Kat Torres Red Lingerie Sextastic Lace Pimping and Preening for Agua Sales

I guess the 138 water models have moved off the beach today and on location in Hollywood for some lacy lingerie shoots for attempt number five-hundred to push fancy bottled water by way of super hot skin baring models like Kat Torres. I have no idea how it’s working sales wise on product, I’ve never ever seen anyone buying this H20, but I can tell you it continues to work plenty fine in the libido revving of the engines department, with this wickedly hot blonde Kat Torres nearly catching fire in red lace and nearly baring fun parts.

We may never know the real motivations behind all of these pimping bottled water shoots. Ours may not be to question, only to ogle and try not to embarrass ourselves in public settings. I’m fine with that. All the world’s a stage and we have the very best seats in the house. Enjoy.

Nadine Leopold’s Sexy In Lingerie And Other Fine Things To Ogle

Freckly beauty Nadine Leopold shows off her stuff in this lingerie spread. (Hollywood Tuna)

Paris Hilton looking hot at the NRJ DJ Awards. (TMZ)

Julianne Hough is amazing in a white crop top shirt. (Huffington Post)

Heidi Klum covered topless for Sharper Image? Sign me up! (Drunken Stepfather)

Olivia Wilde stuns in a tight black dress at Horrible Bosses 2 premiere. (Popoholic)

Check out the best Victoria’s Secret Christmas commercials. (COED)

Isabel Canete knows how to fill out a bikini. (Celebslam)

Nina Agdal Nipples Airbushed Out, But The Hotness in Lingerie Remains Unstoppable

WWTDD is demanding that people who smudge out nipples on hot models be sent to the electric chair or something. I’m not sure that punishment fits the crime — it needs to be harsher. Who can live with themselves after erasing such a beautiful gift from heaven above? The precious ends of blessed teats on Danish Delight Nina Agdal. Why not just draw a mustache on the Mona Lisa while you’re at it? Actually, that could be… no, never mind.

Featured nipple-less in this still rather steamy see-through lingerie collection from LoveHaus, Nina Agdal shows why even when shopped down to a PG rating, she’s still inimitably passion inducing and pleasure giving. One of the finest looking ladies on the planet in my humble opinion. You start adding back in her fun parts and she is making a play for my number one gal. I hope that’s incentive enough for her to start asking her employers to leave her headlights where they belong. You go, girl. All of you. Enjoy.

Candice Swanepoel Lingerie Sextastic for the Scandalous Collection

I don’t know if I’d ever call my feelings for Candice Swanepoel in skimpy bits of lace to be scandalous. I would definitely call them inappropriate for discussions outside of the psychiatric client-doctor privileged conversations. Oh, how I’d like to munch those panties right off of this South African hottie. See there, I’m saying things aloud again my counselor clearly advised me to keep in my head.

I’m not exactly sure who owns the Scandalous Collection. I do know they’re about to sell a ton of it. There’s no way you can look at these photos and not want to pay for something. It’s how men show their affection and approval. Golf claps or cash, with the latter more heavily utilized when appreciating the female of the species. Candice, my dear, you are so damn hot, I might just cry. Enjoy.

Irina Shayk Slinky Sextastic in Lingerie for DT Spain

You know who’s pretty damn good looking? Irina Shayk. I know, I’m surprise too. While I’ve been deeply in lust with this woman for several years now, it’s only on the occasions where she slinks about in photos in nothing but little bits of lingerie that I realize I’d probably be willing to lead an army of horsebacked riders into hopeless battle to impress Irina for just one night of battlefield tent passion. I can’t really ride a horse, so maybe I’d actually go on three wheel ATV, but I’d require saddle sore recovery efforts by Irina nonetheless. Dare to dream.

Featured in the current edition of DT Spain magazine, the sultry wicked hot and outstandingly sextastic model makes mincemeat of the male libido with her slinky body visual wonderments in just bra and panties. Oh, to find that vision wriggling about on the Ikea throw rug at home one early evening. It beats hair balls from the cat by a good margin. Shayk sextastic! So damn hot. Enjoy.

Sylvie Meis’s Sultry Lingerie Shoot For Hunkemoller-Dessous

Dutch model Sylvie Meis showed off her considerable assets in this hot lingerie shoot for Hunkemoller-Dessous 2014 The Sylvie Collection. You know you’ve made it when they name a line of sexy underpants after you. Sylvie is seriously a sexy person and it is my business to know these things. Her booty is epic, round but pert and tight. Her ta-tas are also a sight to see and they fill out these bras to perfection. My favorite number is a pink and black lace number with a matching garter belt. There is something about a garter belt that gets the old juices flowing. I’m not sure why seeing as it is an outdated item of clothing. But I guess that’s not the point is it? The point is that when someone like Sylvie wears a garter belt it gives men a happy feeling in their bathing suit areas.

It looks like she’s by the London Eye ferris wheel. They should have taken some pictures of her on that spooking the chubby tourists with her partial nudity.

Anastasia Harris Topless in Slinky Lingerie Because That Just Feels Good

Anastasia Harris Topless in Lingerie Photoshoot
Click to See Uncensored

Anastasia Harris just seems like a girl I’d like to see topless every day of the year. I suppose that’s only possible if you’re her boyfriend, so I might just allow myself to take that position if it is offered. I shall wait by my Skype for the call from England.

The sultry brunette glamour model from England really is one of the finer reasons to keep your eyesight healthy. I’d eat a million carrots just to maintain my 20-20 on this ridiculously hot body of Anastasia preening about topless in little silky lingerie. This is the sacrifice I so pledge, Anastasia. If you could just be topless when I get home from work, or you know, home from pretending to look for work, that would be the bees knees. Every great relationship is founded on deals such as these. Enjoy.