Sylvie Meis’s Sultry Lingerie Shoot For Hunkemoller-Dessous

Dutch model Sylvie Meis showed off her considerable assets in this hot lingerie shoot for Hunkemoller-Dessous 2014 The Sylvie Collection. You know you’ve made it when they name a line of sexy underpants after you. Sylvie is seriously a sexy person and it is my business to know these things. Her booty is epic, round but pert and tight. Her ta-tas are also a sight to see and they fill out these bras to perfection. My favorite number is a pink and black lace number with a matching garter belt. There is something about a garter belt that gets the old juices flowing. I’m not sure why seeing as it is an outdated item of clothing. But I guess that’s not the point is it? The point is that when someone like Sylvie wears a garter belt it gives men a happy feeling in their bathing suit areas.

It looks like she’s by the London Eye ferris wheel. They should have taken some pictures of her on that spooking the chubby tourists with her partial nudity.

Anastasia Harris Topless in Slinky Lingerie Because That Just Feels Good

Anastasia Harris Topless in Lingerie Photoshoot
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Anastasia Harris just seems like a girl I’d like to see topless every day of the year. I suppose that’s only possible if you’re her boyfriend, so I might just allow myself to take that position if it is offered. I shall wait by my Skype for the call from England.

The sultry brunette glamour model from England really is one of the finer reasons to keep your eyesight healthy. I’d eat a million carrots just to maintain my 20-20 on this ridiculously hot body of Anastasia preening about topless in little silky lingerie. This is the sacrifice I so pledge, Anastasia. If you could just be topless when I get home from work, or you know, home from pretending to look for work, that would be the bees knees. Every great relationship is founded on deals such as these. Enjoy.

Humpday Huzzah! Holly Gibbons White Lingerie Striptease Because It’s Simply Just Beautiful

Holly Gibbons White Lingerie Topless Striptease
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Search the meaning of beauty and you’ll find a million different answers. I don’t recommend it, because it takes away time from Googling more important things like ‘honey covered hineys’ and such, but the point is, everybody has their own definition of beauty. For me, I’ll take the classics. One fine blonde British girl with perky peaches stripping out of white lacy lingerie. Maybe you chose rainbows or the sounds of children laughing on the playground. To each their own. I do not regret Holly Gibbons and her sweet chest peaches in any way shape or kind. Especially that shape or kind bit.

On Wednesdays we celebrate the hump of the week as we do the precious lady lumps that make everyday worth ogling. We don’t need elaborate staging or themes or even anything really other than lights, camera, and all the action of one tantalizing girl with bodacious ta-ta’s peeling back her silky nothings. Ah, beauty. Huzzah!

Kurara Horie Strips Topless in Pink and Black Lingerie

Kurara Horie Strips Topless in Pink and Black Lingerie
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Well, hello Eastern half of the world that we so dramatically and shameless often overlook in our daily exploration of the famous sextastic. Granted, I can only do so much in my few sober hours of the day, especially since the invention of 24×7 televised sports. But the amount of untapped and unrecognized internationally hot local beauties in the Far East, it’s something I think about when scientists say things like we’ve only categorized five percent of the life forms on this planet. The more you dig, the more you find. That’s true of gilled species at 15,000 feet deep and incredibly hot glamour models like Kurara Horie stripping out of lingerie in her bedroom.

Kurara Horie has quickly become one of my personal favorite Japanese gravure models. If I were a teen boy in Japan, she would be all over my walls, that’s literal and figurative at the same time. Just so incredibly alluring by way of one knockout sextastic Asian body. The complete package. I’d study Japanese for seven years just so I could learn how to properly ask her if I might bathe her. I’m committed. Just so hard to resist. Enjoy.
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Rocio Guirao Diaz Hot Blonde Braless Lingerie Pimping

Oh, how I love my Sudamericana lingerie models, with a special node to Argentiean hottie Rocio Guirao Diaz who has been stunning my frontal lobes with visual wonderment for several years now. This fair haired Latina beauty seems to work for just about every lingerie company south of the equator, including Pink Crush, which is a name I just happen to love just by how it sounds.

Rocio has the girl next door quality mixed with the fact that if this girl lived next door to you for real, her boyfriend who dead lifts 600 lbs would probably come by regularly to threaten you for staring at her through the window with binoculars. Thankfully, guys with 30 inch biceps tend not to run super fast. Rocio, you are one sextastic braless babe. You keep on modeling, I’ll keep on watching for free and writing you love letters in Crayola Magenta, the choice of stalkers everywhere. Enjoy.

Lily Aldridge Brunette Brutally Hot Lingerie Catalog Pimping for V.S.

Lily Aldridge really does deserve far more praise as a world class hottie. I’ve loved her since before even reading stories about how she she-banged her new husband from Kings of Leon so frequently and severely, the band had to cancel a month worth of tour dates while he recovered from extreme groin chaffing. That is one helluva resume builder as far a wife and girlfriends go.

Featured in the current edition of the Victoria’s Secret magazine, Lily shows why she’s hardly a slouch when it comes to pimping the bras and panties and other frilly lacy things that you would want to rip off her with your bare teeth within two seconds of having the chance. I’m not sure you can return the merch with your bicuspid marks in them, but you probably won’t care at that point. She’s ever so incredibly sextastic. Well done, Lily. Enjoy.

Xenia Deli Smoking Hot Bodied Revealing Lingerie Photos for New Yorker

Xenia Deli continues to be the hottest Moldovan export in the history of Moldovan exports, an outrageously hot brunette lingerie and swimsuit model with the alluring looks that has historically taken down empires, let alone men’s pants in more happy time private locked area moments.

Featured in this New Yorker lingerie spread, Xenia Deli shows precisely how amazingly sextastic a woman who knows how to pose and preen can be in little bits of silky nothings. That body on Xenia Deli ought to be declared a national treasure of every single nation on this planet. It’s just, damn. Am I a bad person for wanting to use my hands to make sure her thongs aren’t riding her too much? Don’t answer that aloud. Enjoy.