Lui Magazine Posts:

Anja Rubik Bares Her Landing Strip in Nekkid Black and White Delight in Lui


Today might just be the day to see so much Euro-model goodness that you move yourself to a Swiss chalet in the Alps merely so you can start getting local editions of the major women's magazines that contain all these great sights. Not that Lui magazine is a re-imagined periodical for the ladies. It's really all male, and Michelle Rodriguez leaning women who love to see some of the finest ladies in the world getting all kinds of undressed on camera.

The latest Lui lovely is Polish fashion model Anja Rubik. We've seen Anja baring her wares for the sake of photographic art in the past, though perhaps never so alluring as in this present spread. I think I'd like to be a photographer's assistant on the European continent, or perhaps just the guy who wipes down the cyclorama after girls like Anja have been rolling around on it naked. It's all about getting those six degrees of separation down to less than two. Enjoy.

Sahara Ray Topless Motorbiking in the Desert Just to Make The Buzzards and Oglers Super Happy


This is precisely why I encourage immigration into this country, specifically targeted to hot Australian surfer girls moving to California. We can't possibly have enough of that.

Sahara Ray and her big wave riding daddy moved to the left coast of the U.S. when she was just a bitty thing, but boy has she grown up something proper under the California sunshine. Now making a name for her own hot self in the world of outdoor natural modeling, Sahara Ray takes us into her world of suntanned sextastic with this Henrik Purienne shot spread for Lui magazine. If you like bikes, or happen to lust wicked hot big haired girls without their clothes on in the desert, you will dig this pictorial. Welcome to Egotastic!, Sahara Ray, linger awhile, clothes optional, naturally. Enjoy.

Kate Moss Topless Teasy Supermodel MILF in Lui


There's one word you can never use to describe Kate Moss -- shy. The 40-year old British supermodel has taken another turn topless in this Terry Richardson shoot for the revised and relaunched French Lui magazine. She looks rather spiffy I must say in these pics in various stages of see-through and undress. Certainly not reserved about her appearance even now as a veteran model mom.

I wish more women were like Kate Moss. Insomuch as I wish more women were half-nekkid on the pages of magazines that I can ogle and peruse quite easily. Not all women, just most. Then we can finally stop having to ask that silly question, I wonder what so-and-so looks like without her top on. Because we'd know. And we'd be a much better people for it. Enjoy.

Josephine Skriver Topless Danish Slender Goodness in Black and White


Danish powerhouse model Josephine Skriver may just be twenty years of age, but she's got the eyes of a woman at least two years older. A hidden maturity behind her slender wicked hot body shown off in black and white on the pages of Lui magazine.

This being a European visual adventure, of course, there had to be a male model involved as well, though we do try to limit your exposure to dude at every turn on these here pages. Not that Josephine isn't naturally probably surrounded by male suitors most of her waking day, a popularity I imagine will hardly dwindle as she now shows off her bare top in these rather stunning photos. Hot topless Danish women have been known to float my boat before. I certainly feel something rising. Enjoy.

Maggie Duran Nekkid Brunette Perfection for Lui


Are you prepared to fall into lust? I don't mean cheap, temporary lust that gentlemen oglers might experience a hundred times a day walking down your city boulevards or spying on girls in the locker room, I mean, deep rooted, intense, painful longing type of lust. I'll take it on faith that your answer is in the affirmative. And, so, meet Maggie Duran. Just one slice of fine female form sextastic. A young model beginning to make waves in photoshoots and, now, in the prurient folds of your libido.

Maggie is featured in her revealing birthday suit on the pages of the French Lui magazine. Her perfect slender body just emoting passion right on down to her neatly trimmed landing strip. It's really quite the visual experience, for which I again caution you about that obsessive lust thing. It will happen. And, then, abandon all hope of every feeling whole again. Enjoy.

(You can catch Maggie twirling outside her modeling agency offices if you really want to complete your Maggie Duran indoctrination.)

My Future Bride Edita Vilkeviciute Topless Sextastic in Lui Magazine


People often ask me in relation to Edita Vilkeviciute how I feel about so many men having serious private thoughts about my future wife. Obviously, I could be the jealous type and go around fighting every man I see sneaking copies of magazine with my future betrothed into his place of private sanctuary. But that all seems like a ton of work. Plus, something I've learned in life, sometimes when you hit people, they hit you back, and that's not nearly as much fun.

So, now, when people pass by and smile and say, 'Hey, I saw your future wife without her clothes in Lui magazine', I just smile and let them know we'll be registered at Buffalo Wild Wings and thank them in advance for their generosity. You'd be surprised how many wings the guilt of men wanking themselves to your future spouse will buy you. By any means necessary. Enjoy.

Eniko Mihalik Hot and Nekkid and Outdoors for Lui


Lui magazine has really stepped up its efforts to bring you your European hotties in the flesh. Literally. And we thank them mightily for their contributions to world peace and lust inducement.

Today's sextastic offering comes in the form of Hungarian model delight Eniko Mihalik, who often graces the pages of many continental fashion magazines, today with quite a bit less fashion covering her hot body. In particular, revealing one very nice and almost entirely unclad lean model body. Tres chic, or something profoundly European like that. I know, I'm a Renaissance man. Enjoy.