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Maria Lapiedra Bares Her Hot Body and Gossipy Soul for Interviu Magazine


If there's a juicy gossip story to be had in Spain, you can bet it somehow revolves around the world of soccer, it just does, as with the case of pretty damn hot former stripper turned mayoral candidate and author, Maria Lapiedra, who created quite a scandal by long-term banging, among other famous men, Joan Laporta, a well-known Spanish political figure and former President of pre-eminent soccer team, FC Barcelona. Kind of the same scandalous stripper shizz that goes on with U.S. politicians, only here the dudes try to keep their dirty deeds more private, and over there it's more like, hey, who doesn't want to bang the stuffing out of a hot stripper. And everybody kind of just accepts it.

Well, now Maria Lapiedra is covering this month's issue of Spain's leading Interviu magazine and uncovering herself therein, as she spills the beans on her various celebrity boot knocking encounters over the years and also announces that she's going to be a mom. Just perfect really. As is her body, which is truly the reason we are sharing this tale with you today. Enjoy.

Eva Zaldivar Topless Pictures Because Octomom Ain’t the Only Mom That Needs Rent Money


Okay, so let's say you don't follow Spanish media and television as much as yours truly who has way too much time on his hands, well then you may not have heard of Eva Zaldivar who is the famous or infamous ex-trophy booty call of Pepe Navarro, an older, veteran TV celebrity host in land of olives and olive-skinned hotties. And, don't you know, Pepe let his little pepes go freely into Eva and produced a couple of kids that he is now trying to reduce payments for from his little TV fortune and the entire thing is one big celebrity scandal cluster-f in the country of Spain.

All of which is not nearly as important as Eva Zaldivar choosing to pose topless in Interviu magazine in Spain for a combo revenge slash kids college money type venture, which allows us to see the Ibizan celebrity and realize how easily we too could have really decided to go without protection around our erect... the point being, hey, we know where babies come from. And looking at Eva, we can take a couple steps back to how the inkling that leads to the boinking originates. Enjoy.

Pilar Rubio Drops Some Topless Spanish Heat on the Pages of Interviu


If you truly love all things hot and Iberian, than Pilar Rubio is the girl for you.

The veteran Spanish TV hostess and twice winner of FHM's sexiest woman in Spain accolade, took to the pages of Interviu magazine this month, spreading her hot body across a motor vehicle, combining two of the very limited things that interest men into one visually delicious delight.

It's not that we insist upon meeting new sexy celebrities only when we can see them with their tops off, it's just that it makes the introductions so much sweeter. Welcome to Egotastic!, Pilar. Disfruta.

Sabrina Sabrok Gives Good Interviu in Topless Magazine Pictorial


Well, don't you know, after teasing you with Jordan Carver and her glorious but covered globes today, we thought it was only fair to offer up a redhead show of the R-rated variety. And thanks to Interviu magazine, Latin American version, we have the jugtacular spectaculars of Argentinean punk-rocker and TV personality (and former Big Brother Mexico cast member) Sabrina Sabrok flashing her unbelievably engorged funbags, for the benefit of not-so-sharp-eyed oglers everywhere.

I do believe you could see those flesh puppies from space. Though I'd recommend motorboating distance. Disfruta.

Hedisa Visapa Topless Pictures Super Hot From Behind the Scenes of Interviu Pictorial (VIDEO)


Hedisa, I just met a girl named Hedisa.

Remember last week when we first did lay ogles upon sexy Afro-Spanish erotic fiction author and NBA baller baller, Hedisa Visapa, and you said, 'dayum, can I see some more of her?' We did hear you. And so did EgoReader 'Thomas M.' who pointed us in the direction of this brief, but stellar video from behind the scenes of Hedisa's Interviu magazine topless photoshoot.

The big hair, the full funbags, the sextastic lady. It all works quite well together in one sultry Spanish dish. Enjoy.

Hedisa Visapa Brings Some Topless Spanish Erotica to Interviu Magazine


Things to know about Hedisa Visapa, current month's covergirl in Interviu magazine. She's smoking sultry hot, she's got one ridiculously sextastic body, she spends most of her days writing erotic fiction, she's of African descent migrated to Spain, and she, like most of the rest of the female hottie world, does not miss an opportunity to knock boots with NBA stars. The latter would be Oklahoma City Thunder's Congolese star, Serge Ibaka, who took a turn playing for Madrid's basketball team during the recent NBA lockout, and found himself in a sweaty she-banging short term relationship with Hedisa, who no doubt is penning her next short story about their encounters.

It's sort of the perfect combination of worlds of erotic hotties meeting pro sports ballers. Well, perfect for them, a little less perfect for those of us on the outside looking in. Stil, looking at Hedisa Visapa is pretty damn fun. Enjoy.

By the way, if you're really interested in more about Hedisa, feel free to read Chapter 1 of her 'La Inquilina Morbosa' erotic fiction. It'll help if you can read Spanish, because naughty writing does not fare well with browser translators.

Rosi Arcas Topless Wonderments Thrive and Survive in Interviú Magazine



Yet again, point number one million and two (especially nice melons) in the case that non-U.S. versions of reality television shows simply kick (and show) butt on their American counterparts. Rosi Arcas from Survivor Spain, took time out of her busy grub-eating and hemp-burning survival mode to lend her Iberian funbags to our most delightfully boob-loving friends at Interviú Magazine, who provide a testament to the wonderments of the reality show vixen. If it were my island, Rosi Arcas would be voted off, oh, never. Enjoy.