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Sabine Jemeljanova Topless Hot and Off the Black Lingerie Hook for Loaded

Sabine Jemeljanova Topless and Hot in Loaded Magazine February 2013
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The question I get asked more than any other — don’t you ever get tired of seeing hot nekkid women?

To which I always answer, if you had an amazing steak dinner last night, would you be skipping meals today, or salivating in anticipation og your next amazing steak dinner? Precisely. There is no end to the desires of human beings for hot flesh, and thank goodness for that. The sight of super sextastic celebrity skin just makes us shout out, ‘Show me more!’ We don’t have seven billion bipods running around this planet because there is a lust limit. Nay, passion breeds more passion. That’s why God invented chaffing powder.

All of which leads me to Sabine Jemeljanova, a glamour model we’ve seen on more than one occasion, but a hundred occasions would not even be close to enough. The ridiculously hot bodied brunette exhibits another round of wicked wonderments in Loaded magazine where she quickly moves out of her black lingerie fineries into an even finer state of being, deliciously toples.

Could we ever grow tired of seeing such goodness? I don’t know, could we grow tired of seeing the sunrise in the East or cocktails as the sun sets in the West? Not any time soon. Enjoy.

Danielle Sharp Topless Wonderments Fully Loaded and Downright Draining

Danielle Sharp Topless Sharp Hooters in Loaded Magazine February 2013
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We have had an inkling of a feeling of a tingle ever since the days we laid leering eyes upon Britain’s hottest co-ed, Danielle Sharp. Without ever truly investigating her educational credentials, which would make about as much sense as checking out the academic study habits of a major college football player, we can confidently state how badly we’d like Danielle Sharp to be our study buddy.

Featured in this month’s Loaded magazine, Danielle moves to the top of our academic resource list with sheer body hotness and some funbags that are nothing short of spectacular. Oh, how sloppy will our late night study sessions get? Enjoy.

Staci Noblett Nekkid Hot and Fully Loaded

Staci Noblett Shines in a Nekkid Shoot for Loaded Magazine January 2013
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Now this is what I call a photoshoot. Bring purveyors or prurient interests ourselves, we can’t help but admire the ridiculously hot visuals of Britty hottie Staci Noblett featured in the upcoming edition of Loaded magazine.

The folks at Loaded know how to treat a lady, and how to treat us oglers to some mighty fine views of a woman whose body I could easily spend eternity investigating with nothing but a Fisher-Price Kid Doctors Play Pak,  Dare to dream, my friends. Enjoy.

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Tamara Ecclestone Lingerie Pictures Depict a Sexy Young Heiress Who I Might Just Have to Marry

Look, whether it be for love or money, or, more precisely, the love of money, as much as my pure lust-meter drives me in various sexy celebrity directions, I’ve come to the age as a practical man when I realize that being ‘kept’ may be the preferred method of future existence. And one could be kept my much worse than brunette model heiress Tamara Ecclestone, heiress along with her sister to the Formula One racing fortune, estimated well in excess of one billion dollars.

Featured in this month’s Loaded magazine, the freshly single heiress flashes a killer lingerie body that you’d normally have to pay to see, but since she doesn’t need the dough, I’m assuming beggarly 24×7 kissing up will serve in its place, and I am fully prepared to kiss that ass all the way to the bank, or the bedroom, or both.

Yes, growing up means giving up on childish dreams and building a more pragmatic life model, and I believe mine just might involve winters in the South of France. Enjoy.

Louise Thompson Covered Topless and Made Super Fine in Chelsea

Unless you’re of the British nationality, you’ve probably yet to see the craptastic goodness that is Made in Chelsea, the latest in the limey lines of reality shows about groups of young hot English blokes and birds doing stupid shit half-nekkid for the cameras, like the Jersey Shore, but with proper grammar.

Of course, the reason men watch any of these shows are to see the hot women necessarily cast on these low-comedy clunkers to give them some sense of watchability, and for Made in Chelsea, Louise Thompson is definitely more than watchable.

Louise is cast among the upper-crusty Chelsea denizen as a college student, but her fake resume is less important than her smoking hot brunette looks, which she blessedly puts on near-full display in this month’s Loaded magazine. Louise in her panties and bra, or just hand-bra, reminds us that while our personal success rate with hot rich chicks can be easily rounded down toward zero, it remains ever the dream. Enjoy.

Danica Thrall and Rhian Sugden Make Out Just Like in My Dreams in Sextastic Loaded Photo Spread

Granted, the photos are done to hide us the full beauties of Celebrity Big Brother contestants and sweet hot blonde Britty glamour models Danica Thrall and Rhian Sugden, but once I saw the blindfolds and the the kissing, well, I just had to label this Loaded photoshoot as downright genius.

Let’s be honest, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts when it comes to two ridiculously hot women binding each other in silken ties atop a bed dressed only in lingerie and topless bodies pressed up against one another. In fact, that whole is just plain awesome. Check out Danica and Rhian and see if more than one of these images aren’t ripped straight from your overnight R.E.M. time fantasies. Enjoy.

Holly Henderson Topless Pictures Will WAG Your Attenion

Holly Henderson Topless Photoshoot in Loaded Magazine
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I feel like the WAG moniker is getting a bit tarnished these days as it becomes so easily interchanged with just plain old-fashioned locker room wenches. Wife and Girlfriend should have some meaning beyond just chick who bangs around a lot with professional athletes, not that there’s anything wrong with that, either as a hobby or professionally speaking. Somebody needs to keep the wheels of the sports world greased for the big games. But a WAG? That seems to connote some level of reciprocal admission by the dude in question. Like, ‘yeah, she’s my lady’ level of commitment.

Enter the curious case of Holly Henderson. A woman who seems to be attempting the Kardashian track to British celebrity-dom by way of getting around with pro athletes and working it into a reality show career. A WAG or just something that rhymes with WAG but stars with S-L but we are too gentlemanly to utter aloud. Nevertheless, this by no means does not mean we will not be checking out Holly Henderson in her Confessions of a WAG pictorial in this month’s Loaded magazine. I mean, moral judgements are pretty damn boring, but hot flashing funbags, they’re always in season. And Holly Henderson’s seasonals are reason enough to put her on our radar. Enjoy.

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