Kristina Shannon

Kristina and Karissa Shannon Fire off Twin Booty Cannons in Beverly Hills

It’s been a while since we’ve seen the platinum blonde Shannon Twins out and about in the local environs. So leave it to Kristina Shannon and Karissa Shannon to make quite a splash, a big badonkadonk splash, when re-entering the paparazzi universe.

The curvaceous twins were shopping in the fancy shops in Beverly Hills that give me funny looks if I get within fifty feet and bending over seemingly to inspect every item on sale. I’m not exactly sure what made those thumpers of theirs, I’m guessing a combo of Mother Nature and Daddy 90210, but they’re impressive lady humps to say the least. I almost want to dare you not to look, but I’d hate for you to lose so easily. Shannon sisters, I give you an A-plus on new first impressions. Enjoy.

Sapphic Sextastic Alert! Kristina Shannon Presents Her New Hottie Girlfriend With a Dinner-Time Kiss

Maybe we haven’t been paying careful enough attention to Kristina Shannon, as we’ve focused more in the past year on sister Karissa Shannon and her trials and tribulations as her little boyfriend from Smallville got sent to the pokie for possessing a trunkload of Oxy.

So, I guess Kristina Shannon likes chicks. Who knew? Though this does explain why all of our sext messages (with naughty cowboy pics attached, MMS, natch) have gone non-responded to by the hot blonde half of the twin Playboy model duo. To her credit, Kristina came out and made out in public with her new girlfriend, and she’s one hot little piece of carpet munching co-habitation –Ida Ljungqvist, 2009 Playboy Playmate of the Year. Yeah, I know, not too shabby for your Sapphic scissor kissing needs.

Amidst the jealousy, I’m very happy for the happy couple. They better take pictures. Enjoy.