Liberty Ross

Liberty Ross Sheer and Braless for Must-See Museum Displays

She may have lost her husband to downtown time on Kristen Stewart, but Liberty Ross is a model first and foremost so she knows about how to divert attention from the personal to the exhibitionist and but quick. Like wearing a sheer top sans bra to a formal red carpet event stocked with flash photography.

The sheer black showoff scheme has been a staple of red carpet winning models and actresses for years now, but Liberty certainly knows how to pull it off. Smile, wave, and pretend that your fabulous funbags aren’t on near perfect display for the Museum Gala, or, you know, the rest of the world. Enjoy.

The Endless Summer of Legs Full Stem Appreciation Gallery

We’ve been talking Summer of Legs and Endless Summer of Legs since the sun went high in the sky back in June and the temps heated up in the Northern Hemisphere; kind of like a revisited love affair with the lower limbs of some of our most sextastic celebrities. Legs truly are the most under-appreciated appendages. But when you imagine all that they can do on a hot woman, both in reality and in your private time fun dreams, it truly is underserved.

Well, nobody puts baby’s slim and sexy legs in the corner when we’re around. Take a look back at some of the finer pairs of celebrity gams we’ve seen sticking out from under short skirts and shorts all this hot summer long. Who would be your choice for top legs? (The real answer will unfold in December during the Hotness Awards). Enjoy.

Liberty Ross Struts Her Fine Self To Show She’s Not Suffering Fools (or Kristen Stewart)

Look, there’s a couple ways you can go when you discover that your director husband has been going down to muffin town on set with middle-finger wagging young actress, Kristen Stewart. You can hit the Oprah circuit and decry the treatment of women-kind at the hands of creatures who can’t keep their stick in their pants (or tongues in their mouth) or you can accept the challenge that no punk-ass artificially embittered cheating heart of a thespianic is going to be out-sexing you in the public eye. Jennifer Aniston went for the former, Liberty Ross seems to be going for the latter. And good for her.

The long legged brunette model cast aside ceaseless pap questions about the status of her marriage to Rupert Sanders, the Snow White and the Huntsman director turned Kristen Stewart carpet muncher and took her long legs in a Beverly Hills strut known to many scandalized ladies before her along shopping and hair-salon row. And she did it with great leg aplomb in some tiny jean shorts and a sheer white tee that let the world know, she’s not being pushed aside by some limited-ability actress with a penchant for other women’s husbands.

Okay, I might be reading into all of this, but those legs are quite inspiring. Enjoy.