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Genevieve Morton Lingerie Body Sextastic on Curvy Display for Cleo

I don't know who Cleo is, but she made a good choice in picking the perfectly curvy body of South African passion inducing model Genevieve Morton to pimp the shizz out of her bras and panties. Oh, my. If Genevieve doesn't have the finest female form for showing off boudoir clothing, I'm not sure who does. Okay, there are several, but Genevieve is right up there with the goddesses of Mt. Lingerie.

Genevieve, I'm sure you get tired after long shooting days in your underwear. I really wish you'd let me help you unwind with a massage. I mean, you massage me. You'll find it does wonders for your nerves, if not mine. Genevieve Morton is going places. With that crazy hot body of hers, she's going to get there fast. Enjoy.

Charlotte McKinney In Sextastic Lingerie for Terry Richardson

The Terry Richardson photography train keeps right on rolling along, with lingerie and swimsuit models like wicked hottie Charlotte McKinney dying to get their clothes off for Uncle Terry's camera. Go figure. The world is a funny place. But there's nothing funny about Charlotte McKinney and her outrageously hot body in skimpy bits of barely covering lingerie in black and white and sextastic all over.

I'm pretty sure it's impossible to take a bad shot of Charlotte McKinney mostly nekkid. I sure would like to try. When my photos come out poorly, I can tell Charlotte it's not her, it's me. Then we'll both have a chuckle and make sweaty passionate love for the next seventeen hours. I'm big into momentum shifts like that. Damn, Charlotte, you are fine. Enjoy.

Anais Pouliout Lingerie Pictures Will Melt Your Freaking Libido

I might be exaggerating a tad. Libidos are actually designed to withstand up to one thousand degree Kelvin temperatures, or what you might experience upon seeing Anais Pouliot and her French model goodness barely clad in this Urban Outfitters lingerie photoshoot. I didn't even know Urban Outfitters sold lingerie. I certainly didn't have it pegged for silk and lace and Frenchy model goodness. Then again, I haven't stepped inside a retail establishment in over ten years time, mostly due to restraining orders.

Like her French colleague Camille Rowe who we saw yesterday in her thongs and bras, Anais brings that spectacular Gallic alluring body intrigue to the pimping of the boudoir wardrobe. I've been chewing on my knuckles for the past ten minutes checking her out. The next step is probably whimpering. She is so hot I want to reach right through the screen and have her tell me she already has a boyfriend and he's a bodybuilder who will beat me up. Ah, that would be nice. Enjoy.

Barbara de Regil Lingerie Shoot for Soho Magazine, Super En Fuego Latina Thespianics

I couldn't possibly get enough of sultry hot Mexican actresses taking off their clothes, or most all of their clothes, for outrageous alluring shoots as this look at Barbara de Regil in her white panties and bras for Soho Magazine Mexico. Now, you may not keep your satellite dish trained South of the border as I do for all the hot raven-haired beauties in film and television, but then you can count on me to bring you the best of those smoking hot Latinas. Like Barbara who makes me want to watch eleven more movies I can barely understand just to see her swishing her sextastic lady form in barely there clothing.

One day, I really must perfect my Spanish language skills and woo many hot young drama queens of Mexico and points South. It's sort of my destiny I suppose, I mean, once I conclude my destiny of watching every single NFL Sunday Ticket game without missing a play on any. I'm like Hercules, I need more than just one great challenge. But when the time comes, Barbra, trust me, I shall be at your doorstep singing canciones on my mandolin and holding up at least seven possible shades of nail polish to do your toes. I know, there's no way she says no. Enjoy.

Farrah Abraham In Lingerie at Her Sex Toy Party

Reality star and "backdoor mom" Farrah Abraham wore a black bustier to her sex toy launch party. The lingerie had cutouts allowing you a view of her enormous ta-tas. There is some sideboob, underboob, as well as lots of cleavage. When you are packing a pair of funbags like Farrah, there is plenty to show off. Farrah was also sporting a g-string which was in full view through the sheer top of her see-through teddy. Say what you want about Farrah, she's got a pretty spectacular booty. In addition, she had on one of my favorite bits of sexy underwear, a garter belt and stockings. It's unbelievable to me that every woman used to wear those back in the day. How did our grandfathers defeat the Nazis with all of those hot chicks in garter belts and stockings walking around?

The sex toys she was promoting are rubber molds of her girly bits that one can make sweet sweet love to. I hear they are dishwasher safe.

Karen Gillan Mini-Undies Pictorial in Esquire is Majorly Hot

Karen Gillan obviously has a massive nerd army fan base from her Dr. Who days. Well, geek boys living in the basement, prepare to meet your maker via excessive fapitation after feasting peeps upon Karen in her bra and panties in some memorable photos in Esquire magazine to promote Karen's role in Guardians of the Galaxy out soon.

Karen is the proverbial ginger cutie next door that you pray doesn't realize she forgot to lower her blinds. Not that I would encourage peeping in private moments, but what happens in the hedges stays in the hedges as far as I'm concerned. Just look at Karen and tell me you're not straining your neck for a sneaky peek. She really has got that magic allure of perhaps not so innocent. Can not wait for Guardians of the Galaxy, or for Karen to decide the bra is too much. Enjoy.

Jodie Gasson Topless Tease In Purple Lingerie


British model and professional naked person Jodie Gasson showed off her luscious ta-tas in some sexy purple lingerie. The extra tight slip showed off all of her glorious curves. It was soon removed to display her big beautiful all-naturals for our viewing pleasure. Call me old fashioned, but I like 'em real and homemade, if you know what I mean. Maybe it's the Latin man in me that appreciates a girl that has a bit of junk in her trunk. Jodie certainly has a nice round booty that is shapely but in no way too big. Jodie is my kind of woman. I like a girl with curves. The times I've been with a curveless too skinny lady in the Biblical sense left me feeling kinda sad.

I'm sure any man who has the pleasure of doing the no-pants dance with Jodie doesn't ever feel unsatisfied. Maybe I'm just projecting here but I think she proficient in the art of doin' it.