Mammarial Mondays Posts:

Rhian Sugden Topless Epic Hotness Turns the Bedroom Into a Playroom on a Mammarial Monday


Oh, Rhian Sugden, my fair-haired princess from the Old Country, how I have missed you and your fine female form. The lovely blonde bombshell with the au natural funbags a'plenty has returned in a monumentally wicked topless show in the boudoir, where someday Rhian and I shall giggle the knowing giggle of lovers, especially so since she'll probably have to be rather intoxicated for that event to ever occur in the first place.

On Mondays, we open the week with a glorification and praise of the finest chest puppies to grace the human population of this planet. Rhian Sugden not only deserves praise, she deserves sculptures in front of public fora and athletic venues. Also, maybe one statue for my game room. She is something special. Enjoy.

(For all your Rhian lusting needs, be sure to check out the Rhian Sugden official homepage.)

Hayley-Marie Coppin Blue Jean Topless Babe Makes for a Killer Mammarial Monday


I hope you celebrating your Presidents' Day holiday, by, you know, celebrating the Presidents as we all do on this festive occasion. Granted, some of us have to work through such days so that others may have their god-given right to wood, but whether you be a toiler or a  relaxer today, you can all take in the breadth and boobtastic of our hot friend Hayley-Marie Coppin, who strips out of her casual clothes like just about no other.

On Mondays, we do like to celebrate the brightest in the world of the boobtastic, the ladies who bare their glorious wares such that we may smile all over and thank ourselves for being men, or even better, Sapphic leaning women with a secret lust for sextastic ladies. Hayley-Marie Coppin shimmying out of her blue jeans fills this need rather perfectly. Round peg into round hole, as it were. Hayley, bless you for all that you do. Were it possible, I'd cast my vote for you in the next Presidential election. I still might actually. Enjoy.

(Check out more, much more, of Hayley-Marie Coppin on her official website, Hayley's Secrets.)

Emma K Topless Kinky Hotness With a Riding Crop for Mammarial Monday


I'm a simple man. Give me one ridiculously fine blonde hottie with outstanding chestal treats with a riding crop and some naughty leather chaps and I'm pretty much set on my fantasy fulfillment front for the current moon.

Emma K is truly on lust inducing fine female form with boobtatic delivered straight from the heavens. You give her a kinky mistress edge and I'm about to fall into a heap of melted pieces. Ever so fine to celebrate the best and the most bodacious on a Mammarial Monday back to the grind. Mmm, Emma K, grind. That is the dream. Enjoy.

India Reynolds Topless in Tights for a Very Merry Mammarial Monday


Ah, hot girls in tights. Most definitely on my list of 17,164 approved, condoned, and otherwise delightful fetishes involving sextastic women with ridiculously hot bodies. Those tights on super bodacious India Reynolds, well the perfect accompaniment to perfectly positioned special winter melons. I feel like I might break into song. If only I knew a ditty about a girl with an amazing rack stripping down to just her pink tights in the office place.

On Mondays, we kick off the work week with an absolutely dedication to all that is round and soft and designed to turn frowns into smiles. The righteous chest puppies on India Reynolds makes me want to share a grin with the entire world. Enjoy.

Emma Glover Topless Library Striptease Provides a Sextastic Shhh on Mammarial Monday


As I'm sure you've noticed, I didn't spend a great deal of time in libraries or around books or schools or learning places so much. Had I known outrageously boobtastic women  such as Emma Glover were taking off their clothes in such institutions, I probably would have checked them out more often.

Emma Glover stripping out of her red lingerie in the library just says Christmas to me. Well, presents at least. And while this is the season of giving, not taking, I would like to give Emma Glover's glorious funbags to myself for just one Yuletide evening. I'd like to flock her leaves, if you know what I'm saying. And you probably don't, but I've been waiting almost a full year on that particularly bad pun. Enjoy.

Leah Francis Topless Bikini Striptease Both Breaks and Makes My Mammarial Monday


With just a simple wiggle waggle of her bottomside, bodacious glamour model Leah Francis is able to tear me to emotional pieces then put me back together again only slightly discombobulated such that I believe Leah is actually my girlfriend and for an Early Bird special dinner at The Sizzler she will be mine for the rest of the evening.

On Mondays, we like to celebrate the forthcoming week of super charged funbags, the essence of all that is good and holy in this world. Seeing Leah Francis strip out of her bikini top is certainly a religious experience. I am most definitely feeling the spirit. Enjoy.

India Reynolds Beautiful Bodacious Udderly Wonderfuls on Display for Mammarial Monday


India Reynolds deserves far more attention from the gentleman ogler of the species. If you're not going to give it to her, I'm prepared to make up for the difference. This Britty hot brunette has the  completely package from smile on down to toes, and so much deliciousness in between.

Featured in Nuts magazine, India shows why a simply sextastic woman in a simple little outfit stripping down to simply gorgeous funbags is such a powerful force. A weapon of mass fapitation. And India is no more afraid to use them than we are afraid to stare blankly at her bosom with a catatonic gaze capable of winning any staring contest ever. Enjoy.