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Anna Makarenko Topless Blonde Magazine Treats


I have to admit when I first saw this girl I thought it was Mickey Rourke’s much younger Russian model girlfriend who has nearly the same name, and a very similar body. But I’m pretty sure my extensive research of up to four minutes and eleven seconds bears out that this blonde hottie is not the same blonde hottie who is slowly killing Mickey Rourke with her younger woman requests for attention. Though I would allow this Anna Makarenko featured in Interviu magazine to kill me slowly, or fast, with whatever demands she could imagine.

Anna has what you might call a very dangerous body. Not necessarily dangerous to herself, but to men worldwide. I expect her faptastic bare bosom to be responsible for millions of dollars in lost productivity today alone. You don’t see time and money lost to ogling sweet teats counted in the World Almanac of Facts or any government economic reports. But the day you do, expect to count many many zeroes. Bless you and your fine female form, Anna. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Interviu Spain

Carla Hidalgo Topless Actress Hotness in Interviu Magazine


You may not be familiar with Spanish actress and TV hostess Carla Hidalgo, but after ogling her in her topless pictorial spread in Interviu magazine, you’ll likely want to add her to your Forty and Faptastic personal list. I know you keep one too, though perhaps yours isn’t written in permanent marker and framed from Aaron Brothers on the wall of your bedroom. Or, maybe it is. I respect that.

Carla follows in the grand tradition of European actresses not too frightened to appear topless in entertainment magazines because, well, she looks damn amazing, but it’s also just less of a taboo than here in America where nipples are tantamount to yelling fire in a crowded theater. I’m not sure why, but, I’m glad to be the guy who helps everybody work around that little issue. Well done, Carla. I respect both of your dramatic arts dearly. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Interviu

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Susy Gala Topless Pictures Celebrate Best Ass in Spain Declaration

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Here’s what I love about the Spanish. Well, it’s not just one thing, but one more thing. Interviu magazine just named matured-themed film star Susy Gala as the best asstastic on the Iberian peninsula. That’s very liberal minded of them. Many countries might ding an adult star because of her more extensive work in the erotic arts, but Spain sees a job as a job and a booty as a booty and forgoes all the judging. I can’t imagine any U.S. magazines would do the same in their hottie naming lists. In fact, they almost entirely specifically exclude adult entertainers, even though several of them are well beyond good looking. Not all, but some.

So bravo Spains, Interviu, and most of all Susy Gala, whose more profound work I’m sure I can share with you in some measure, though for now, just her killer female form in her acceptance speech pictorial. It’s a mighty fine thumper. Si, Senor! Enjoy.

Okay, Susy at her day job:

Melissa Martinez Topless Photoshoot in Interviú Magazine

Melissa Martinez Topless Photoshoot in Interviú Magazine
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The sultry Melissa Martinez showed off her hot Latin chichis in a topless photoshoot for Interviu magazine. I was trying to think up an adjective to explain the awesomeness of Melissa’s funbags and the only thing I can come up with is sublime. Her boobies are perfection personified. They are the kind of ta-tas you just want to curl up to and go to sleep. She should really make a concerted effort to never wear a shirt ever again. She needs to be like those Amazonian natives that always have their jubblies out like you might see on a National Geographic special. As if that weren’t enough, she’s also got herself an incredibly tight and curvy booty. This is a great thing to wake up to, my friends.

I plan on looking at these pictures throughout the day as a kind of pick-me-up. Think of Melissa’s boobs as a Five Hour Energy but, you know, boobs.

Cora Deitz Topless Perfection Beach Shoot in Interviu


Editor’s note: some or all of the previous media associated with this post has been removed or modified, so sayeth the Dark Sith Lord.

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You could ask yourself what a Carolina girl is doing topless on the cover of a Spanish magazine, or you could just delight visually in the lust you have found. I choose to focus my energies entirely to my eyeballs to take in the passion inducing body of Cora Deitz and her perfectly pert and perty funbags in Interviu magazine. Wow, Cora may just be getting one lucky dinner invitation to the Sizzler soon from a famous blogger who isn’t famous. I’m sure she’s excited.

Cora has been doing a bunch of international modeling in manly men’s magazines and the like, so the young sextastic beauty is beginning to make a name for herself. We will help as best possible to get her name, and, naturally, her ridiculously hot body, out there as well. It’s only three syllables. But a far more complex bit of entertainment. Enjoy.

Rosie Jones Topless Hotness Invades Interivu Magazine

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I guess I wasn’t the only one celebrating Rosie Jones epic funbags and her birthday this weekend. The good folks at Interviu magazine in Spain saw fit to honor Rosie with their cover and a sweet spread of her chestal goodness within.

Rosie Jones was born to model and make people happy. Not many people can say they’re doing precisely as Mother Nature intended. Rosie brings so much happiness to so many people and at just 24 now, she has so many more years to keep doing so. Her legacy is as firm as… well, never mind. The point is, Rosie Jones is a goddess to whom I would bring purified rain water in a lotus leaf each morning to gently wake her. Well, first the morning sex, then the lotus leaf bit. A man has to keep his priorities. Enjoy.

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Nazaret Aracil Topless Bedroom Shoot For Your Heavenly Hot Soap Opera Star Leering

Nazaret Aracil Topless Bedroom Shoot in Interviu June 2014
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Nazaret Aracil reminds me of every woman I ever wanted to make mad, passionate love to after seeing on television. The list is relatively long like 1,500 or so names, but Nazaret might jump toward the top of the list (lucky her) after seeing her bare her wares in Interviu Magazine.

Now, you may not be familiar with Nazaret unless you’re big on Spanish TV where Nazaret is on a bunch of soaps, but just imagine being that boy in Spain who’s seen her on TV before and thought to himself, hombre, I’d sure like to see that sextastica topless. Now, they can. If only we had similar powers here in the U.S. where TV actresses rarely make their way to the studios for topless glamour pictorials. Alas, such are the windmills I have left to tilt. And tilt I shall, while still staring at the crazy hotness of Nazaret Aracil. Wow. Enjoy.