance to see the ever-charming (that’s what they call actresses who don’t get nekkid) Amy Adams. She is a treat onscreen, and off. And at the film premiere last night, even got a little wild for her own self, bringing a nice amount of cleavage to the party.

Now, were I Zod, I’d have Amy bow down in quite a bit less, but, in the Amy Adams visual lexicon, a little cleavage rises toward the top of of the pile. For she is but a PG-rated woman living in our very R-rated minds. (Just be thankful I did not include all the things I’d love to do with Amy in my Fortress of Fapitude.) Enjoy.