Lingerie Posts:

Maryna Linchuck Lingerie Pro to the Sextastic Degree

Last week we got to see international supermodel Maryna Linchuk prancing about the beach all candidly in her vacation bikinis, now we get to see her on the job, modeling for Chantelle Lingerie, and putting her hot body to professional pursuits.

I'm not exactly sure where Maryna had her butt sculpted, but certainly a master craftsman's work at its finest. I don't just want to buy the lingerie she's selling, I want to follow all the complicated washing instructions, while she's still in them. Oh, I will damp dry Maryna alright. Then, we shall delight in a gentle spin. Enjoy.

Stephanie Seymour Candidly Caught Trying on Lingerie in Italy

Well if it isn't the world's sweetest mommy trying on lingerie in an Italian boutique. Talk about a sneaky peek of one hot model mother with a penchant for loving her boys like only a mother can. Stephanie Seymour isn't just a veteran hottie, she's a naughty veteran MILF which put her toward the top of any party invite list I'm creating.

Throw in the fact that she still looks incredible in fancy silky lacy things, let alone knowing she's wearing them under her clothes (or perhaps just around the house for the boys), it's almost too much. Or, just perfectly too little. Enjoy.

Sophie Anderton Walks Around Shopping Mall in See-Through Lingerie

British reality show veteran and oft-scandal plagued model Sophie Anderton took up the promotional task of walking around a London area shopping mall in some little black sheer lingerie she was pimping. It's certainly better than a billboard or a press announcement or even a fashion show.

I'm kind of digging this publicity idea. Sure, you could see your favorite sextastic celebrity in hot photos in a catalog, but ogling them in person in thongs and see-through bras strutting around the mall? Heck, you might catch me grabbing a cheese-on-a-stick and a soda and planting myself firmly in a good viewing setup at the food court and make a day of it. I hate malls, but I do so lust hot women in their skivvies. Enjoy.

Sylvie van der Vaart Sextastic in Silky Thigh-Highs for Hunkemöller

This Dutch girl is really starting to grow on me. I'd prefer to reverse that arrangement. Sylvie Van Der Vaart is all kinds of wicked Eurasian hot and showing off again these days and it's making me feel like a young boy in the pool again just discovering that kicking my legs in a certain direction feels much better than it should. Oh, can it.

Featured in the new Hunkemöller lingerie shoot, Sylvie shows that her beauty is more than skin deep, it's sextastic in lace and quite crazy hot in exhibition for the explicit purpose of selling lacy black undies. I can't possibly think of a higher calling. Enjoy.

Bar Refaeli Modeling Her Own Bedroom Undies Is Simply the Best

Would you buy underwear from this woman? Why, yes, I'd buy it right off her back, if only I could. Oh, the floor samples.

Bar Refaeli is simply one of the hottest women in the world. She could sell bricks and I'd buy a Third Little Pig's houseful of them. But the notion that she's pimping her own line of undies, right off her body, well, that's almost too perfect to be true. But it is true. Which is perfect. Just like Bar. I'm babbling because seeing Bar in pink cotton bra and panties has put me into something of a frenzied state. I suppose that is the intention. Enjoy.

Clara Alonso Tasty Lovely Delicious in Lingerie

Clara Alonso isn't just a beautiful woman. She's a very beautiful woman. And a Spanish model who just so happens to be prancing about in her underwear showing off her ridiculously hot body. That's when I become involved. Very involved. Because while this pictorial may just be a crass attempt to sell ladies undergarments, I'm a guy who loves crass attempts at anything that involve girls like Clara Alonso stripping down to their bras and panties.

If wars were fought this way, I'd be a soldier. If this is how you caught fish, I'd be a fisherman. Thankfully, this is just mostly how you sell lingerie, so I don't have to worry so much about getting hurt or smelling like fluke. Te amo, Clara Alonso, I shall see you in my dreams. Enjoy.

Mariluz Bermudez Lingerie Picture South of the Border (and Belt) Smoking Hotness

You know I love my telenovela hotties. And when you start taking the daughter of Miss Costa Rica transplanted to Mexico to be an actress, well, Marliuz Bermudez, I am muy happy to see you in your lingerie.

Unlike our home grown soap operas that feature mostly older actresses in middle aged designer garb, the south of the border fare bases it's bitch slapping television around young sextasticas in not too many clothes. Then those same girls take off even more clothes for local magazines such as H Para Hombres, just to tease the ever living stuffing out of you. I love when my ever living stuffing is teased. A whole lot. Enjoy.