L’Officiel Hommes

Thank God It’s Funbags! We Revisit French Hottie Camille Rowe Topless In Her Wacky Fish Film

Camille Rowe Topless by Andre Saraiva for L'Officiel Hommes Paris
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Remember that weirdly French (redundant, yes, I know) pictorial that sweet bodied hottie Camille Rowe did for L’Officiel Hommes magazine, where she was a nekkid fish caught by some Frenchy bearded fisherman and hung up  at the fish market on a hook? Why, of course you do. I mean, all French stuff is artistically arcane and confusing, but that was weird and hot. Nobody forgets weird and hot.

Well, now, thanks to Euro-styling EgoReader ‘Jenault’, we have a look at the full short film that was shot for the magazine’s pictorial, and it’s even more bizarre than the actual photoshoot. Or just really really French. But, either way, it stars stupendeously sextastic Camille Rowe without any clothes on, so you’re bound to ogle. Thank God It’s Funbags!

Check Out the Uncensored Short Film »

Eva Longoria May Have Become Super Annoying, But She’s Still Super Hot

Yeah, I get the letters from you guys about Eva Longoria. I realize that the woman I have declared to be the most eligible bachelorette has become somewhat annoying in recent times, well, long time for some of you detractors, but more recent times for those of us on the ‘Eva Longoria is so hot I don’t care bandwagon’. I’m guessing it has much to do with her becoming a Washington insider, an outspoken partisan politicker, and just generally doing what most people hate celebrities to do — act like they’re informed and knowledgable and their opinion is important. I get that. Trust me.

Still, when I see Eva looking sextastic in her L’Officiel Hommes magazine pictorial from the good people of France this month, well, I want to cut her some slack. I want to say to her, ‘Eva, yes, you can be my girl and constantly beg me for more sexy time, but you’ve got to learn the quiet game just a bit better’. Life is all about reaching compromise. Enjoy.