Jessica Lowndes

Jessica Lowndes Nearly Busts Out Of A White Top In Cannes

It’s not easy to be noticed in Cannes during film festival week. The place is packed with dignitaries and world class hotties as far as the eye can see. Even farther if you bring binoculars as I highly recommend. Jessica Lowndes figured out a way to stand out from the crowd during an evening event in the South of France city. A low cut not quite ample white top for her more than ample bosom which was barely contained therein. It’s not the most subtle of promotions, but who wants subtle when you’re in the world class epicenter of eyeball competition. I give Jessica nothing but credit and my undying lust for going big, or going home.

Jessica Lowndes is one of those sextastic celebrities that seems to be out of the public eye for weeks on end then unexpectedly pops up out of nowhere flashing her glorious body like a fine female form champ. It’s like a boobtastic Jack in the Box surprise. It makes me startle every time. But in a good way, not like when I used to cry and all the kids mocked me. Though in both cases I do need to run to the bathroom and lock the door to deal with my feelings. Jessica, well played. I’d love to pin a medal on you, now, let me see where… Enjoy.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

Jessica Lowndes Continues Her Red Carpet Cleavage Expertise

We don’t really know what Jessica Lowndes is up to these days, but she sure does make a lot of red carpet appearances and she sure does know how to show off one killer boobtastic at pretty much each whistle stop. Or cat-calling stop. I mean, guys are going to notice when your bazoongas are pressed up under your chin. They’re going to imagine those fine sweater kittens pressed up under their own chins.

It’s all natural and glorious. As are Jessica’s fully inflated pleasure crafts. Well, glorious at least. And now routinely on display. We couldn’t be happier for ourselves. Thank you, Jessica. Enjoy.

Jessica Lowndes Displays Her Pushed Up Mounds at Sports Industry Awards in London

I’m not exactly sure what the BT Sports Industry Award are, but they had the good sense to invite hottie 90210 actress Jessica Lowndes and ask her to wear a little something showy. So, she arrived as requested. And quite the spectacular cleavetastic show it was.

I’m guessing having her boobtastic pushed up so high wasn’t excessively comfortable for Jessica, so we say thanks in advance for a public exhibition of such fleshy goodness. It made the tried and often tired process of the red carpet all that much more worthwhile. Ta-ta’s really do make everything better. Enjoy.

Jessica Lowndes Brings Her Round Mounds Out for Show at the Sugar Hut

It’s not often we reference 90210 other than for our be-lusted AnnaLynne McCord, but, today, other silly high school reboot dramedy star Jessica Lowndes made waves in the Old Country over the weekend with her big puppies pressed up into a ogle-thee-well position outside the Sugar Hut in Essex, where the girls do like to flaunt their wares.

The Cannuckian actress gave the old heave to her ho’s and the results were a bit of globular goodness that was very hard to deny the urge to start setting up the volleyball nets. Round mounds of astound. Enjoy.

Jessica Lowndes Flashes Some ‘Ship of the Desert’ After Sweaty Yoga Workout

Oh, lycra stretchpants, how you give and give.

90210 TV starlet Jessica Lowndes joined the rest of the celebrity hottie community in Miami this week, the sextastic brunette taking some time out of holiday celebration to hit the Bikram yoga studio where they crank the temperatures up to one bazillion degrees so that the entire facility turns into one foot and body order hotbox. On the upside, there is the blood racing sweat. Which did lead Jessica Lowndes to embark looking all kinds of hot and bothered and what appears to be slightly swollen in her nether regions, flashing what appears to be the toe o’ the camel sneaking out from beneath her stretchpants seam.

We’d probably need CSI Miami to get us the real skinny, or, puffy, as it were. Enjoy.