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Natasha Poly Black And White and Hot All Over in Latest Edition of Lui


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When Russian born super sextastic model Natasha Poly was declared an official icon by, do you think she went into exhibitionist hiding? Resting on her laurels, no need to share her genetically blessed wonders with the rest of the world? Nay, this woman is not only a professional good looking person, she’s a giver in the truest sense of the word. When’s the last time you made a million men happy? Please, don’t answer that if it’s some lurid answer you know will upset me.

Featured in the latest edition of Lui Magazine, only the best thing to come out of France since wine and fromage, Natasha Poly perfects the alluring topless motif in her colorfully appealing bit of black and white sensual reveals. I’m quite captivated, like the first time I saw the Matterhorn at Disneyland as a child. It looked so incredible, so real. As does Natasha Poly. I’d stand in line for three hours on a hot summer day to wind through her portals while screaming my head off in half glee, half terror. I really ought grow up at some point. Stupendous work, Natasha. Please, don’t ever stop. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Lui Magazine

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Julia Frauche Topless French Classic Blonde Beauty For Lui Magazine

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Fashion model Julia Frauche treats us today to a bare essentials topless look at her fineries in Lui magazine. I believe ‘lui’ is the French word for OMG or something like that, because I feel that acronym coming on nearly every time they feature a high profile fashion model without many clothes on. They certainly do know how to pick them. We certainly know how to blankly stare. It’s a match truly made in hot girl heaven.

Julia Frauche is probably more familiar to the lady set who follow the style and fashion magazines, but now you can store this blonde slender boobtastic lovely in your libido for a rainy day or just a random Tuesday. Mother Nature remains the world’s greatest artist. A fact I’m reminded of nicely each and every time I lay my prurient peeps upon a beauty such as Julia. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Lui Magazine


Veteran Belgian Film Star Marie Gillain Poses Topless For Lui Magazine

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Just shy of her 40th birthday, Belgian actress Marie Gillain figured, what the heck, I’m hot and fit and lovely, why don’t I pose topless for Lui magazine. I just so love when veteran hot women think like that. It’s certainly the right decision.

Marie Gillain has been in a ton of French language films you’ve perhaps never seen because you don’t speak French or watch French films. Or maybe just because it was late and on a channel you weren’t supposed to be on and you’d rather not talk about it. Either way is fine. Take in the luscious spectacle that is Marie Gillain and become a brand new fan. I assume she’d want that. This is kind of monumental. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Lui Magazine

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Laetitia Casta Almost Nekkid and Wicked Sextastic for Lui Magazine

Laetitia Casta, where have you been all my life? Just kidding, I’ve been peeking, leering, and spying on you since forever. And you just keep getting hotter and hotter.

Now at age 36, this French actress and model since her teenaged years just seems to be getting even that much more alluring and passion inducing. As evidence I present this Mario Sorrenti shot pictorial for Lui magazine. If you look up barely covered hottie in the French dictionary, you might just find these photos of Laetitia’s bare bottom and heavenly female form. She is a winner. though I feel like the champ for getting to peek on her near nekkid. The first rule of Egotastic!, never apologize for being human. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Lui Magazine

Alessandra Ambrosio Topless Covered in Lui Magazine for a Little Hint of the MILF Freshness

I do so love my hottie moms. They’re just a special delight in the spectrum of all things female and sextastic. The miracle of the regeneration of the species combined with hot long legs and beautiful funbags. It really is a special kind of tingle when viewing the likes of Alessandra Ambrosio being cheeky and slightly boobtastic in the new edition of Lui magazine. I’m not exactly sure why Alessandra is doing a bit of the modesty thing in this particular pictorial given her non-reluctance to flash her incredibly perfect peaches, but she has the allure and charm and hot body to still make the visual experiences more than compelling.

Hot moms deserve a national day of praise. We have Mother’s Day, but that’s a little vague. I don’t want to think about titillating moms while buying my own moms flowers from the simplest online one-click shopping site available. We need a MILF Day when we say thanks to mommy hotties in little shorts and covered topless photo shoots. I’ll get one of those White House petitions going, see where it lands. The hot moms need our help. I’m on it. Enjoy.

Amanda Wellsh Topless Black and White Shoot For Lui Magazine

Amanda Wellsh Topless Black and White Shoot for Lui Magazine October 2014
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Amanda Wellsh and her fantastic ta-tas were on display in an arty topless black and white shoot for next month’s Lui Magazine. She wore a variety of weird outfits that either lacked a bottom or exposed her boobies. I’m not kidding, y’all, her funbags are a sight to behold. They are perfectly round. Other boobs would get drawn into orbit around Amanda’s boobs because of their perfect sphereness. Yes, I know I just invented that word. But it’s the only way to describe the magnitude of her yum yums. She’s also got a phenomenal booty. The kind of derriere that inspires poets to write butt related sonnets. It too is perfectly round. Amanda is really tall and skinny which gives her an elegant look even when she’s totally nekkid. She’s classy nekkid.

I do so enjoy a sublime pair of knockers. Isn’t that what makes life worth living?

Lais Ribeiro Topless Sultry Automotive Motifs Will Rev Your Engines

Lais Ribeiro Topless Photoshoot in Lui August 2014
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if you happen to like ridiculously hot Brazilian models and sports cars, you’ll find yourself entranced by this Lui Magazine pictorial of the wicked hot Lais Ribeiro doing her hot body thing set against various motor vehicles. In fact, you don’t really have to like cars at all to appreciate the hot stroking action (as it were) of the sultry and alluring Lais Ribeiro and that heavenly sextastic body of hers.

Someday, I’d like to find such a woman topless in the back seat of my economy import. Maybe she could be struck with amnesia or be high on fumes from her recent private jet trip or something. There are so many ways it could happen, short of kidnapping at a Victoria’s Secret fashion show, which is obviously just a Plan D. Enjoy.