Loaded magazine

Sabine Jemeljanova Desperately Hot and Fully Loaded

Sabine Jemeljanova Topless in Loaded Magazine August 2013
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Oh, how I happen to love girls named Sabine with beautiful faces and bodies so hot that you don’t get to that beautiful face for a good long while.

Sabine Jemeljanova has more than wonderful boobtastic, she knows how to use it. From head to toe she is smiling, preening, posing, and adding a little ‘x’ factor to her pictorials that not ever chesty girl out there can do. But in this Loaded magazine spread, wow, I’d score it with more than just one x to mark all the spots I’d like to discover.

Thank you once again, Mother Nature. Your bounty is unlimited. Enjoy.

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India Reynolds Topless Six String and Two Perfect Licks

India Reynolds Topless 'Guitar Hero' Shoot for Loaded Magazine July 2013
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Move over Angus Young, I think I just bumped you from my list of all-time favorite guitar players, quite in favor of the belusted India Reynolds flashing her axe and her twin cans of goodness in this month’s Loaded magazine.

Now, I wouldn’t normally put topless sextastic women playing instruments as my favorite fantasy land motif, but I must say, seeing the smoking hot brunette, few clothes, and her six-string, well, I’m starting to have some rocker chick fantasies like you would not believe. Or, you probably would actually if you’re already here. Enjoy.

Maria Fowler Barely Covered Topless Glorious Ginger Hotness in Loaded

We first came to know Maria Fowler through her participation in the craptastic The Only Way Is Essex reality show. But we soon came to lust her through her various low cut dresses, panties peeks, and just exhibition of her faptastic ginger topped body. Well, this is what you might call the coup d’grace. Or I would, because I only know three or four things in French and probably spelled that one wrong as it is.

But this pictorial in Loaded magazine of the deliciously curvy Maria Fowler is simply and ridiculously sextastic. Wow. Almost makes me long for the time I used to feel magazines in my hand, in the dark, in my room, with a flashlight, and a lot of impure thoughts. Those were the days, only they didn’t include Maria, yet. Enjoy.

Rhian Sugden Channels Sharon Stone, Only, You Know, Hotter

Rhian Sugden Topless in Loaded Magazine June 2013
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To be fair, Sharon Stone was quite the thing in Basic Instinct. Butchy sexy hot, it was all working back then in those many memorable scenes, including the infamous uncrossing of the legs for the lady nest reveal. Wayne Knight was never the same afterward.  If there’s anyone I’d like to see channel those same Basic Instinct looks, well, Rhian Sugden is right at the top of that list.

So agreed our friends at Loaded magazine who put the sextastic blonde up to the challenge of invoking some of those very same happy memories twenty years later. Only, with mammaries included. Rhian’s fine funbags the icing on the callback cake. I’m feeling a little of my own basic instinct welling up now. Enjoy.

Rachel Ward Topless and Fully Lingerie Loaded

Rachel Ward Topless in Lingerie for Loaded Magazine May 2013
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No, not that Rachel Ward, the young hottie in the early 80′s film, Against All Odds. The new young blonde hottie, Rachel Ward, glamour model featured on the cover of the new edition of Loaded magazine.

Now, I love meeting new people. I’m a people person. But really mostly that just applies to incredibly hot women with amazing bodies. And sports heroes. Though I only want to meet the first ones nekkid. So happy day today for the good fortune of saying hello to Rachel Ward. I suspect we’ll be seeing more of her in the near future. Enjoy.

Jessica Davies Topless Hotness for a Rookie With Smoking Hot Potential

Jessica Davies Goes Topless for Loaded Magazine April 2013
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London-based model Jessica Davies won the ogles of many a man before even she decided to take her top off for the cameras toward the end of last year.

The strikingly sextastic blonde turned to the world of glamour model because, well, because that’s how Mother Nature intended it to be for wicked hot women with bodies like Jessica. Everybody has their role to play in this world, and Jessica’s amazing job(s) are on superb display in the current edition of Loaded magazine, where she bends and curves like a long time pro, but she’s just a beginner. We can’t wait to see her when she gets her legs under her, as it were. Enjoy.

(You can read all about Jessica Davies the model on her ModeLondon modeling page.)

Lucy Pinder Topless Pictures Loaded with Religious Iconongraphy

Lucy Pinder Topless in Loaded Magazine April 2013
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We have a mighty mighty thing for Lucy Pinder and her bodily wonderments. We’re even willing to interpret her latest pictorial set in Loaded magazine, where Lucy seems to be caught up in the papal nominating process that is not sweeping the rest of the world.

While we stay away from all things religious on Egotastic!, we do definitely drive right toward all things boobtastic, And, yes, the idea of snogging Lucy Pinder naughtily in the pews of some church, that is appealing. But, mostly, we’d just like to see her portrayal of Eve in the Garden, as we help her lose her innocence. Enjoy.