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Micaela Breque Topless Blonde Hotness for Spanish Interviu


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The last time we saw Argentinean fun time celebutante, Micaela Breque, she was getting all kinds of gloriously exhibitionist for the Bunny magazine.

Now, the TV model and dancer (kinda sorta, see below) married to Latin Grammy winner, Andrés Calamaro, is taking it off once more for Interviu magazine in Spain, where the blonde hottie opens up about a ton of important matters we have no time to read, but we always have time for anatomical review, and Micaela has got that going on. Enjoy.

Lara Sajen Topless, Bodacious, and Raw in Interviu Magazine


Many of our readers are probably familiar with Fangoria, the U.S. horror mag that's been around for a good long time, but fewer are probably well-acquainted with the kitschy electronica pop band from Spain, Fangoria, who adopted their name from the magazine, of which they are big fans, and who regularly pump out wildly popularly craptastic music to their Spanish audience. But, as always, we wouldn't be talking about an overseas pop band unless super hot girls were involved...

Enter Lara Sajen, a now infamous dancer with Fangoria who, naturally, has become a fixture with the band because of her epic dance moves, err, epic dance moves combined with a rather noteworthy body she is showing off in this month's Interviu magazine. There's a whole lotta Lara to lust in this visual feast. So, for a moment, remember why exactly men pretend to love bad pop music in the first place -- to get girls. And, enjoy.

Begona Alonso Flashes Her Bare Begonias in Interviu Magazine


Okay, so there's a high probability you don't watch Spanish call-in game shows, but then there's a high probability you've been missing out on the Iberian hotness that is Begoña Alonso, Spanish model and TV presenter. Sort of the Vanna White of Spain, though with the obviously sultry Latina looks and a body that is well, on display in this month's Interviu magazine.

Sometimes I wonder if it's worth going around the globe to find all that is celebrity and sextastic in each and every land, then I feast my eyes upon Begoña Alonso flashing her wares and I kick myself (actually, I kick my intellectually challenged intern, Lance) for every thinking such a thought. The boobs of the world must be exposed. Enjoy.

Maria Castro Topless Pictures Pop-Up in Interviu Magazine


We love it when a good celebrity topless candid appears, even if we have to go to Spain to find them (hey, we went to France for Kate Middleton, and that worked out pretty well).

Spanish TV and film actress Maria Castro seemed to have little problem removing her top at the beach for a little topless surfing, not camera shy in the least, which I suppose is slightly less fun, but slightly more visible without need for super long distance lenses, producing some fine pics of Maria sans top in the current edition of Interviu magazine.

We'd like to let the famous ladies out there know, there's absolutely nothing wrong with flashing your goodies to the world. The world will not end. It will only get better. Enjoy.

Meritxell Martinez Topless Pictures Flash Her Naval Assets


Well, apparently, it's some type of scandalous meme in Spain that has fallen mainly on the plain old fashion gentleman ogler, but former Spanish Navy lady-mate Meritxell Martinez quit her service to the nation's fleet after complaining of outrageous treatment due to her female type womanly qualities. And, to be sure to garner the most legitimate support to share her tale of gender misfortune, Meritxell decided to take her top off in a sailor-suited pictorial for Spain's Interviu magazine, wherein she nekkidly discusses all the trials and  tribulations of being a female seaman, err, seawoman.

It somehow all seems perfectly logical, in Spanish. Disfruta.

Maria Lapiedra Bares Her Hot Body and Gossipy Soul for Interviu Magazine


If there's a juicy gossip story to be had in Spain, you can bet it somehow revolves around the world of soccer, it just does, as with the case of pretty damn hot former stripper turned mayoral candidate and author, Maria Lapiedra, who created quite a scandal by long-term banging, among other famous men, Joan Laporta, a well-known Spanish political figure and former President of pre-eminent soccer team, FC Barcelona. Kind of the same scandalous stripper shizz that goes on with U.S. politicians, only here the dudes try to keep their dirty deeds more private, and over there it's more like, hey, who doesn't want to bang the stuffing out of a hot stripper. And everybody kind of just accepts it.

Well, now Maria Lapiedra is covering this month's issue of Spain's leading Interviu magazine and uncovering herself therein, as she spills the beans on her various celebrity boot knocking encounters over the years and also announces that she's going to be a mom. Just perfect really. As is her body, which is truly the reason we are sharing this tale with you today. Enjoy.

Eva Zaldivar Topless Pictures Because Octomom Ain’t the Only Mom That Needs Rent Money


Okay, so let's say you don't follow Spanish media and television as much as yours truly who has way too much time on his hands, well then you may not have heard of Eva Zaldivar who is the famous or infamous ex-trophy booty call of Pepe Navarro, an older, veteran TV celebrity host in land of olives and olive-skinned hotties. And, don't you know, Pepe let his little pepes go freely into Eva and produced a couple of kids that he is now trying to reduce payments for from his little TV fortune and the entire thing is one big celebrity scandal cluster-f in the country of Spain.

All of which is not nearly as important as Eva Zaldivar choosing to pose topless in Interviu magazine in Spain for a combo revenge slash kids college money type venture, which allows us to see the Ibizan celebrity and realize how easily we too could have really decided to go without protection around our erect... the point being, hey, we know where babies come from. And looking at Eva, we can take a couple steps back to how the inkling that leads to the boinking originates. Enjoy.