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Nazaret Aracil Topless Bedroom Shoot For Your Heavenly Hot Soap Opera Star Leering

Nazaret Aracil Topless Bedroom Shoot in Interviu June 2014
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Nazaret Aracil reminds me of every woman I ever wanted to make mad, passionate love to after seeing on television. The list is relatively long like 1,500 or so names, but Nazaret might jump toward the top of the list (lucky her) after seeing her bare her wares in Interviu Magazine.

Now, you may not be familiar with Nazaret unless you’re big on Spanish TV where Nazaret is on a bunch of soaps, but just imagine being that boy in Spain who’s seen her on TV before and thought to himself, hombre, I’d sure like to see that sextastica topless. Now, they can. If only we had similar powers here in the U.S. where TV actresses rarely make their way to the studios for topless glamour pictorials. Alas, such are the windmills I have left to tilt. And tilt I shall, while still staring at the crazy hotness of Nazaret Aracil. Wow. Enjoy.

Micaela Schaefer Crazy Hot Topless Treats to Warm Your Cockles and Liven Your Soul



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We do so have a crush on brunette German show-woman and exhibitionist model Micaela Schaefer. Whether it be the streets of Berlin or a Hollywood movie premiere, Micaela manages to find the perfectly revealing outfit for the occasion. She’s not a particularly shy girl, in public or on the pages of magazines, including this month’s Interviu magazine in Spain where she and her fine female form are being heralded for making so many men smile.

Micaela seems like quite a fun girl to hang around. First, she smiles a lot. Second, she seems to love a good prank. Third, she’s always nekkid. Of those three qualities, only the third really matters, though the first two would come into play if we were roommates. As we are in many of my dreams. Micaela, you do Germany quite proud today. Enjoy.

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Olga Torres, One Motorcycle, Two Funbags, Five Minutes of Happy Leering

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If you’ve been to Spain you know how much they love their motorsports, including motorbiking leagues that are immensely popular in Europe where gas prices make two wheeling the preferred transport option for a ton more people. Naturally, wherever there is sports and money and media you will find a country’s sultry hot women hanging around, in the middle of controversies and generally just providing scandal by posing topless in magazines like Interviu.

Such is the case with Olga Torres, who is the sister of a big hitter in the motorcycle racing leagues and the girlfriend of another. I can’t keep the entire familial soap opera straight, but I can feel rather groovy ogling Olga’s slender fine topless body doing various things with motorcycles that surely makes me jealous of those fast rides. I can’t think of a much hotter scene than a sultry Latina topless on a motorcycle. And I think about these things all day long. Enjoy.

Lauren Vickers Topless Aussie Goodness for Interviu

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You may know Lauren Vickers as the sextastic model from Down Under. Or you may know her as the girlfriend of some really famous French motorcycle rider. I’d really just prefer her for the former, although it is the latter that helped her onto the pages of Spain’s Interviu magazine where she shows off her own two-stroke funbags of delight.

Someday, I’d like to think that I could spend my days cruising around on a motorcycle then spend me evenings unwinding with the likes of Lauren Vickers. I suppose I might have to put up with that ‘being French’ part, but even that I could allow if Lauren’s funbags were to be my evening’s prize. That is the length I will go to for perfect chest puppies. I am nothing if not committed. Enjoy.

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Veronika Balint Topless Girl of the Year for Interviu Magazine



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Well, the chica of the year for Spain’s Interviu magazine wasn’t actually Spanish at all, she’s Hungarian, although she resides in Spain and her pictures were voted on by somebody somewhere as the favorite for the magazine, all of which translates into us seeing the rather curvaceous, slightly science-aided, topless body of Veronika Balint.

Now, as you know, I’m the weak master of the Spanish language, so I read a few comments on the magazine sites about the choice of Veronika, who some are dissing as not being truly Spanish, and some are dissing as having some funbags that seem to defy the laws of physics. Consider me agnostic in these battles. I’m pretty much helpless, defenseless, and wallowing when it comes to nekkid women. I just like to look and smile dumbly and pray they don’t call me derogatory names in languages I can’t understand. Veronkia won, fair and square, we’re giving her our due. Enjoy.

Noemi Merino Topless For Big Brother Alum Hot Bodied Fame

Noemí Merino Topless Shoot for Interviú December 2013
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You already know that Big Brother is so much better overseas than in the U.S.. For the very same reason, contestants on the show become much bigger celebrities in their home country, as sweet bodied Noemi Merino did in Spain, turning into quite the public figure during and after her Gran Hermano TV run. Hey, they don’t just make Kardashians in this country after all.

Featured in the latest edition of Interviu magazine, Noemi shows you exactly why you wish you could be locked in a house with her for the duration. There would be lots of shower time, I assure you. Muy en fuego. Enjoy.

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Andrea Carmona Topless Sultry Goodness for the Single Spanish Lady Win

Andrea Carmona Topless Photoshoot for Interviu November 2013
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Andrea Carmona is making quite the name for herself as the senorita en fuego who appeared on one of Spain’s TV reality dating shows. Just as in the U.S., you’re supposed to believe that these model hot 20-year old girls are having a terrific time finding love in the big city and need the help of  dating show to keep them from spending another lonely Saturday night.

Hey, I’m as willing to buy into any half-decent fantasy, but I must say especially after seeing Andrea topless and ridiculously teasy hot in Interviu magazine, I find it somewhat difficult to accept that she has a hard time meeting guys. If she’s spending nights alone in the flannel jammies, it has to be by choice. I would be begging her to hit the tapas bars with me. Ah, the burdens of being smoking hot. Enjoy.

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