Hayley-Marie Coppin Pink Lingerie Topless Striptease Stuns My Very Prurient Being


How do I love my readers, let me count the ways. Well about twenty of the outlandishly topless goddess Hayley-Marie Coppin stripping out of pink lingerie kind of ways. You may think a sweet keepsake from a relative this Christmas is true affection, I think when you weight it against these visual treats of Hayley’s perfect teats, you’ll see that I might just care for you a little bit more.

This is perhaps my very favorite newest pictorial for Hayley-Marie. The absolutely divine lingerie wearing striptease artist extraordinaire. She looks so at home in the boudoir, as if it’s her lair and I am her prey. I’d ask for her to eat me, but I’ll just quietly whimper and let nature take its course. Oh, my, oh, my, how does this woman keep getting more spectacularly alluring to me. There’s got to be pure magic in those funbags. Enjoy.

(Check out more, much more, of Hayley-Marie Coppin on her official website, Hayley’s Secrets.)

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Nina Agdal Fills Out A Bra And Other Fine Things To Ogle


Nina Agdal sure looks good in lingerie. That’s why she gets the big bucks. (COED)

Rihanna says the twerk ain’t dead. (TMZ)

Blake Lively looks chesty and preggo fabulous on the red carpet. (Huffington Post)

Anna Faris in a bikini makes me hate Chris Pratt. (Drunken Stepfather)

Anna Herrin in lingerie will make your day. (Hollywood Tuna)

Olga Kurylenko shows off her sideboob to make Russell Crowe jealous. (Popoholic)

Norwegian beauty Ida Buer makes my fjord go yawp! (Celebslam)

Gisele Bundchen Models Gisele Intimates Lingerie

Who better to model the shizz out of Gisele Intimates than Gisele Bundchen herself? That’s kind of a rhetorical question as who better to model any lingerie line than Gisele? Naturally, she’s kind of a pricy when it comes to photo shoots and product pimping, so most people simply can’t afford her in their skivvies. But when you own a nice piece of the merch yourself, naturally you’re going to strip down bare and slip into your own bras and panties and slips and look absolutely smoking hot and alluring so every woman (and man like me with a shame closet) will be buying your boudoir wear this Christmas.

Gisele in Gisele Intimates. It seems so simple, but it’s the key to so many complex anatomical feelings. Many of which require the laying down of plastic sheets so as not to ruin the original wood flooring. Always use protection. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: GSI

Candice Swanepoel, Doutzen Kroes, More Angels Bring Lingerie Hottie Heaven at UK Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

And, then it happened. After all the hype and promos and media moments, it was time to unleash the super world class lingerie hotties down the catwalk at the U.K. Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. I can’t show how it compares or not to the U.S. edition, I can only say more more more can never quite be enough when you’re talking about the likes of Candice Swanepoel and the vastly underrated Doutzen Kroes strutting the runway in bras and panties. Granted, the wings and feathers and dramatic flairs are a bit over the top and unnecessarily stagy, but that couldn’t possibly take away from the sheer epic power of a dozen of the world’s most sextastic women in their intimates flashing their absolutely perfect bodies to the world. It’d be like complaining about the color of the craft that landed on the moon. This is the accomplishment.

Next year I do hope Victoria’s Secret takes my suggestion and adds a third major fashion show venue within my very home. I have the runway already nearly assembled and an applause machine to make up for the fact that myself and my elderly neighbor Anton who helped pay for the runway linoleum will be in attendance. C’mon, V.S., this just makes sense. Enjoy.
Photo Credit: Getty Images / / Splash News / GSI

Miranda Kerr Looks Good In A Bra And Other Fine Things To Ogle


Miranda Kerr‘s boobs and thumper make life worth living. (The Superficial)

These outtakes of Jessica Alba as a Sin City 2 stripper are amazing. (COED)

Herminone…err…Emma Watson wears a deep cleav jumpsuit. (Huffington Post)

Taylor Swift surprises Victoria’s Secret fans with her underpants. (TMZ)

Natalie Gall rolls around nekkid on a bed. That is all. (Hollywood Tuna)

Alexandra Daddario in GQ makes me feel funny in my swimsuit area. (Popoholic)

Heidi Klum‘s butt still has it, y’all. (Drunken Stepfather)

Emily Ratajkowski Officially Opens the Christmas Lingerie Season

Christmas Lingerie. Santa, you’ll note that’s the first 45 requests in my lengthy list of asks this Yuletide. Specifically, pay attention please to line item 1 where I ask that Emily Ratajkowski in that lingerie be part of a package request. You give me a lump of coal agains this year St. Nick and I will eat one of your reindeer. That’s not a threat, that’s a promise with a recipe for braised Donder attached.

Emily Ratajkowski working her fine self into little bits of lingerie, as she does for this Yamamay holiday sextastic shoot, well, it’s just a thing of art. The star on the top of my rigid Norwegian spruce, if you speak bad arboreal puns and know what I’m saying. One year for Christmas, I literally got a kick in the ass from dad for the holiday. Santa, I’m not begging, but I am pleading, Emily in a babydoll beneath my lifelike Xmas tree in 2014. You have no idea how big a smile I will make. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Yamamay Lingerie

Miranda Kerr Bra and Panties Pimping Softly, But Stiffly, for Wonderbra

I know now that I was born not to play baseball. It took me six different coaches across several years begging me to find a new interest and a .112 batting average before I finally got the hint. What I was born to do, well, you’re reading it everyday I hope, you loyal above average educated beautiful readers. For Miranda Kerr, I bet the path to getting to be what Mother Nature intended for her was far more simple. Nobody wants to tell a young girl someday you’ll grow up and model skimpy lingerie, but I bet some people were thinking it in tbe backs of their heads. And, voila, Miranda is simply one of the single most sextastic purveyors of bras and panties among the seven billion or so human lifeforms roaming the planet.

Pimping for Wonderbra, Miranda Kerr shows exactly why she gets paid the big bucks to make women want to buy the bras she’s wearing. If I were a woman (c’mon, shooting star, pay off, please) I’d want to look like Miranda Kerr under my clothes, over my clothes, out of my clothes, and most especially during bubble bath with a mirror on the ceiling private fun time. Especially then. Oh, Miranda, it’s not only possible you’ve gotten hotter in the past five years, it’s most certainly true. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: GSI