Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell in Lingerie And Jenny Slate Bare Curvy Booty In House Of Lies

I was remiss. Ashamed am I. I’m told by several of you I missed Kristen Bell in lingerie in the House of Lies. The minxy petite blonde hottie MILF twice over who won’t quite bare all even in the bare all shows, but who we lust nonetheless, especially when she’s not in cutesy commercials with her husband. My how that is annoying. But whatever the opposite of annoying is is how I’d describe even a hint of Kristen Bell body in something lacy in this Showtime series.

To add skin-filled fuel to the fire, Jenny Slate provided a healthy does of the bare fully round asstastic to the same episode, so kind of like a little icing on the voyeuristic cake if you will. I do so love premium cable. If only there were a channel with just the good stuff because honestly, I’ve already seen most bad movies from the 80′s and 90′s and I’d just like to see Kristen Bell half-nekkid in a bed 24×7. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: House Of Lies

Kellie Pickler, Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood, Kristen Bell Highlight the Hotness at the CMT Awards

Now, I could swear they just had the country music awards a month or two ago in Vegas. But I’m sure that was a different event than the CMT Awards last night in Nashville that saw an assemblage of hotties that really other musical genres have a difficult time matching.

Carrie Underwood might just be my perfect woman. Kristen Bell could easily be my girlfriend on the side if I let her. I’d have to motorboat Miranda Lambert should we ever cross paths in my Red Roof Inn suite at 4am. Kellie Pickler and I could easily hot tub until our prunes begin to prune. And I’d be happy to give LeAnn Rimes and all over body massage and hear her complain about her husband’s ex-wife. I’m down for it all. Something tawdry and melancholy and prurient and horny. Kind of like country music itself. I nailed that. Enjoy.

Kristen Bell, Nia Long, Minnie Driver, and Jenna Dewan Tatum Nearly Nekkid for Allure

It’s that time again. The May edition of Allure magazine when even the ladies magazine is giving something back to the menfolk with a bundle of individual slightly covered nekkid shots of some of the sweetness names in show-off business. Names you might not expect like Kristen Bell, Minnie Driver, Nia Long, and Jenna Dewan Tatum all looking one slight turn away from revealing their full goodness.

Oh, sure, there’s a little help from the software in these photos, but the poses and the peeks are still ever so sweet, with skintastic views of some fine ladies we’d likely not ever see so bare or at least without a body double in their film work. I do so lust shimmering nekkid hot celebrities. If the shimmer isn’t there, I just apply it in my own mind, like a Photoshop effect. Just wonderful work, Allure, with more to come I am sure. Enjoy.

Kristen Bell Flashes Her Pretty Panties for a Veronica Mars Upskirt Premiere Pose for the Ages

If you’re wondering how to promote your TV show turned into a movie, you could do worse than getting the delicious little blonde Kristen Bell to flash her panties on the red carpet of the premiere party. It’s certain to get people saying, hey, that looks like a great adapted movie there under Kristen Bell’s dress.

The minxy vegan looked rather stellar at the Academy Awards, and looked even better on the red carpet of the Veronica Mars event, including that slit dress that revealed Kristen likes to wear a color coordinated ensemble over and under. I respect color coordination like you would not believe, especially when it’s little bits of fabric blessed enough to be hugging Kristen’s lady nest. Jealous I am, peeking I am. Enjoy.

Kristen Bell Flashes Butt Crack Before Bike Ride in Pink Pants

It’s funny, because just the other day I was thinking to myself, I wonder what the heck that hot Kristen Bell’s buttcrack looks like when flashed in public. (Somebody has to wonder about these things; I mean, it’s a dirty job, but it pays almost a third of my rent.)

Well, lo and behold, or lower and behold, the oft-working blondie TV actress with the hot little body was squatting down to kis a pooch before a bike ride and she want all sextastic plumbers butt on us, and remind us, at least reminded me, exactly where I’m going to be secreting the Medium sauce packs from T-Bell when I take Kristen back to my love shack with nothing but a dozen-chalupa sampler and some very bad intentions.

Oh, heavenly crack! (Now I sound like Whitney a bit). Enjoy.


Kristen Bell Pimping Hot in Vegas

It seems unlikely at this point that we’ll be seeing blonde cutie Kristen Bell showing real skin in her new Showtime series House of Lies. A little bra and panties and a little dirty dancing from time to time, yes, and thank you for that, but no real flashing of the funner parts. That is a shame, though not entirely unexpected.

However, with a new show comes new promotions and a busy publicity schedule, including sending Kristen looking all kinds of innocently alluring to pimp the opening of something or other in Vegas yesterday, The fact that we so dote on Kristen even though she won’t take off her clothes gives you some hint of our underlying feelings of faptastic affection for the actress; so, yeah, any time she’s smiling in a shorter skirt, we’re going to leer and dream. Enjoy.

Kristen Bell Leads List of Hotties Celebrating Premiere of ‘House of Lies’ on Showtime This Weekend

This is a big weekend coming up for us Boob-Tubers. Showtime is premiering seasons of some of our very favorite funbag revealing hottie cable shows, including Shameless, Californication, and the brand spanking new, House of Lies, which held its premiere party last night, showing off Kristen Bell and Dawn Olivieri, stars of the show, as well as Morena Baccarin from Homeland who came to show and show-off her support. 

Consider us truly geeked here to see flesh puppies regularly once more on the small screen. Enjoy.