La Perla

Alexina Graham Couldn’t Be Any Taller, Redder, or Hotter in Lingerie

She’s tall and lean and long and lusty, Alexina Graham my slender ginger Britty lingerie model hottie featured in the new La Perla Winter 2013 lingerie catalog. Yes, I know you get that delivered to your door as well.

Alexina combines two of my favorite things in life — redheads and women — perfects the combination, then slips into a little something naughty and sheer to complete the package. It is quite the delectable sampler of this particular faptastic fireplug. Enjoy.

Jeisa Chiminazzo Sultry Sextastic Throwback in La Perla Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

We love it when we get to meet a new Brazilian hottie model. It’s like opening a newly discovered door to an exotic world called ‘sextastic’ and exploring all the previously uncatalogued flora and fauna, or, you know, T&A of the most extraordinary variation.

Jeisa Chiminazzo is just such a new delicate flower, a Brazilian beauty and lingerie model, in a quite nice throwback classic look for La Perla lingerie and their Spring/Summer 2013 collection. Kind of takes me back to my living in an old world mansion with a supermodel days. Okay, those days never happened, but I dream that someday it would be my reality. And I can see Jeisa fitting in there quite nicely, dressed just as she is in this memorable photo series. Enjoy.