Heidi Klum Launches Her Lingerie Collection In NYC

Teutonic beauty Heidi Klum was looking cleavy and confident at the launch of her new lingerie line. No longer will she be strutting around showing off other people’s underwear, no sir. Now she’s the one holding the garter belt. Heidi was wearing a white sexy suit thing that was cut way low. The result is that you get a nice peek at those legendary funbags. There is some cleav for the ages going on here. I’ve been a big fan of Heidi’s boobage since back in the day when she appeared in the pages of the Victoria’s Secret catalog that would arrive at my house growing up. I always did enjoy looking at those righteous melons. Then later when my wife made me watch Project Runway, I always hoped Heidi would be skimpily dressed. She rarely disappointed.

Maybe she’ll model all of her lingerie herself. That would be epic.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

READER FINDS: Young and Younger Melanie Griffith Topless, Brooklyn Decker Cleavage, Miranda Kerr Bikini Magic, and Much Much More…

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This is the largest Reader Finds gallery ever attempted. I’m not sure why everybody got so particularly generous this week, the Irish ones aren’t even quite drunk yet for St. Paddy’s Day. Let’s just call it a tidal wave of benevolence in regard to crazy hot sextastic skin. The best kind of natural disaster really. Every time I’ve tried to push the envelope on this new platform of ours, it’s broke. But I’m not going to stop trying. Billionaire Barbie didn’t get an STD on her first co-ed mixer. You have to keep trying until you get it right.

This week’s Reader Finds includes (credits coming soonish!). Enjoy.

Jessica Gomes Slinky Black Lingerie and Legs for Days for GQ

Jessica Gomes is no slouch when it comes to the hot and sultry poses. She’s worked her magic for V.S. and SI and several times dancing privately in my REM sleep dreams at night. Where, by the way, I happen to be an excellent tipper. Not so much in real life as I am saving to put my future illegitimate children through college.

Jessica dropped into the black lingerie sandbox for GQ Australia just to remind everybody that they ought not forget about her in their own fantasy moments, because when Jessica gets down and dirty, it’s time to stand up and suggest something a little bit prurient. She really does have that special alluring quality about her that separates the hotties from the must-haves. It’s hard to put into words, but if you had to, it’d probably by the word ‘yum’. So very yum. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: GQ Australia

Charlie Riina Sextastic Curves Spilling Out Of Lingerie

Playmate and card carrying hottie Charlie Riina can barely contain herself in these sexy lingerie pics. And by herself I mean her gargantuan ta-tas. They are spilling out all over the place. It’s not hard to see why as they are quite on the massive side. Mere fabric cannot hold back boobage of that magnitude. Of particular note are the pics where she is wearing nothing but a strategically placed arm. Is there anything that’s a bigger tease than a covered topless shot? I think not, my friends. That’s why we love them so much. But let’s not forget Charlie’s thumper. I find it to be highly smackable, like I really want to smack it in a firm but playful way. But one must resist such urges as that’s how fools get put in jail.

After this post I’m going to look up some more, shall we say risque, pics of Charlie in our archives. I suggest you do the same. You won’t regret it.

Photo Credit: Danny Cana for For Guys Magazine

Candice Swanepoel Lingerie Fantasies Come to Life for Blondie

If you insisted to me that Candice Swanepoel was the hottest woman currently walking this planet upright, I would tell you that I’m not into superlatives, but all the same, I’m not going to argue with your selection. On the off chance I rub the right lamp one day and the genie says you have but one wish, I suppose it might come down to such a selection. Would you be wrong in picking Candice to be your personal lingerie model and body masseuse for the next five to ten years? Just all shades of right.

Featured pimping soft silky underthings in Blondie Magazine, Candice shows why every single publication in the world wants her in their bikinis and boudoir wear preening and posing and making the rest of the world feel like making many babies. Oh, my, she’s one alluring female form. I feel the need to build something spectacular out of wood and feathers and show it off to her in hopes of impressing. Maybe a Rolls-Royce would make more sense. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Blondie Magazine

Elizabeth Ai-Quyen Is A Bad Bunny in Lingerie, Stop Stealing My Dreams!

Have you ever thought to yourself, man, today I’d really love to check out a wicked hot exotic Cannuckian model dressed like a bad bunny. I know, me too. All the time. It’s uncanny. And today it’s fulfilled, finally, thanks to alluring Elizabeth Ai-Quyen, a fast rising model of the sextastic variety who takes on this pictorial rabbit role with great bodily aplomb.

As you know, I grant exponential bonus point for women who indulge my cosplay fantasies. There’s a special place in my heart for cats and bunnies and furry crime fighters who I so badly want to take to my mountain top retreat and make yodel like the Swiss Miss girl when she finally gets her mini marshmallows properly hydrated. Elizabeth, we need to see more of you, much more. I’ll bring the lettuce if you bring the nibbles. Carry on. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Brian Huynh For Yume Magazine


Lisa Edelstein Major Sideboob and Olivia Luccardi Topless In New House Of Cards Headline the Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)

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Okay, this week’s Boob Tube Roundup is short and sweet, just the way I like my coffee. Err, I mean, my ladies. The point is, there wasn’t much in the way of sextastic this past week on the little screen primarily due to scheduled breaks and upcoming premieres of new seasons of some of the bigger shows. But, I did spy with my ogling eye a couple cuts worth peeking in on.

Olivia Luccardi offered up some spectacular dark room but quite visible bare beautiful boobtastic in the opening episode of the third season of House of Cards which just came out on Netflix. Joining Olivia was Lisa Edelstein flashing about as much veteran smooshed sideboob as legally allowed on basic cable. Oh, that we could ever get out of the 19th century here. But, thankfully, we have many options these days to satiate our need for skin speed. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: “Girlfriends’ Guide To Divorce” Bravo/”House Of Cards” Netflix

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